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It’s been 10 months

…since I had any leave. I am tired…

At the moment I am at the end of my tether, and I am not sure how I am going to carry on. This morning I wanted to just sit and have a wail in the car, before I headed into the hospital, but you can’t, because there’s someone in labour and 2 caesars to do, and a room full of work to do. But then I’m here, and it’s ok. But I am just so tired.

Lunchtime, Friday

…and I haven’t had a chance to even blog yet! Argh!

It’s been a crazy week, that left me with an enormous headache last night, and sore shoulders from the tension today. There’s some difficult stuff going down, I will tell you all about it next week, but there is some big stuff going down with regards our deli. I hate having to rely on other people to uphold their ends of deals! And that is all I will say on the matter currently.

In other news, a dear friend today is going through another negative IVF process… My heart is breaking for her. I remember those days with horror. For those who have not been through it, I can tell you that it is one of the cruelest forms of torture I can imagine. Yes, it comes with hope, but when hopes are not realised, the heartbreak is almost audible. It’s agony. So today, spare a thought for my Russian spy and her shipping magnate, as they charter these stormy seas…

The weekend looms – an on call one. And a long training run one… hope my legs hold! Enjoy your weekends dear readers!


…if only just in my mind, I have escaped into the magical world of Pinterest and Google, searching for some good tapas recipes, in anticipation of the annual Valentine’s dinner… feeling inspired…and hungry! But isn’t it amazing, given my moan yesterday, I find a happy spot (just for a moment) planning, anticipating and dreaming… Then the reality bites me! Ouch!

(0n a different note – any suggestions for tasty tapas?)


…where is it going? And how will I find some more? I beg! Yoh, things are busy in my neck of the woods – between work, the deli and school commitments – there is really not much time left in my day. And I have to say I feel like I am running on empty.

I am so used to being self sufficient, and asking for help or seeking assistance makes me feel like I am weak and copping out. I really do annoy myself sometimes. Throw in all these hair brain schemes I get caught up in – running that little trot in KZN, or the mother’s committee at school, or the deli itself. I often think I am completely bloody mad and that really, there is no saving myself. I am condemned to dissolve in puddle of nothing, after I have given my whole self away… When will I learn? Learn to save myself?

With all this lurking in the background, my shoulders are hunched around my ears, as I am dealing with a pretty impressive stressor at the moment. I have some huge decisions to take, and really, really don’t know what I want to do. Do I/ Don’t I? Is there an alternative solution to a problem I can’t quite share here yet? I just don’t know. And all the answers I seem to come up with seem to be answers to stem everyone else’s woes, and I’m really confused…

What a weekend!

…pop up restaurant, garden revamp, family lunch… Throw in high temperatures and humidity over 90%. Wow, wow, wow!

First, that pop up – it was great, it was incredible, and I will never ever open a restaurant myself. I learnt that on Saturday night. I also confirmed that I have the most incredible husband and the best friends a girl could ask for! TJ and MB stepped up to the plate. On Friday night they came over – helped me get the prep underway – we made the gazpacho, started the prep work for the prawn ceviche and I prepared 2 of the 4 meringues for the dessert. Ok, we were on target. Saturday dawned with us getting ourselves going early. We finished the meringues, we roasted veg, we toasted baguette, we prepared the prawn ceviche, and then we were ready. It was show time – we headed off to the venue, which was stunning – outside in a beautiful garden setting – and then our final preparation began… Tables set, ice in buckets, lights turned on… and then the guests arrived! Game on! And it went well, gazpacho with pan con tomato to surprise the palate; ceviche de gamarones served with salted popcorn; watermelon and lime sorbet to cleanse the palate; Nelson’s fillet, served with Mesh’s roasted veg salad with lemon ricotta cream; Berry Meringue roulade; biscuits and coffee. Phew! By the end of the evening, the 4 kitchen aids were exhausted and melting – the kitchen was seriously HOT! Then we put our feet up, drank some wine, caught up with our guests and get ready for the big clean up, which wasn’t too awful, thankfully. And I managed to raise a very successful amount of cash on the night, with my wine auction (it was a magnum of 2011 Chocolate Block) I raised R8 910. And other donations are coming in slowly. Thanks to all my contributors and my friends – I couldn’t do any of this without you guys!

IMG_3004 IMG_3005 IMG_3015 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3016

Sunday dawned and I felt fairly hung over, but not from wine – I was just tired and physically trashed! And hungry – we forgot to eat on Saturday. But we headed back to the venue, had breakfast and completed the tidy up. Phew! Then I got my knickers in a knot, and I headed to the neighbouring nursery and we stocked up on vegetable seedling and some seeds, and then we headed home and started the transformation of our courtyard. I made Charlie work hard, but at the end of the day we were really chuffed with our achievements. Lettuce, tomatoes, basil, beetroot, cauliflower and broccoli, mustard greens, pumpkins and baby marrows, some corn. I am really looking forward to seeing how our garden grows! It was good to get dirt under my nails and mud streaks across my sun kissed cheeks. It was so special sharing these moments with Thandi. And the reward of listening to my new water feature trickling away last night was priceless!


In the midst of our day yesterday we popped out for a lunch, I could not bring myself to cook or make any more dishes, so we went out to a beachfront spot with my parents, and we had a really nice lunch. Everybody was relaxed, Thandi was a bit tired and slightly cranky, but once she had some food she was quite happy! Good to make some memories!

To say I slept like a baby last night… understatement.



Phew, it’s friday!

…and where did the week go? It’s been full and busy and good, I guess! And this weekend will be very full, and very busy and I trust very good!

So tonight the preparation for my pop up gets into full swing – already I have marinated the meat and made the palate cleanser – I am quite sorted on the lighting and candles front. I just need to finalise my decor for the tables and that kinda jazz, so hopefully I an get it all done in time. I’m having 5 tables, so not too much work to do there. Tonight I need to get cracking on some of the food – gazpacho must be made, prawn ceviche prepared, dessert planning begun. Tomorrow I will prepare the salad, finalise the dessert and then it’ll be show time!!! Let’s hope I raise lots of lovely lolly for my run!

In other events over the weekend I need to get a long run in and I must spend some time with my beautiful daughter – she is learning to ride her bike without her fairy wheels, so it may well be another date at the park, working on that.

Wild Women


…right, so let’s tell you all about this! I am a Wild Women 2016! What this means is that I am part of a very special team who will be running over 100km along the Transkei Wild Coast from the 4th to the 8th of March. This is not a race, this is not an entry-based event. We do this as a empowering event, and as a fundraiser. We raise funds for 2 local charities – Africa Angels – a school based at Chintsa and Busfare Babies – a birthing centre in Hamburg. Our aim is R100 000.

To get to this point we are all fundraising – I am hosting a pop up restaurant on Saturday night – stressing my soul out, but quietly confident that I can feed these 40 odd people a good meal. My guests have been asked to pay me what they feel the meal is worth, so I’m hoping they think it is the finest they have ever eaten! I am also going to auction some wine at the event, and hope to get some good competitive bidding going there. (On the menu – gazpacho, prawn ceviche, a sorbet, beef fillet and a roasted veg salad, meringue roulade – yum, if you ask me, and totally worth a fortune!)

And then there is the plain old ask – so, if any of my loyal readers would like to make a donation, send me an email on, and I will give you more info and let you know how to make it happen. (My email address will magically disappear in the next day or so, so do it, do it now!)

Love you all!



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