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Thoughtful Thursday and thankful friday

…all rolled into one. I tried to post yesterday, but was having hassles with wordpress on my iPad, so sorry about that.

You know, these days (the AT days – after Thandi) I cry more often. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but most days I well up with tears at some stage in the day, mostly they are tears of utter joy and disbelief, that the beautiful creation is ours, and I am awestruck. Those tears are the good tears. The other good tears are those tears of relief that well up, with the sense that even if this is all I should have, these 4 months, it is ok, I have loved with arms wide open, and I am fulfilled by that. What an immense privledge to love with such abandon. Then there are the not so good tears, those that come from a place of fear, fear that this will be all I get, fear that something will happen to me, fear that I will miss out on those amazing events in my daughters life; school, graduation, her wedding…. and as irrational as it is, I cry for that. Mostly it is just the perfection of her that makes me cry, but sometimes the irrationality clouds me.

Yesterday Charlie had as little procedure in theatre, nothing major, but an anaesthetic nevertheless, and I was astounded by how hard my heart was beating while he was asleep, my anxiety levels skyrocketed. And that was despite being in theatre with him (or maybe that’s why) He’s absolutely fine this morning, and has virtually fully recovered now, but it’s at times like this that I am thankful for both of our health and wellness. I love him so completely, and I just don’t know how I would cope without him, he is under strict instructions that he’s not allowed to die before me. So today I am thankful that he is my healthy husband and Thandi’s doting dad!

How blessed am I to have 2 such incredible people to love, living in my house!


…day is what I am having! Wowee! After a crazy yesterday! So today I am tired and busy, a lethal combination on the happiness front, let’s hope by the time bookclub comes round this evening I will be better (and sorry RT, I’ll only be there at 7ish, 6 is slap bang in the middle of bath and feed time)

Early morning

…with a delivery at 05h00, just as I was in the middle of a feed, poor Thandi got unceremoniously torn from the breast and handed to Charlie in our bed, where she snuggled down, ntil mom got home from working, and finished the feed. She’s such a contented little sausage, she didn’t even cry while she waited for The Feed (Part 2) – sounds a bit like a movie! And today looks really, really busy, oy. The diary is full, and then it’ll be home to cook dinner. Last night I made the red velvet cake, I’ll take a picture tonight to show you all, wrapped the present, made a card and I set the table, so at least things are half way prepared. Its just the lamb and veggies to be seen to.

How was that weather yesterday, I left for work at 07h00, with temperatures at 26 degrees, and by the time I left at lunchtime, it was 23 degrees, and the wind was pumping! I fully intended running yesterday, but the conditions just deteriorated so much that an outdoor run was out of the question (I’m definitely a bit of a fair weather runner), and going to gym at 17h00 on a monday is never the best idea, the crowds amass, so we’ll see if I get the chance wednesday or thursday.

Over the weekend

…I can’t believe it’s over. It went by so quickly. Friday night, a friend came over for dinner, a friend I haven’t seen for ages, who is recovering from a break up, but he seems to be doing remarkably well. I fed him my, now famous, kingklip in pastry, followed by a pear and blue cheese tarte tatin, yum! It was a good old catch up. Saturday, after doing my ward round, I hit the gym for a quick 2.6 km rn on the treadmill, it also went well, despite my extremely unfit state, so I am feeling quite motivated about contining to exercise. I’m going to hopefully get another one in this afternoon. Yesterday we celebrated a belated Heritage ‘braai’ day with mates. it was qite something being part of a crowd of people who all had children running around and occasionally squawking – it was a case of ‘look how far we’ve come’. Again, it was a nice catch up, and we went home with smiles on our faces and full bellies.

Tomorrow is Charlie’s Dad’s 70th birthday, so we will celebrate with a slap up roast dinner, with all the trimmings, and I hope to get a birthday cake baked this afternoon, I’m aiming to make my red velevt cake again – yummaroo! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Fit Friday

…and despite my predictions, there is no rain today (yet), I did my first run in over a year yesterday, (let’s hear a WooHooo! from you!) and I fully expected drastic weather changes today, ah well! I did a very slow 2km circuit around a big block near my house, and I really did suprise myself, running more than I walked, and not feeling too bad at the end of it. I can feel this extra weight that I am carrying, and my left knee protested slightly, but hey, with some training, the weight should move, and my knee will get more accustomed to working again. It did feel good, and I was really chuffed that I did it. I’m not promising anything here, but will try to get out there 2-3 times a week, and then once I am finished breastfeeding, I will get back into it with greater commitment.

If you have time, take a look back in my archives to this post, This time a year ago, I was sitting on the edge of the rollercoaster that was my first trimester, and the first sign that Tenacious might come home, with a positive blood test. How the time has flown, how far we have come and how amazing is my princess now, with her giggles and sqirms! Mom’s so glad you stuck it out!

Thankful Thursday

…and today I am thinking about my parents. My Dad who is aging seemingly effortlessly, at 74 he has just bought out the company he worked for, and is running the show himself again; but I know, he desperately wants to retire and travel, seeing the sights of SA and his children and grandchildren. He also wants to just chill in front of the TV in his lazy boy, and watch the world go by, preferably from the beach house. And then there’s my little Mom, who despite some horrendous health issues, manages to put a smile on her face and be involved, despite her frailty manages to do her groceries and housekeeping, who adores her littlest granddaughter, even though she shouts very loudly sometimes! I am so blessed to have them as my parents, they were involved in my childhood, rasied me with strong morals and still offer me so much support and care, offering daily demonstrations of their love. Thanks Mom and Dad, for making me what I am! Love you guys like crazy!

Scary thought

…today I collected forms from my old school, to put my little girl’s name down, and she is a mere 4 months old – how freaky is that! Yowzer! I can’t quite believe it, that in a mere 5 years time (or possibly 4 – I can never quite work these things out) Thandi will be starting a lifetime commitment to school, career and work. Bit of a jail sentence? Maybe, especially if you ask Charlie who decided school was an optional extra in his day as a teenager. I loved school, and was a complete and total geek. Luckily I had some fellow geeky friends (sorry guys, but let’s face it, we were rather nerdly – well most of us), so I wasn’t quite as isolated as some nerds are at school, I like to think I was well balanced with academics, sport, cultural activities and music, but there certainly wasn’t a whole lot of skabengaring. I do hope (and Charlie prays) that Thandi will be  kinda like that too, with a great enthusiasm for school, and achievments. But if she doesn’t, well we’ll figure that out too (and blame Charlie every time she misbehaves :-))