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Phew, it’s friday!

…and where did the week go? It’s been full and busy and good, I guess! And this weekend will be very full, and very busy and I trust very good!

So tonight the preparation for my pop up gets into full swing – already I have marinated the meat and made the palate cleanser – I am quite sorted on the lighting and candles front. I just need to finalise my decor for the tables and that kinda jazz, so hopefully I an get it all done in time. I’m having 5 tables, so not too much work to do there. Tonight I need to get cracking on some of the food – gazpacho must be made, prawn ceviche prepared, dessert planning begun. Tomorrow I will prepare the salad, finalise the dessert and then it’ll be show time!!! Let’s hope I raise lots of lovely lolly for my run!

In other events over the weekend I need to get a long run in and I must spend some time with my beautiful daughter – she is learning to ride her bike without her fairy wheels, so it may well be another date at the park, working on that.

Wild Women


…right, so let’s tell you all about this! I am a Wild Women 2016! What this means is that I am part of a very special team who will be running over 100km along the Transkei Wild Coast from the 4th to the 8th of March. This is not a race, this is not an entry-based event. We do this as a empowering event, and as a fundraiser. We raise funds for 2 local charities – Africa Angels – a school based at Chintsa and Busfare Babies – a birthing centre in Hamburg. Our aim is R100 000.

To get to this point we are all fundraising – I am hosting a pop up restaurant on Saturday night – stressing my soul out, but quietly confident that I can feed these 40 odd people a good meal. My guests have been asked to pay me what they feel the meal is worth, so I’m hoping they think it is the finest they have ever eaten! I am also going to auction some wine at the event, and hope to get some good competitive bidding going there. (On the menu – gazpacho, prawn ceviche, a sorbet, beef fillet and a roasted veg salad, meringue roulade – yum, if you ask me, and totally worth a fortune!)

And then there is the plain old ask – so, if any of my loyal readers would like to make a donation,   I will give you more info and let you know how to make it happen.

Love you all!


What a view

…in the midst of the craziness of a weekend, and dinners and birthdays and ironman and HEAT, this was the sunrise on my run on Saturday morning…


Makes it all worthwhile!

Although on the running front, I’m stumped. I’m training hard, maybe not smart, and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier! The only thing I can see is that my average heart rate is coming down a bit, so I guess things must be improving! But I am getting frustrated now! I’m putting in the mileage, I’m sleeping well (as well as a doctor can), I’m hungry and eating ok (although I am not seeing any progress on the scale – argh!), I’m hardly drinking any alcohol; I’m not quite sure what to change? Time for a chat with Coach Mo, I think.

Anyway, beautiful people, have gorgeous days!


Mixed morning

… a day of contrasts and it’s only 9am

  • a run – a very hot humid sweaty run (and slow, flip, will I ever get faster?)
  • a gorgeous clear morning
  • a delightful card from a special old buddy in my postbox this morning – put a big smile on me old dial!
  • too many patients in hospital
  • my staff itching for a fight with me – we’re downsizing our staff – in that we are not replacing one of our accounts clerks who has resigned – and I almost lost an eye in the debate around it.
  • a waiting room full of patients
  • because I forgot to put my fresh milk back in the fridge at work yesterday, it is now sour 😦 but at least there is plastic milk!
  • dinner planned with friends tonight – Yay!
  • an on call weekend

BRING ON THE COFFEE (I’d have shouted WINE, but I am on call and have a 20km training run tomorrow, so couldn’t cope with that wrath of grapes.)

Tilty Tuesday

…why, oh why? Why do babies insist on being born at completely unsociable hours? And why do emergency caesarean sections take so long to organise? (Well, not so long, only 20 minutes, but when you’re called at 3, get to the hospital, call the anaesthetist, call the theatre staff, call the paediatrician, do the caesar, get home and it’s 4;30, one begins to despair. (baby was absolutely fine, just a little early, by the way)) So no run for me this morning again! Argh! I will be playing catch up this week. And I am now tired, so it’s just going to be difficult!

See – moaning and groaning again! Sorry!

Silently struggling

…to post at the moment. I’m sorry, it seems like writers block has struck me! My family are stunned that I have little to say (in fact they’re probably grateful). Argh! These lots going on – but it all sounds a bit monotonous – I’m running, not very well, but I’m running. Retail is killing my soul. OBGYNíng is too busy with no prospects of a partner. I have a pop up restaurant coming up on 30 January (yes, I am the chef), I have my annual Valentine’s dinner to plan. I have cool friends. Charlie is amazing and Thandi rocks!

(ok, so maybe I do actually have a bit to talk about – more coming up this week!)

First days

…and so yesterday was one of many more ‘first days’ we will go through – 1 of 14 give or take…


So the build up to things was quite intense, with her bestie starting Grade 1, wearing uniform and all of that, and Thandi joining her at the same school, things were totally exciting! We counted down the last few days of the holiday, and then finally the day was here. I managed to organise my day, so that I could join the monster school run for this first day. As we were about half way through the traffuck, we realised that we had forgotten to put the box in the car – the box that contained all the things the school had requested we bring – tissues, crayons, books, flip files… Argh! So around we turned, headed back home, but made it back in time for the start of the day – thank heavens I had pushed the breakfast run!

As we approached the school, Thandi was bubbling, “Mom, we are so close to my school, I can’t believe I am going to this school for the first time!” We jumped out the car and joined the streams of kids heading into their respective classrooms, and a little soul got a bit quieter, and I could see her starting to feel a bit anxious. Her pace slowed gradually, the nearer we got the her classroom. We were welcomes by Mrs W, who made sure she found her locker, we unpacked all her goodies, and posed for a few photos. Then we developed a limpet. she hung onto first my leg, then Charlie’s leg… after a while, she unstuck herself and started to play with one of her little friends from her preschool, and then all her nerves melted, and she kissed us goodbye, and was off… Charlie and I returned home, feeling a little thoughtful and I had a good dose of memories (given that this is my old school, and I walked past my first classroom, after having had the same drive to school in the morning…)

Anyway, we fetched her and she really seemed to have had a nice day – she was a quite tired after everything, and I could see lots of processing happening behind her slightly frowny face. Let’s hope that her second day in grade 00 goes as well…