Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mom&Daughter Date

…so yesterday, after the complete chaos of the preceding few days with pop up restaurants and training runs, I took Thandi on a little date. We headed off to the movies in the afternoon, and got to see the delightful fliek, Ballerina. If you have a girl child, go and see it. We loved it. It tells the story of 2 little orphans who escape from an orphanage in Brittany and run to Paris, where Felicia wheedles her way into a dance class at the Paris Opera and Victor gets a job working for Gustav Eiffel, while he builds both the tower and the Statue of Liberty. (Thandi loved seeing the landmarks we’d seen almost 2 years ago) Felicia’s cheating ways are uncovered and she is dispatched back to the orphanage, but has a triumphant return to Paris and the Opera.

My little lady loved it, and I love that she is a softy like her mom. She was uncomfortable with the orphanage idea, I could tell, and when the Baleerina was banished back to the orphanage, she had to come and climb up on my lap, and shed ¬†quiet tears into my shoulder. I teared up, sharing this special little moment with her… She had had a busy weekend (as had I), and it kind of felt like our world took a deep breath. In the dark, in the quiet, with the rustle of the popcorn box between us, I counted my enormous blessing.

Goal shooting

I know I am a bit late to this game, but I thought I’d out my goals down here for 2017, so I can be a bit more accountable to you all.

  • I want to be a better, more present wife to my Charlie. Work stole so much of me last year, that there was seldom much left for him and Thandi. And this aside from the hormonal issues I have, which has lead me to have my own private tropical jungle climate and very little patience for the poor man. So I really want to get better at putting my mobile devices down, relaxing into his arms on the couch, and appreciating the amazing man I am married to.
  • I want to run with more enjoyment this year. I have battled with sticking to a consistent training schedule this last while, which means I end up doing some panicked training before events, land up with injuries; neglect my cross training and gym work and therefore lots of my running has been through gritted teeth, wishing it would end. I want to feel like I did after the Paris marathon – fit, healthy and fun!
  • I want to be able to demonstrate more self control in terms of my diet. I am not putting numbers to it, but I need to head back to where I was with eating more real food, more things I have made myself, so I know whats in them, not bought, processed stuff. (she says all this eating another chocolate biscuit – homemade though!)
  • I will have some more order to my house! The chaos is starting to overwhelm me; and while I have done a lot while sorting out Thandi’s room, and my scullery (throwing away things last week, that this week I want – grrr!) there is still a lot to do!

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. I will try to check in every now and again and be accountable.

Day one


All seemed to go really well. We got to school, fairly early, I thought we’d beat the traffic, but it seemed like lots of parents had the same idea, although, the parking lot was a LOT fuller. We walked in, took some pictures and got her to her classroom. There we had to hand in the myriad of stationary we were asked to bring and then it was into her classroom. She was super happy to see her friends there, and I was incorrect, there are 5 of them from he told class in her new class (I thought only 3), and she was super happy! One of the Wild Women has moved to her daughter across to Thandi’s school, so it was awesome to run into her in the queue, and so her little lady is in the same class! 2 Wild girls together.


Start of the school year eve

…so tomorrow, my little lady started grade R. For those of us for whom these funny grades didn’t exist, it’s the year before proper school. Although, looking at the daily schedule, it’s pretty much real school anyway, without the uniform. I’ve been a bit worried about things, because Thandi is really just flying on her own steam – reading, writing, which most of her class mates are not yet doing. And she loves it! I haven’t been one of ‘those’ parents, she has done it herself. It’s actually quite magical to watch.

The last few days though, Thandi hasn’t been quite herself. I’m not sure if it is because she is just tired after a hectic holiday; or if she is missing her beloved Noxy; but yesterday she told me that she had just had a quiet day, because she is tired, and wants to ¬†get ready for school. So, I’m letting her have the time and space. I am also a bit melancholic – passing of time, too much work and I am also missing Noxy. (Although Vuyo, our new helper is a treat!)

Tomorrow a new chapter starts for my little lady, let it be another great year of achievements and milestones.img_7914


…weekend. I honestly had the strangest weekend on call – 1 call the entire time! It was so odd. I didn’t have any deliveries, no random questions, no appointment rescheduling requests, no permission requests for waxing, hair dying or bedroom gymnastics. It still feels a bit unreal… I am counting my blessings though. I gave myself permission to be quiet yesterday – built a puzzle, read my book and chilled… A very unproductive day for me. I did say farewell to TAFKAD as she goes back to CT for a few weeks, before we are lucky enough to have her back here in February to run a race here. She’ll be doing the half marathon, and I hope to do the full, God willing. It was good to see her again, I love having her close to me!

Anyway, on my note of out of characteristics – quiet working weekends, quiet days for me, I better get on with my rather characteristic monday…


…so my nieces (2 of them) wrote their matric exams at the end of 2016, and we have been waiting with bated breath for their results. One of them, let’s call her AN wrote an IEB matric, and got her results at the end of last year; she did fantastically, scoring 3 distinctions, and she has secured an entry to UCT this year, doing a degree in property management. The other, AM (my brothers really messed our family around giving their daughters very similar names!) wrote a departmental matric and has scored the best marks I think anyone in the family ever got, with 6 out of 8 subjects in the 90%’s! so between the 2 of them, we have 10 distinctions, I think that is amazing! AM is waiting to hear if she will be accepted to study medicine (why she hasn’t been accepted yet, makes me wonder…). I am so very excited that someone on the family will share my profession – someone who will understand medspeak! Yay!

Watching these beautiful young ladies grow up, and watch them going through these big choices is such a privilege. I really hope that Aunty Birdie has given them sound advice. It is such a tough thing, choosing something now, which will define so much of your future, flip!

One only wants to see them fly and achieve and be happy. That damn elusive happiness we all chase, I really hope they find it.


…in 2017

This is the year I will address my body and it’s issues. I have hyper mobile joints, and for a long time, my body coped with the running. Now in the last year I have lurched from one win to another. This will be the year I sort it out. I know where my deficiencies lie, I know what I have to do, but I am lazy, and prioritise myself low down on my list; so this year I will take control of my time and my body and get it back in tune. I have already started my running page for 2017, and I am adding in a rehab page too, so I can be accountable to the blog. I also have to get my diet back under control, because without a doubt the extra weight is not helping the body. I am trying already, but my word, I never knew brownies could talk so loudly! Can you hear them, begging and pleading with me to eat them?

2017 is the year of resolving!