Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

It was the Weekend

…Baby! And it was awesome! Except for a small sting in the tail that I’ll get to. First, the good stuff.

We arrived in Cape Town on Friday, jumped into our hire car and hit the N2 to dash off to the wedding venue, until we were not dashing. Load shedding had taken all the traffic lights out in Somerset West, which is a bottleneck of traffic at best, so this was it’s worst. Anyway, we eventually made it through and arrived at the wedding venue after dark, but we could see it was lovely. A relaxed braai was underway with all the family and some friends chilling and shooting the breeze around a huge fire. Ah, it was divine to catch up! Eventually bedtime rolled around and we collapsed into our very basic but comfortable accommodation. After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to a crisp and cool winter morning, with the promise of a warm day later. We did some exploring of the area, grabbing a breakfast in Stanford, looking for Charlie’s gran’s old house there, and then taking a gander at the sea in Gansbaai. Before we new it, it was time to get ready and hum ‘Here come’s the bride’.

The lad looked handsome! And he had (interestingly, and we thought a bit weirdly) asked my brother to be his best man, and it was actually so sweet to see. When young MS started to sob as his bride walked down the aisle, my brother held him up, and helped him compose himself. That of course set the whole wedding going, and we all had a tear or 17… Having his dad there though absolutely helped him get through the moment. The bride looked lovely in a cream tulle and lace creation, which flattered her in all the right places. the bridesmaids were in emerald green (school green, for those friends in the know) and looked stunning. My niece was one of them – I can say she looked like Maid Marion from Sherwood Forest. I will say, I was expecting a longer ceremony, but in just over 10 minutes they were Mr and Mrs and we were cheering them and showering them with pennygum leaves.

The happy couple!
With their Aunty!
The 3 of us!
With the mother of the groom and my beautiful niece
Thandi in the dress!

We then settled in for predrinks and snacks while photos unfolded – gluwhein, lemonade and some craft beers were served with some lovely pizzas. The kids played giant jenga and giant pick up sticks, with some adults helping too! And then into the venue – the newly weds walked in and they went immediately into their first dance before they even sat down, which was a great idea, and then the speeches. Well, once again, there were floods of tears. My brother had an amazing speech prepared, bringing in all the lost grandparents. Charlie and I had made a beautiful box and filled it with a lovely bottle of brandy and our oupa’s brandy glass (so this lad’s great grandad), and when I handed it over, there were more tears from the boy – he’s a sensitive one). The young groom’s speech was also a beautiful sensitive one, he was struggling though, and when his new wife got up, stood next to him, he pulled himself together and made it through the rest of it. They are going to be good together.

The decor was simple and delightful, the good was excellent, the wine flowed and we really did love the time we shared together with them. There were 8 kids at the wedding who got their own table – the had all the things you need for a party – glow in the dark bangles, suckers, fizzers and a scavebger hunt – they had to dash amnob=ngst the guests – finding the doctor, finding who had a tattoo, who was missing a finger and all those sorts of thiungs – that got them boinded and playing and happy! And then we With Covid regulations, all good things must come to an early end, and we landed up again outside around the fire, sharing laughs and smiles and making memories.

And so it was, that MS and RS are married! We may or may not see them on their honeymoon in this neck of the woods, I really hope we do! I love these kids fiercely!

And then the sting in the tail – driving back into caper Town we had the call from our neighbour that our house had been burgled overnight… More on that tomorrow, I can’t spoil this post with that news.

Going to the chapel

…and we’re going to watch my nephew get married… So, in a little while we climb on a plane – first time in 2 years – and fly down to the Mother City to then climb into a hire car and drive to Hermanus. The wedding is taking place on a little guest farm just outside Hermanus.

I am so looking forward to seeing my family again. I am really hoping that the bonds that formed during our week together reconnect quickly, and that we make some more good happy memories!

All my projects panned out well…

The quilt
The cross stitch sampler

The last project that is busy being completed is a box in which I am placing a fancy bottle of brandy and my Grandfather’s brandy glass. This I am going to give to my nephew since he is the only Spring man in his generation, so that he can carry this small part of history with him.

So, let’s do this! Let’s get MCS and RM married! Yay for happy days!


…and sneezes.

Covid negative.


splutter, sneeze, sniff.


…that was weirdly uneventful! So, an on call weekend where I got almost no calls, didn’t do any deliveries, and really didn’t have much to do. It was quite weird. But, I got to cycle a lot, went to a ballet/stretch class. The rest of the weekend was quiet, throw in a quiet birthday braai for my cousin, and I ended up in bed early last night. A good night’s sleep, and now the week awaits me.

SGB meeting, study methods on line workshop (for 10 year olds and their parents), and wedding preparation are in my week’s line up. Let’s do this!


…damn, I went for a cycle this morning, and the temperature was 9 degrees. Needless to say, I am still frozen, I jumped back under the covers when I got home, but I am still defrosting. My bones even feel cold! Yoh! I’m very glad it does not get a lot colder than this in this city of mine. Time to review my winter cycling wardrobe…


…is here. It’s cold and wet and windy with the hint of snow on that breeze. Brrr…

It makes for a difficult week of exercise, and I am going to have to try and get a run or cycle in this afternoon. I hope the rain lets up and the wind eases. I can feel my mood is deteriorating, so I have to do something so I am a bit of a better person. I have bookclub this evening, and I am sure the girls are tired of a miserable, grumpy and depressed sucker of joy sitting at their table. A rush of endorphins will help, I know!

In other news it is 10 days until my nephew gets married! The time has gone so quickly! The cross stitch is finished, I’m taking it to the framers today; the quilt is about 70% completed, I’ll get it done over the weekend. I have a dressmaker working on a top to wear with a skirt I already have for this formal event. Thandi has an outfit sorted – my grandmother’s blue lace dress, with a cream cardigan which I am going to jhush up with a fur collar and some pearl buttons. so, we are all ready, almost! I am really looking forward to seeing my brothers again, and this time a happier day than the last time we were all together. I know there will still be tears, but this time happy ones! Love my family!

Memory banking

..there was a lot of memory banking this weekend; and I am ever grateful for that. So, Friday ended with a braai at friends, and what a pleasure that was. Chilled, relaxed, easy. Thandi was having a sleepover at a friend’s home, so we were childless for the night – so unusual.

Saturday dawned early for me – adventure racing was on the cards. So, at sparrow’s I picked up my team mate and then we were off to a near by seaside resort. The race started after a briefing, and we hit the ground with a run to find 2 check points. Then we transitioned to our mountain bikes and hit the trail to a neighbouring village when we had to climb off our bikes and run across the dunes, up big dunes and up rivers to collect a few more check points, then back onto the bike for a long pull up a very long and steep hill to a another resort. An obstacle course followed, a few more checkpoints and then we were back on the road to our starting point, but not to finish yet, it was down to a river, a swim across it to collect a final checkpoint up a tributary , and back again, before a quick final cycle sprint to the finish. Things went quite well, I think. I wasn’t totally dead at the end, which is always an achievement. LJ and I had a great event together – we didn’t drive one another crazy or irritate one another. We worked well as a team, using our heads to score some time. And, actually, it was so beautiful to just be out in the fresh air, and to enjoy being active with a friend. We really enjoyed the experience.

While we were racing though, the weather did start to turn, and by the afternoon, it was miserable and cold. Prize giving had started quite late, but, we stayed to be part of the fun and action. Our team won an enthusiasm prize for being the first team entered!

Anyway, after a shower and some coffee, I was a bit more human and it was off to the Lifesaving club’s prizegiving – incorporating 2020 and celebrating the Provincial champs that happened earlier this month. (the one with the disaster of a prize giving) So Thandi really shone! She was awarded top under 9 girl nipper for 2020 – total star! And then in a recap of the 2021 champs – she won 5 medals, and (news to us) placed second overall in the under 10 girls! I was so so stoked for her! Reward for the hard work she has put in, especially since she only had half a season to train. She is my total super star!

Yesterday saw a little snacks and drinks afternoon with friends to celebrate my birthday – I made some snacks, we had some wine, I got super spoilt, and TAFKAD arrived for a fortuitous visit to her family, and I got to steal her for the afternoon. Loved seeing her and catching up with my friend!

I am definitely feeling the love today after the weekend. I am hoping this feeling will carry me into the week. Its an on call one, and I really hope to be able to get through it in one piece!


…plus 1 day!

So yesterday was my turn to celebrate a birthday, and I had a good day! I started with a run, which was fun, and then after a brief breakfast celebration with my family, it was off to work.

I started at the state hospital for my monthly clinic, which I always enjoy, and then back to my rooms and then a quick stop in theatre before I ran away from the hospital, After a few extremely stressful and busy days I was really really relieved to have some time to myself!

In celebration of family and health and fitness, we had a family surf lesson! It was awesome. The water was warm, the family in good spirits, and we laughed and giggled, drank lots of sea water and even I, who has never surfed before managed a few brief stands! YAY! Was awesome! We will definitely all do that again. Last night though I did find aches and bruises, knocks and niggles that I did not know could be there! It was a whole new set of muscles that I worked.

A divine supper with friends followed last night, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and have felt blessed to be 46!


…years old! I am blessed to have this amazing kid, and privileged to call her mine! She makes me so happy!

The party was great! May and the weather is usually perfect, and so we decided on a surf party. (Charlie and I are pushing the surfing now that the nippers season has ended, got to keep her in the water and getting stronger!) There is a local team that do surfing and beach activities, so we got them involved. This team also runs township surf project – bringing kids in from the local township and getting them water safe and surfing. So, Thandi (with some encouragement from mom and dad) decided to ask her friends to help her organise lunch for the township surfers, instead of gifts for her. The friends stepped up, we had chips and cool drinks, juices and muffins, hot dogs and treats! And even some dry stores they could take home to their families! And she gave a big whack of her savings to the project too! Beautiful girl!

The treats!

So there was surfing – some girls more successful than others, sand boarding (lots of laughter!), volleyball, soccer and sandcastle building (high engineering). There was cake, boerie rolls, popcorn, fudge, rice crispie treats and sweets! I think everyone went home happy, tired with sand in their ears and sugar on the tongues! My heart was happy!

Today is her birthday, and Mondays are a busy day. School, netball, tap and modern dancing and then swimming, so its going to be a little crazy today! This evening we are going to have supper with her friend Morgan and her family – that will be a nice celebration!

I am so aware of the incredible privilege that motherhood is. Knowing how close it was to never happening for us, even when I had that positive pregnancy test and things didn’t go according to plan, and we thought we had miscarried, having this beautiful girl in my life is honestly possibly the best thing I have ever experienced. I love being Thandi’s mom!

Heaven’s gains

…Petrus (as the nurses at the rural hospital I worked in named St Peter) has been busy fetching souls – Pops, Mr F and yesterday, Dr U. Flip, a small team of incredible men.

Dr U, I miss you every time I am in theatre, I miss how you used to calm me and guide me through surgeries, even though you were long retired and I long qualified! I miss your keen intellect, your wisdom, and your amazing historical insights. Know that your legacy lives on in the teams of doctors who learnt the Ace method of doing a caesar (frugal, using only 2 sutures, and brutal, fearing the doyens retractor). Thank you for allowing to bask in your sunshine, B, and to your family, thank you for sharing your husband, dad, and grandad with us. He is a Legend.