Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

all clear

…for now. So 14 days ago I had a confirmed COVID-19 exposure from a patient. In terms of the exposure, it was low risk, but still, a girl worries. Worries about herself, her family, her practice staff and all those patients, her colleagues and nursing colleagues. But I made it to day 14 with no symptoms, so I can declare myself healthy for now. One is never sure what tomorrow will bring…


days old! That’s me! Yes, I am one of those mothers who had a baby extremely close to my own birthday, so I generally have a bit of a non event of a birthday. This year though, my family are doing their best to make me feel like a princess – cake in bed, eggs and bacon for breakfast, posters, beautiful cards and poems, it’s all been lovely. I think I don’t mind too terribly being half way to 90!

3289 days

…and just like that I have a 9 and a day year old.

3000 odd days ago, a gorgeous blue eyed, dark haired little girl was put into my arms, and I have been awe struck ever since. It took me a while to adapt to my role as a mother, but I have taken to it and have loved being her mother. The privilege of raising her is not lost on me, a privilege I almost never experienced. She is just magnificent, and she takes my breath away in her very magnificence.

Her day was lovely, weird, but lovely. ¬†She woke up early, and then it was time to introduce her to her theme of the day – Cloud 9! She entered the lounge through a balloon arch, had us sing to her, watched a compilation of birthday greetings from her family and friends, and then tackled those presents. She was blessed with so many gifts – a new bike helmet and gloves, lots of books, and, getting a head start on the requirements for Grade 4 – a new iPad. (hers is so old, a whole lot of the apps don’t run, so at least she can have more fun with some of the coolest coding apps)

Since she got a new helmet (and because I needed to get a 10km run in), we tested her helmet on a family excursion – we headed into some areas I haven’t seen in ages – we even headed down to the beachfront – it was busy! And then it was home for breakfast and Thandi’s series of Zoom dates began. First up – my JHB family, then her class mates, Charlie’s family was next and she ended the afternoon with her 2 BFFs. In between she popped into the driveway to chat to the neighbours, and had a few phone calls from other friends and family. Late lunch, early supper was a braai as requested – lamb chops, sausage, veggies, mielies (which took me 4 shops to find!) and then we sang happy birthday and enjoyed her cake! Yum! Even if I say so myself, vanilla sponge with lemon butter cream turned out well!

All in all, a great day!


…and just like that the tsunami is crashing into our shore… I will update whenever I can, but this is going to get ugly…

Winter is coming

…it getting cold, it remains dark in the morning, winter is on its way. And yes, I know I have little to complain about when our maximum winter temperatures average around 14-18, and my city never goes below zero, on the coldest days we will register a 4 or something like that, but still. Our buildings are inadequately prepared, my house does not face the correct direction and it gets uncomfortable.

While I don’t mind running in the cold, and I love running in the dark – there is something secretive about it, but, it’s not something I can safely do alone, and since we aren’t allowed to travel anywhere to run, I am stuck… And yes, I could be moaning and resentful, but I get it, and one day I will run with someone in the dark again…

Hope you all have a warm place to hide away from winter’s icy fingers, and if you’re in the north, hope you have a warm place to curl up in the emerging spring sun…

Funk it

…I really am in a funk. I feel terrible – I’m emotionally all over the place, am snappy and grumpy, and want to be left alone, but don’t you dare leave me alone and ignore me… Poor Charlie doesn’t quite know what to do with me. Quite frankly, I don’t know what do with me either. Running helps ease my mood for about half an hour, then this melancholy overwhelms me. I hate feeling this way. Feeling like I am caught in a stormy sea, each wave drenches and dumps me, grazing my knees on the rough, sandy sea floor, taking my breath away, leaving me disorientated and short of air…

I tried really hard yesterday to analyse my feelings, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. By Friday last week, I had all these emotions packaged up and nearly labelled, but over course of Saturday and Sunday something went and jumbled them all up, upset my dewey decimal system, and I was left reeling again. Facing the enormous challenge of trying to right everything again. And the crux of it is I am not happy, and I don’t know how to find, regain, rewin my hard fought for joy.


Unwacky Wednesday

…so today was not a wacky Wednesday, and I am not eating a burger special either (for my international readers – a local burger franchise offers a special on Wednesdays – 2 for the price of one!) It was but an average Wednesday – a run, some groceries and work… The run was really nice, autumn is coming, so its getting quite cool, and the roads are a little quieter in the week, and so I meandered along the roads for 8km. I took my time, got into an audiobook, watched the world go by, greeted a few friends I spotted on the way, it was just what I needed. I’ve got another run planned tomorrow, but I’ll have to hustle, I’ve got to be in the rooms by about 8:30, today I had the morning off.

Work is ok. I am feeling daunted with what is coming. The Covid-19 cases in our city are starting to climb. There is always a lag in the reporting, so I guess I know a bit more than the average person, but this virus is on its way. And it’s not going to be a surge, it isn’t going to be a curve, it’s going to be a tsunami. Rapid, deadly and devastating… 4 supermarkets are already closed, and one clinic. Our prison is a huge hotspot. I am so damn scared for my little city… I hear the president is addressing us later tonight – I don’t even know what I want to hear – I would love a bit more freedom, I’d love there to be less financial and social stress in my community, but what will we do when everyone is sick and our hospitals are exploding?

Oh, friends, be brave…