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It was the weekend, baby!

…and what a weekend it was!

Wow, the whole spa with my girlfriends thing was amazing! IMG_1281We arrived on a very chilly afternoon, settled down in front of the fire, drank some lovely sherry and red wine, enjoyed a great meal, and sparkling company! Saturday dawned miserable and overcast (heavy rain started later that day) and after a delicious breakfast we headed p to the spa, which they had closed, just for us. Wow, it was amazing! We were pampered and preened, and topped and tailed to within an inch of our lives! Facial, exfoliating scrub, massage, mani and pedi. IMG_1329Yowzer, we were spoilt! Even a parting gift of a beautiful hand oil and a delicious lip balm! We then all melted into our evening, with some more wine retoxing after all our therapists hard work, and another gorgeous dinner! IMG_1285An early night followed, and Sunday morning after a leisurely breakfast, we headed home.

I got home to an excited little lady! And as a treat, we decided to take her to her first movie – she was so fliiping excited, we headed off to the Minions in 3D, and it was so damn cute!

IMG_1360She chortled along and had a great time. We finished our treat with an ice cream and headed home into bloody load sheddedness, on a flipping freezing afternoon!

Stats round up

…so Nyamazela asked me in the comments on my blogoversary post to give you guys some stats! So this here post is my 1282nd post. That’s a lot of posts! No wonder I run out of things to say sometimes. I have had 2320 comments, with my most frequent commentator being runnermum, thank you! My most viewed post was this one (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make those nifty little link things)

For me one of the funniest things though to look at is the search engine terms, the things people type into google and they get referred here, although I’m not sure how. Here are some beauts…

  • auntay xxxnot – hmm, no xxx pictures here, move along!
  • i am so devastated after my ex boyfriend broke up with me i want him back july 2013 – I’m not really a great agony aunt, but along with your happiness, he seems to have taken your caps key, sorry about that!
  • how to soften chocolate wine – well, maybe the microwave?
  • word fir combination of barking and spoilage – huh? And you landed up here? Try barkage.
  • how to make sugurfree Thandi – promise that isn’t worth it.
  • i weighed myself i was 83.1 today im 82.9 how much did i lose – calculator, anyone? Simple arithmetic?
  • can a hen walk at 03hoo am – why do you need to know this? And why wouldn’t they?
  • wailing banshee bird – ooh, I haven’t heard of those, what do they look like? And where would I find them?
  • can garlic make birds infertile – check with your vet, but I don’t think so?
  • propofol puding – is that something Mich*ael Jac&ks*&on preferred?

Ok, so let Friday begin, for this afternoon I am heading off with a bunch of girlfriends for a weekend of pampering at a local spa! (although given how hard I have been working, and how absent I have been from home this week, makes me feel quite guilty – poor Thandipants!)

Slow learner

… I’d really hoped that by this stage of life I would be a bit more astute. I’ve lived with this old body and brain of mine for 40 years, I really should know a few things about it. Like how much alcohol I can have without feeling atrocious the next day, although that has changed since I lost weight and got fitter; like the fact that too much gluten will leave me bloated and sore and uncomfortable, damn you wine and delicious pizza; like how much sleep makes me a civilized person the next day. I am really a slow learner.


…my days are feeling very full again, full of work. I don’t get much chance to catch up on stuff in the day, and come the evenings I am feeling exhausted. What mulls around in my head all day and night are work related things. Flip. Can you tell I haven’t run for 10 days? (A combination of resting, work emergencies and a weekend where I put my family first) So many things I want to control, that I can’t… Yesterday was a 2 baby day with a side of an ectopic pregnancy. And a call out at 3 this morning. Yawn*

Happy Blogoversary

…to me.

Can you believe I have been blogging for 6 years. 6 years??? Seriously. And you guys have been listening to me for that long? That’s crazy talk. Thank you, my loyal readers!

Blogging is a funny old thing. I really started with the intention of a ‘Dear Diary’, which I hoped people would stumble onto, and as a means to keep in touch with my out of towner friends. And it started as a bit of a food and wine blog, morphed into a getting pregnant blog, and now it’s parenting and running, with a side of food and wine.

IMG_1258 Chocolate cake for everyone!

Nothing like a

…bit of a rant (or a pedicure) to improve one’s disposition? Not so? I feel better after letting off a bit of steam  . Admittedly I’d probably be a bit better after a run too, but that’s only scheduled for tomorrow.

My beautiful princess had her first pedicure yesterday. She was so excited, and watched with rapt attention as her nails were filed and clipped and painted. She chose a lovely red sparkly colour (which she knows mom wouldn’t allow at home), and she loved it!




Red sparkles for Thandi, and Pink sparkles for Charlotte! What pampered princesses we have!


…worried and a bit stressed…

Physically and a bit mentally tired, trying to get some rest and sleep. Reading a lot to escape my brain demons.

Worried, actually beside myself worrying about my father who is really not coping with his retirement; my mother and her health, which isn’t great and which is sending her to the cardiologist again next week; my practice and the future of my career…

Stressed about work and my family’s finances…


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