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as my friend, C’s daughter says, ‘wow!’ what a spoilt girl I was this long weekend!

Thursday night, Charlie and I did dinner with my folks, at the barking bistro, and what a fabulous evening we had, relaxed, lots of laughter, a tuney rendition of happy birthday (with a burning candle on a cupcake) and great food. We toasted my evening with Edgebaston’s pepper pot, a rather delicious wine, and to eat, I had a mushroom risotto, fillet, and churio’s (spanish donuts), all 5 star!

Friday started with treats for me, a facial, some shopping, and coffee with a friend. Then Charlie and I indulged at a local bistro for lunch and had the tastiest burgers (mine with dutch cheddar and mshroom (damn, there’s something wrong with my u key – forgive my spelling) sauce) and then after a nap, it was off to Angel’s, for the finishing touches to our combined party. We both reached that half way to 70 milestone, and decided to combine our celebrations, with a cooking party, from the super chef lady (I’ve mentioned her before) and what a fantastic evening that was, loads of fun, lots of laughter and happiness, great food, delicios wine and much spoilage – a full report will follow with pictures!

Saturday was a bit more domestic, with chores in the morning, chilling at home in the afternoon, then back to Angel’s to watch the rugby, and enjoy a tasty braai! Another fabulos evening – thanks friends!

A lazy lie in on sunday, with me later testing out some of the new recipes I learnt on saturday, and a gentle recovery from a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to make it so special!

Thanks mom!

Thanks mom for delivering me 35 years ago today!

See how my charlie spoilt me!

Pink pot for me!!!!

On the eve…

…of my 35th birthday, I can’t help to reflect on where I find myself, no regrets, but some sadness over what might have been.

on the day of my birth, 27 May 1975.

already playimng with my toes, something I still do!

turning 1! Give me cake, I already know what to do with it!

I loved that dress, still do, wish I still had it…

The epitome of style!

Little beach girl…

While these are all pictures of the little birdie, somethings just don’t change, and I see things I still do, chacteristic quirks all captured here, what a journey it has been from beautiful little girl, to a slightly broken big girl.

The weekend that was

And I was on call, and my word, those babies are just uncouth and uncivilised, coming at awful hours of the morning, like 04h45, 01h55… crikey, I am feeling rather creaky today.

On friday night, it was a colleagues 40th, and what a lovely party he and his family threw, good food, plenty of champagne, great company, and a time to just catch up with everybody – a good evening indeed! Saturday I worked quite hard, starting with one of those early morning deliveries, and in the evening, we enjoyed a curry evening at one of the local guesthouses, with Angel and Kimberly (hehe), a good dose of masala did wonders for everybody, sorting out sniffles and clearing the tired cobwebs, thanks friends! Sunday started out rather well, and culminated in a wonderful lunch with friends, at ours, I did the full monty roast lamb with veggies, and ended with malva pudding – yummy! And what a great lunch it was – relaxed, wine fuelled (for those of us not on call), sunny skies, great company, entirely civilised. Then it was the sunday night gauntlet, which we didn’t manage to run, phone calls abounded, and then had another early morning baby.  

And now its monday, and my heart is still in my throat, and its difficult to breathe.

Fear and loathing…

I’ve spent a large portion of this evening lurking about on line, doing a little research, reading blogs of women who suffer from POF(premature ovarian failure) and I realise that I have just accepted this label, without really processing what it means. And the stories I have read today are now hitting home, and I have realised that I am not dealing with this diagnosis at all. And I am terrified. The ‘what ifs’ have finally arrived in my brain and I am sitting with tears about to break.

I am ever grateful that in about 10 days time I’ll be starting the medication of my first cycle; at least then some of my ‘what ifs’ will start to be answered. How will I respond? What if I produce no follicles? What if I overstimulate? Will the AI work (if we get that far)? What about all the freaky supplements I read about? Should I be going onto a gluten and dairy free diet? What about acupuncture, reflexology and other alternatives?

I am scared, and worried, and am in a little denial… I’m still just wishing this wasn’t happening… and I’m just so sorry it is, and that my freaky body may trash Charlie’s dreams too…


Seriously now, this is beyond a joke. I am barely coping at the moment, too many patients, too little time, too many stressors. Sorry peeps, this bird seems to have lost her tailfeathers in a big spin…

Horror stories!

This morning I went off to one of the local high schools, as part of their se*xuality education programme, they’d asked me to give a talk to their grade 9’s. (std 7 for those of us educated pre grades) I’d prepared a fairly general talk about taking control of your sexuality, realising the implications, consequences and impact of a decision to become se*xually active.  And then it was question time! I am amazed by what I was asked. If I have a*nal se*x, am I stilla virgin? Can you get pregnant from oral se*x? Lots of questions about ter*mination of pregnancies, infections and fertility. All I know was I was obviously a very naive 14 year old, who had never even kissed a boy! Actually, that gets me thinking, the first boy I ever had a date with (I was in std 7, and he in std8) went to this very school! Maybe he was as advanced as these kids, and the boring girl from the all girls school just didn’t play ball!

PS the stars are that psycho’s searching things on line, don’t find my innocent blog!