Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Work and a little bit of play

…actually, a lot of play, because setting up the shop has been fun! By last night though, it was work, and I was weary, but it’s all looking so good! I am so grateful to my Charlie and all the work he has put into making my shop look beautiful, he really has put blood and sweat into it; I’ve contributed the tears! Wander over to my other blog, to see what we have been up to!

In other activities over the weekend, we did a nite race – in the rain! So dark, wet and sweaty were not the best combination of things to be on Friday night. But after that the endorphins were up, and we worked hard on the deli stuff. Saturday, after a full day in the store, we watched the rugby, a good game, that unfortunately didn’t go our way, tough to loose, but I guess, a realistic outcome. I collapsed into bed quite early on Saturday, because I was exhausted. saturday started us with us at the hardware store buying the last few goodies we needed. then it was off to a Weisswurst brunch, served naturally with weiss beer at our German friends’ home. What fun it was on a truly gorgeous morning. The sun baked, the kids swam, we drank beer and ate pretzels, sausages and a variey=ty of other yummy things – obatzda, a german cheese salad, gerkins, smaltz bread… So much deliciousness, that made the idea of work impossible! But we did it! Phew.

Anyway, we collapsed into bed, and I was up early for a run this morning. Yawn!

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