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Some more weekend!

So, some how WordPress failed me on Tuesday, and would not load up some pictures, so you get some more awesome pictures from our weekend, even though it is now Thursday, and the weekend feels like a memory…

IMG_4772  IMG_4783 IMG_4769

It was really a good time – beautiful scenery (after the rain, mist, sleet) and 2 beautiful little girls.

And this next weekend is approaching rapidly – I have lots to do, someone’s 5th birthday is rapidly approaching! And I’m on call.

There has been lots brewing in my brain lately, things I haven’t shared here, things that scare even me.Suffice to say, that work and its demands are taking its toll on me – I’m nearing that breaking point again…

Long Wintery weekend

…yay for that! We were in those mountains, it was flipping cold, but so awesome!

So Friday after a morning of scattered duties, we jumped into the car, and headed for those mountains – they are so beautiful! It was a crisp clear afternoon, which quickly clouded over and got cold! With rain – lots of it… Not necessarily a good thing for the trail run ahead of us on Saturday.

Saturday dawned wet, windy and very cold. We lined up for our run, with all the competitors from the longer 38km run which was cancelled due to the bad conditions. Visibility was about 50m, it was very foul. “Mad dogs and Englishmen”kept tripping through my thoughts… The course, as any in the mountains, was very hilly, and I found the middle third very tough going, with relentless climbs and switchbacks, coupled with the cold and wet; let it be said I was a touch grumpy.  The tracks through the forest were great, but very slippery – I worked on some skiing techniques, and managed to avoid a slip and a mud encrusted bum! Anyway, I did it – with my runbuddy Mike, and we finished in the middle(ish) of the field, so not so bad I guess. Just damn cold!

IMG_4731 IMG_4726(see what I mean?)

The rest of the day was spent seeking warm spots – fireplaces, beds, electric blankets…

Sunday was so beautiful – crisp clear skies, warm sun when one could escape the sneaky breeze! We spent it tramping around the Arbetoreum, seeing all those wonderful autumn colours (or as Thandi called ortim – sweet kid). There was also lots of water coming over the waterfalls, and we were privileged to see 2 on the run, we explored nearby 39 Steps on Sunday – so pretty. I often wonder who named all these falls – I guess the names are pretty self explanatory – Kettlespout, swallowtail, madonna and child –  but who decided?


Yesterday was another nice day, but there was a bit more cloud and breeze, but after a bonfire on the plot, we headed back to the sea. Nice to get away, nice to come home again…

Party Planning

…so it’s that time of the year again, when I start to go to into OTT mom mode, and start to plan Thandi’s birthday party. And this year’s theme, a la Mr Men is Little Miss Sunshine! It’s such a fun one to do – I’m loving the bright colours and fun images! (bear in mind the party date is the 28th of May – expect lots of updates!)

I’m quite far ahead of the curve this year, invites and paper printables are done – gotta love Pinterest for the inspiration! Next step is my table dressings and then the games – I’ll do another Photo Booth effort, with holes for the children to stick their heads through; and we’ll do a feed Little Miss Greedy – where they must throw a beanbag through her mouth, and a pin the crown on Little Miss Princess! And then there will be all the usual games – pass the parcel and all that jazz! Should be fun!

Foodwise – already planning and thinking – I know what cake I want to make for her; and that I will have to co-opt TAFKAD into helping with – some biscuits, some fruit skewers (I found some really cute skewers with hearts on them!), some popcorn and a few other treats.

Party packs – I’m going to fill little mason jars with some yellow and white sweeties – now if M&M would just get back in touch with me, so I can get some yellow M&M’s! Fun all round!




…not Movie Magic; not Magical Mystery, but MANIC MONDAY!

It’s just gone 10am, I have had 3 babies (all normal deliveries too) and have barely started my day! Yikes!

Quick weekend update – all good. 2 nice runs, I skipped all the races this time; a good evening with friends on Saturday; a movie date with T to see Zootropolis yesterday and some quality time with Charlie!

I hope to indulge in more conversation tomorrow!


…can you smell us? (please sing that in an Adele style)

Nah, not so bad anymore, by late Wednesday/early Thursday, most parts of my city had had their water restored. Phew! What an experience it has been – I will just say, the whole experience has made me far more water conscious and that load shedding was a LOT easier to cope with than no water for 2 days! But it really was a crisis! Especially when the hospital’s reserve tanks ran dry…

Anyway, let’s trust that the immediate crisis is over, and let’s also trust that the powers that be will be putting measures in place to prevent this from ever happening again! What did happen was the siphon that pulled the water into the treatment tanks at the water plant malfunctioned, and they could not get it going again. Eventually they had to build a diversion around the holding tank to try to get water back into the plant. By then all the reservoirs in town had run day, so that is when we as the consumer started to struggle… And the root of the issue – poor maintenance of an ageing system for far too long,,,

Water woes

…so my city is without water – last night I had a shower, because we still had some, and we still had some this morning, but the pressure was down, and there is a definite turn for the worse. They say there is a problem at the water treatment plant – a friend who is a plumber for the city let slip, before he was muzzled. Hopefully the problem is resolved by now, but he reckons it will take the system 3 days to recover… Hmmm… reckon we are in for some smelly days… delightful!

But it makes one think. You, know, water is such a crucial part of our lives, and there are millions of people who live without water on tap. Maybe these 3 days will make my city appreciate what they actually have, and make us look after our resources a bit better.

But saying that, I think it’s easier to live without electricity than water…

A good weekend

…was had here in Birdie’s world. After Friday that is.

While my day started well on Friday, I developed a somewhat debilitating migraine in the afternoon – throwing up between patients, developing severe photophobia, and I have no memory of my drive home from work… Anyway, eventually the drugs kicked in, and I felt slightly more human, Saturday I still had a dull ache in my head – one of those where if you shake your head or move too quickly it feels like it may come back… Anyway, that meant I made sure I had a quiet day, and chilled until the evening, when we had our Wilde Women handover of all the funds we raised. What a great event it was – hosted by a microbrewery in the coastal area, we had a good meal and a joyous handover – each charity spoke, one even had a song for us, sang as only the locals can sing a spiritual, with great tone, pitch and almost tear provoking beauty. Then for the big news of the night, we raised an impressive R123 250 which is equally divided between the 2 groups. Absolutely incredible!

(thandipants had an awesome time with her 2 buddies in the bunny cage, poor bunnies, I think they were eventually so exhausted, they finally conceded defat and were caught by the young terrorists ladies – so sweet!IMG_4588 )

Then Sunday came round – a relaxed and laid back day, but a day when a major milestone was achieved – someone has finally learnt to ride without her fairy wheels!!! I am so proud of my little lady – she was tired, so there were plenty of tantrums and frustrated tears, but by jove, she got it! IMG_4591 (somehow the site won’t allow me to upload a little video, but anyway – she’s up and pedalling!)


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