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Christmas sweet treats

…was the theme of the cooking class I attended last night. It was great fun, but crikey, I was all sweeted out at the end of it! The young chef who really made our evening a whole lotta fun, demonstrated a chocolate fruit cake, gingerbread and rum butter, mince pie roulade, a deconstructed trifle and of course there had to be a christmassy tipple – a poinsettia. All divine and delicious! I can see that tipple soothing a lot of the Christmas stresses…

Of everything I really enjoyed the chocolate fruit cake – unctuous, moist and decadent, richness that almost made your teeth curl, it was dark and gorgeous!

IMG_2416 IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2415

(if you’re nice to me, I might share my recipes…)


…here I come! And by that I mean Cape Town! I fly out tomorrow to conference my weekend away. I’m looking forward to being out of the office, but not so much the issuing of my family. I am doing a solo trip, which is nice in terms of no guilt for silly times with my favourite girlfriends. But the guilt at just being away!

Anyway, lots of things to do – some OBGYN learning, some friend time and a whole lot of deli stuff!

It’s going to be a busy day at the office, so let us touch base again tomorrow!


Morning Glory

… so I had a long post planned about the busy weekend I had, the crazy weather and the staff Christmas Party, but then I went for a run this morning. My first run in 2 weeks. And it was stunning! My body didn’t feel too bad either (thank heavens!).

So the run went along the beach this morning, and ordinarily I dislike running on the beach, a lot. But today the tide was out, the sand was firm, the breeze was perfect, and the vista…. ah, the vista! Now I didn’t have my phone on me, so I couldn’t take a picture, but as we hit the beach, I looked back over the reef, the sun was already up (this was at about 05h35/40),the clouds were battling for possession of the horizon, and the rays of light streamed around those heavy gun metal grey clouds, stirring up beautiful reflections on the very calm seas. I wish I could have a photo to share with you, but I fear it would have lost something in translation. So instead, I will carry that beautiful moment with me today. By the time we reached the other end of the beach, I looked back, but that moment was gone, so fleeting, so achingly beautiful….

Have beautiful Mondays and gorgeous productive weeks, my peeps…

My naughty elf

…so on Wednesday, we had the ‘watching class’ at dancing. Once a term the parents and families are allowed to come along and watch the children’s dancing lesson. We were given instructions to send them along in red and green clothes and to send a shoebox wrapped in Christmas paper.Well, we were in for a treat, the girls did a beautiful little dance, pretending to be the naughty elves, they were seriously cute! Enjoy a picture fest!IMG_2329 IMG_1060 IMG_1075 IMG_1090 IMG_1111 IMG_1118 IMG_1139 IMG_1141



…yesterday started very very early for me… I woke up around 11/12pm on Tuesday night with one of the worst migraines I’ve eve had. I could not keep any pain meds down, I was throwing up, and felt horrendous! Knowing I had a full day of work ahead of me didn’t help; but luckily, I know a few doctors, who successfully doctored me, with a cocktail of IV meds which settled my nausea and eased my headache. Today I still feel a little tender, but I survived that. Yowzer! And I had so much news to share!

Tuesday evening was Thandi’s orientation at her new school for Grade 00. Did we have a vibrating with excitement child on our hands? She was so so thrilled by what was coming her way. And she got to meet her teacher, Mrs Williams, and saw her classroom, and got to check out the playground. We are equally as thrilled with the choices we have made for her. For me, it was really full circle, you see, this is my old school. I started in then Sub A, and finished in Matric at this very school. I am so incredible chuffed that she will learn all the old traditions I experienced, and we will share a bit of a common bond. Even if it is just the smell of the passages, and the feel of the passages on your shoes. The teachers might have changed, the uniforms have had a tweak, and technology has arrived, but it still has the same feel it had all those years ago.


And whilst I was thrilled to see my girl so very happy and pleased for herself, my own heart broke a little. She’s growing up, I only have 14 more years (more (if I am lucky) or less) with this beautiful person before I release her into the wild, and that really doesn’t feel like enough time. How do we slow this damn clock down?

(Tomorrow I will share the ‘dancing concert’s got to watch yesterday)

Missing breakfast

… now that doesn’t happen often, but this morning I was called out to do a delivery just after 5, so I knew there was no way I’d have made it home and back up to the hospital again in the morning traffic, so I grabbed a nectarine and a peach on the way out of the house for my breakfast. I had forgotten how much I love summer stone fruit. Both of them so juicy and sweet, juices running down my chin – totally delicious! It really is my taste of summer! That, and ice cold watermelon. Yum.

My daughter, the actress!

…it was Thandi’s school concert on Saturday – it was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Teacher Sal chose the jungle as her theme, so the kids were all dressed up in such fun costumes and had a blast on stage!

She started off as a little white duckIMG_0916  (cheesiest grin!), who ‘went swimming in the water’, until she, the green frog and the black bug were chased, bitten and eaten by the red snake! IMG_0937

Then she was Poor Little Peter Rabbit, who had a fly on his nose, a butterfly on his chin, a spider on his nose and an elephant on his toe!IMG_0963

And then we were the giraffe in the jungle vibe song.IMG_0998

I loved the interactions with her little friendsIMG_1023 The smiles on these 2 faces, as they giggled their way through their dance was too cute! IMG_1027 I know this isn’t the best photo, but I can see the teachers at big school getting nervous about these 2 little mischief makers!

People, my little girl is growing up! How do I slow this time down, so I can appreciate and remember it better?


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