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Days of my life…

…today is just one of those days. There has been so much social drama happening around me, I feel rather drained. From friends and acquaintances to patient drama, it’s all happening over here…And then there’s work, plodding along, with all its stresses. My associates are off to a conference, and they both leave tomorrow, so I am on my own from then until monday, feeling a little blue about that… But hey, I’m going to try to adjust my atitude and put a smile on my dial. It is a privilege to do the kinda work I do, and such an honour, everyday to be blessed to watch the miracles unfold before my eyes.

I’ve also scheduled a few treats in the next few weeks to have some goals to work towards. Tonight is bookclub, saturday I’m making chocolates with my neighbours, monday I am having a facial and a pedi, and next friday I fly to Durbs-by-the-sea, its not really an R&R weekend, I’ll be at a reproductive medicine meeting, bt its out of town, and I’ll catch with some colleagues, and we’ll hopefully visit my crazy cousin in Hillcrest – cool! I might even try to see some old school friends. Then it’s plans for a weekend away with friends and a conference in CT in November, I know its a way off, but accomodation etc needs to be planned. Busy year coming on up!

Thinking of a friend…

Today I am thinking of a friend who has had a nightmare of an IVF cycle. So many things have gone wrong this cycle, from a different reaction to the meds to an initially negative result, then to a positive result, to a bleed and an assumption it was all over; to now what seems like an ectopic pregnancy. She’s facing a laparoscopy today, and I know her heart is weary today, this nightmare has gone on too long now. There are no easy words today, and all the cliches seem so glib, you know, the ‘Hang in there’, ‘just be strong’, ‘what will be will be’. I so wish for that crystal ball today, so that I could just know that it’ll all be ok in the end.

Just so you know, you’re on my heart today, wish it could be different…

Whirlwind days

Is it just me, or is time hurtling past? Before I’ve even washed the work outta my hair at the end of the week, it seems like I am back here again! And every day starts with such good intentions of what I will get done, and the evening comes around, and another day passes with very few things ticked off on the to do list. (I suppose I should have listened more closely when my high school maths teacher who used to proclaim, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions!’)

Last week got crazy busy towards the end, and there just was no time at the office to do anything but work, which I suppose is the aim of being at the office, I still fond it frustrating not to be able to blog, catch up with those that I read and breathe. I delivered quite a few babes, all the deliveries went well, but sadly most of them were in the dead of night, leaving me rather shattered.

Anyway, this weekend I did get some things done, I made a cake and did some scrapbooking. From the book, Prickly Pears and Pomegranates, I made Eve’s Lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon icing. The cake was good, (although slightly underdone and I did have to cut the middle out of it) the curd was a cheat, from a nearby farm stall and the icing was divine! On the whole though it tasted rather yummy, I might try it as a cupcake conversion, hollowing them out, and filling with the curd, then icing the top. And, as I mentioned, I finally got to some scrapbooking, I turned to my magazines for some inspiration, and worked on a page with Thandi in her strawberry hat, and another one in her other collection of hats. Too precious, that child of mine.

Socially, we had dinner with Angel and her husband on friday night – she made a delicious chicken curry and a chickpea and lentil curry, which was lovely, served with rice, rotis and sambals, with a good dose of wine (an Oddbins chardonnay/pinot noir blend and a Meerlust Merlot) It was a great evening, catching up, talking nonsense, laughing and sharing with special friends. Saturday, Charlie and I chilled at home, having a Green Prawn Curry (I was in the mood for some more spice!) which was a first try, and very tasty, seved with lemon and ginger basmati rice. And on Sunday, we headed out to lunch at a local club with my staff, having a very tasty carvery.

And now the day must begin, the hoardes await. Hope you have a fabulous monday!

Busy, busy, busy

I’d like to blog, but I have no time today, forgive me, I might get a post in later!

Wild day

…and what weather we are having at the moment, I think winter is having its last blast at us, before spring arrives, I hope! It’s foul here, the wind is howling, the sky is dark, the clouds heavy and rolling in, there’ve been a few rain splatters, a real rocking storm, and I wish I was home… Nevertheless, here at work I am, after a quick lunch at Em’s Mom’s spot (a super tasty smoked chicken and feta toasted sarmie, with a gorgeous piece of chocolate swiss roll to follow, need that afternoon nap now!

The morning in theatre went well today, we bid farewell to a diseased uterus, and welcomed a sweet little boy, Reagen into the world. All this to the accompaniement of David Grey and REM’s new abums. I am really enjoying my time in theatre again, I did miss operating while I was off. Tomorrow afternoon I have one caesar booked and a couple of other minor procedures, hope I get home quickly to Thandi girl!

There is little other news, I hope to do a little scrapbooking tonight, I have printed some pictures of the girl, so we can get a move on again, it’s quite something looking at those pictures of Thandi in that first week, when the vest, that is now straining over her shoulders, was far too big and baggy for her. Cute little thing. I was saying to Charlie the other day, at first, I had this kinda primal love for her, I would protect and take care of her, no matter what; now I am falling in love with her, and that is truely a magical experience. It’s this that I wouldn’t have known I was missing if we had never had children, and its this that makes me want more! Magic stuff…

Fat girl

….and so the time is drawing near, I am starting to look at myself through clear spectacles again, and I have found myself overweight (again, how did this happen?) and finally my brain is starting to realise what my clothes have been trying to tell me, it is time to reinstitute some lifestyle modifications again (I won’t se the D word). The time is drawing near, and then we will be committed and focused, instead of these half hearted attempts of late. Well, actually, who am I kidding, there have been no attempts since August last year! I lost a large amount of weight previously, with a plan from my personal trainer, and a healthy amount of exercise, so I’m going to start on the eating plan, and then look at the exercise. I am currently finding exercise extremely difficult to factor into my day, being back at work full time, means if I stop at gym on my way home, it’s less time with Thandi girl, and I can’t bear the thought of that. Anyway, with the breastfeeding at the moment, I’m not sure the breasts will allow running etc, they’re damn uncomfortable! Last night I gave Charlie and I a small taste of things to come, ostrich steak, with a coffee rub (thanks NOMU) and salad, of course, not being quite there yet on the eating plan, we followed it up with a delicious chocolate liquid centered cupcake – indulgent I know, but they had to be eaten! I am not setting a date to start, but it’s going to be sooin, and you will hear about it as it starts, and I will start filling in my fatness files again, and then you can give me hell again!

Monday again!

…gosh, the weekends really do fly by! I have to confess from a work point of view, it was quiet, but the stress of just being available, and at the mercy of my phone just makes me tired!

So saturday was spent trying to have a nap, but our girl didn’t give us much of a chance, I eventually took her to the hospital with me, so Charlie could have a break, cheeky girl, she ooh’ed and aah’ed with all the staff, and got lots of cuddles. Then it was rugby at friends, yay for a win (albeit against the Bteam) and a delicious lamb tagine – tender and tasty! Yesterday was a lazy day, we had breakfast with Charlie’s sister and nephew, a visit and tea with my parents, and a small braai in the evening. I made some big salads, which we will snack on this week, reducing my stress levels (I hope). Thandi slept well last night, so hopefully this will be a great start for the week.