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The girl is 4!

…Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl!


Yesterday you turned 4, and I am so very proud of you. You are growing into such a beautiful girl, you are strong willed, enthusiastic and caring. You show wisdom beyond your years, astounding me along our journey together. I am in awe of you, I’m not quite sure how Dad and I got this recipe so right. Thanks for all the hugs and lovies I get from you, they make my heart very happy!  Love you always and forever!

(Tomorrow I will tell everyone all about your party – it was fab!)


…more sleep, and I’m getting there!

Last night I finished icing the biscuits, despite the load shedding I baked the cake, so this afternoon is all about the icing of the cake, party boxes and the last few décor touches. It’s also TJ’s birthday, so we get to celebrate! Yay! Although, I have to say I am exhausted! Lets hope tonight isn’t too late a night, and that I get to relax with a delicious glass of wine on Saturday evening, once the chaos is over! And I’m already really looking forward to my run on Sunday. Not sure where, not sure when, but it will happen, and I am ready for it!


…I am my own worst enemy. I really annoy myself sometimes! I am working so hard on T’s party, I am exhausted. Heaven forbid I actually ask for help! But then again, whenever I have, I am often disappointed, because people don’t tend to hold themselves to the standards I expect of myself. So then, to avoid frustration, irritation and disappointment, it is easier to just do stuff myself!

I am about 70% of the way through the party preparation. I still have a cake to make and ice (thanks to TAFKAD we have stunning figurines to pop onto the cake – she made them and sent them all the way from CT! What a godmommy!) Cupcakes need making, and fairy wands (made from pretzel sticks and chocolate!) need creating. Popcorn will be popped on the day, and fruit will be skewered too. And then it’s the last few décor things. Hem a cloth, fix a dress, and I’ll be done (in all ways!) 2 more sleeps (or non sleeps) to the party!


Planning and shedding

…does Eskom not realise when they unexpectedly change the load shedding schedule, it completely throws me! Eeeek! Last night I had planned to get stuck into some baking for Thandi’s party after supper – biscuits, which I will need to ice over the next few days. Anyway, at about 16h00 the message came through that they had changed the schedule, and now I would be without power from 8-10, which would mean a VERY late night if I waited to bake after supper. So I rushed through my afternoon, so that I could get home ASAP to get stuck into the baking. Well, I am pleased to announce that I got it all done by 19h15, which meant I cold put my feet up for 5 minutes, before I wrapped the pass the parcel and worked on some hats for the fairy godmothers. (in the dark) I couldn’t wait to even see the power come back on, after a busy Sunday night/Monday morning on call, I was tired, and after the rush of baking and crafting I was done! I climbed into bed at 31h45, leaving Charlie to switch off lights and all that jazz (Thanks, Lovey!)

Tonight we are off to another wine tasting/auction, so I probably won’t get too much done before we go out, maybe I will make the icing for the biscuits, and maybe I get to pipe a few outlines?

Work and fun

…so there was quite a bit of work this weekend, with a little fun thrown into the mix. I was on call; so Friday evening I had a delivery (1); then Saturday morning I saw a few patients in the hospital and in the rooms; Sunday morning I had 2 deliveries (3) and then Sunday evening I had lots of phone calls and then early this morning I had another delivery (4). In between Thandi went to a party, I had a great run (everything felt good about it), we had breakfast with friends, visited my parents, had playtime at the park (twice) and I did some crafty things for Thandi’s party. Once again I am feeling that pressure when I need more hours in my day!  24 just are not enough! 5 more sleeps to Thandi’s party!!!

Fragile Friday

…oy, I went to a wine tasting last night, and this morning, I am a victim of grapes’ wrath. Blech! It was a very civilized evening, we tasted 10 wines (which is quite a bit I guess), and then we had some dinner. I didn’t feel like I totally overdid it, but boy, this morning tells me I am in no condition to drink more than 2 glasses of wine! I couldn’t even face breakfast this morning, and there was bacon! Very sad indeed… Anyway, let me get stuck into this Friday, the start of my weekend on call…

Party planning

…phew, this party planning is exhausting! So the photo booth thingy is painted up, just needs an outline or 7 to be totally done; the bunting is all cut out and ironed, it just needs to be sewn together; capes have been made for the fairy godmothers; gifts for the princess are sorted. So next week all the baking begins! And the last few décor items… It’s been fun! Although, I am feeling almost too organised, like something is going to go terribly wrong, like I’ve forgotten something, but anyway… Yes, I have sent out the invites!  (I have also sent out the invites to my birthday, I’m turning that unmentionable number….)


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