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The old man is snoring

…it’s raining, it’s pouring! My goodness me! I haven’t seen a storm like this in this neck of the woods for an absolute age! It has now been 3 days that it is bucketing down. It’s pretty nippy too, for this neck of the woods, but the rain! I love it, but then I do have a house with strong walls, a non leaking roof, warm dry clothes, and a car to travel around in. I’m not in a shack, on foot or dependant on public transport. On the way to work this morning, driving over one of the main rivers, I noticed it was bright, glow-in-the-dark green, so I suspect water borne illnesses are going to hit our city soon. A little scary!

Wet, wet, wet!

…and no, I’m not referring to the band from the 80’s! My goodness, it has rained and poured here this weekend. Starting on Saturday night, with strong winds and heavy rain, it is glorious! I am, as ever, grateful I have a roof and 4 strong walls around me.

The weekend was good, I ran my PB on a 10km – 59minutes, and when I consider my progress, I am blown away! In January, I ran a 10km in 83 minutes, in April I ran 68 minutes and then on Saturday 59 minutes. That is 24minutes faster than Jan and 9 less then April. Can I hear you cheer! And at this point I must thank my coach, family and friends – I sound a bit like an Oscar winner, don’t I? But I could not have done it without Coach Mo’s programme, Charlie’s support and care, my nurse’s leg massages and the friends that have run with me (and I know I have held them back). Legends, the lot of you!

Anyway, the weekend was cold and windy, I worked, it wasn’t too bad, and that’s really the sum of it.

The run

… so I ran the Cape Town Marathon Peace Trail (22km) last Saturday. I anticipated it was going to be tough, and I fond that I had not underestimated it at all. Crikey, it was really really tough. I was prepared for it though, so took my time to stop and smell the roses fynbos, used the hills to admire the scenery, take some photos and soaked up the glorious day that it was. The run was interesting. We started on Somerset road in Green point, and after about 200m, started climbing some steps – yowzer, those were crowded and one couldn’t go very fast, then just as you got off the steps and onto the road, it was time to hit the single track up Signal Hill. That was a possibly quite frustrating time for many people, it was still very crowded and you couldn’t really get any kind of rhythm going. There was a lot of grumbling, anyway, things opened up again and the run was on, until we hit the climb up Lion’s Head. Oh my God, that was so bloody hard! It was seriously steep, I think only the elite guys could’ve run up that, And it was also a little crowded with the public. I was a bit stunned to see how many people were on the trails – walking dogs and children and doing some sightseeing. I’d have thought that the sight of 400 or so runners bearing down on you may make the mountain an unappealing place for the day! Anyway.

Once we had ‘crested’ the highest point of the run, the down hills began – 11km to get back to the beginning. Fortunately for me the down hills are my strength, so I hit the trail with some pace, passed a few people and enjoyed the second half a lot more than the first. Except there were a few sneaky little up hills that my hamstrings protested about and we had to come down those damn stairs again! But I made it down, in one piece, no broken bones and spirit intact.

I chose to dedicate this run to Ethan. I carried a little teddy up the mountain with me, and where we hit that ‘crest’ on Lion’s Head I found a safe spot for him, with a good view, I popped him down and sent a few words out into the ever afters and was back on my way. It was an incredible privilege to be able to run for him, and have that little moment for him. I swallowed some tears back, because I feared if I started I would never stop. Every step that hurt, every moment of doubt was surpassed by his memory. Baby Ethan – this was for you.013 016 019

Birdie’s Back!

hey, hey! I am home again, jiggety jig!

Cape Town was incredible, as Charlie said repeatedly, she sure did put on her party dress for us. The weather was incredible, the spring blossoms were stunning, the mountain incredible and the friendships special.

I will detail everything, but here is a taste of our long weekend!008 017 018 020 032 038 055 064 079 090 094 110 125 163 176 DSCF9242 S0109327 S0169352

Tough week

… it’s been hard this week, to keep my head above water. After the balloon release I felt so sad and defeated. It’s been hard to pick myself up and get on with it. But hey. here we are at Thursday, and tomorrow we jump into the car and drive down to Cape Town, for Saturday I run.


Mourning Ethan

…today Em’s Mom and her family bid Ethan farewell on his journey to the stars. They are having a private ceremony for him at 11h00 today, could I ask you to spare a thought for them as they go through this incredibly difficult time. A group of us will be doing a balloon release at the local beach this evening, sending our thoughts and prayers with them to those stars.


“Goodnight Sweet Prince, and flights of angels sing you to your rest”


Desperately seeking

..a holiday! Yoh! After the last few weeks I am finished! Even after a lovely quiet weekend, where I did little more than run, eat and read, I am exhausted still. These last 3 weeks at work, the intense training, and now Em’s mom loosing baby Ethan is just culminating into pushing me very close to the edge again. My sleep has gone to hell in a handbag, I cannot wait for the sun to come up so I can stop pretending to sleep. And I am just weary…

But this little girl makes my heart sing!

120in her doctor scrubs.

159baking with mom!

And this place makes my heart sing…

143 145cruising the boardwalk to see the sea!