Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Stuck record

…flip, I really don’t want to sound like a stuck record, but I am! I’m busy and the end of the year is sprinting towards me. My stress level is rising (I wasn’t sure that was possible) and I am feeling quite frazzled. I have never longed for those extra 6 hours a day I laways talk about, like I am at the moment.

The weekend was productive and I managed to transform some of my to do list into a ta da list. 2 Runs, although one left me tearful and tired. I think last weeks stress caught up with me there. Thandi got to all her commitments – tap and modern dancing mock exams; swimming gala*; birthday party. And Charlie had a better market experience with his new small business. My call was fairly busy, and a bit sleep depriving…

* So Thandigirl heads off to this gala over the weekend. (I wasn’t there) and how it works is they all swim various heats. There are no ‘finals’ as such, the organisers just collate times. Charlie tells me she wins her butterfly heat by a proverbial mile, and that they are sticking around for prize giving. She had also won her freestyle heat and come second in the breaststroke heat. When she comes home, there is a (shoot me now) participation certificate, no medals for her. So we wonder? I watch the website, no official results up yet… So yesterday at her swim squad training she gets told that the organisers (not her coaches) made a big mistake, and that she did win the butterfly, but that there will be no medal for her, because they can’t take it away from the other little girl! Seriously! Anyway, I am just glad they did tell her, because she really was disappointed, because, as she told me repeatedly, she ‘tried my best, Mom’. I hope there will be some acknowledgement for her at some stage, otherwise she must go and kill the heats next time!


…for something to break… after last weeks vitamin infusion I gave myself and a few nights of good sleep and good running, and feeling like I was ticking things off my to-do list, I have been blindsided. No, actually not blindsided, because what i have been predicting for the longest time has begun. Pops got himself lost the other day, he had gone to the shops and couldn’t remember how to get home. In the midst of the crisis, he agreed that something was wrong, and said he would go for a check up; but, when the appointment rolled around, he refused. So I went to the psychiatrist instead of him. And it seems like all our worst fears are slowly being confirmed… dementia, alzheimers, isolation, vulnerability… fuck. The writing is on the wall and I don’t want to read it, I’m not sure I have the capacity to read it.

Surfer girl

…watch her go!

I love seeing her succeed, overcoming fears and anxiety. She’s a star!


…and running! Flip, I’ve had some busy weeks lately! I’m running many ams and many chores! And the coming week is looking hectic! Oh well!

The weekend was good. I got a long run in; and I feel surprisingly fine today. I am a bit tired, obviously, but better than I anticipated. Saturday morning I ran 11km, and yesterday I got 27km in. Included in that was a 10km local race, it’s called the Lightning Fast for a reason – a mainly downhill course which one can push the whole way. The last time I ran it was 4 years ago. I was 4 years younger and 6kg lighter; and I ran my 10km PB of 57minutes (and some unrecorded seconds). This year I am in the middle of a training block for a marathon, had no rest day prior, and it did form part of a long run. I am very chuffed to say that I ran 58:37! My watch did something weird and died at 8km, despite being fully charged the night before, so it meant that I had to just go on feel and run as hard as I could. I knew I was on 47:30 when it died at 8km, so I was pleased I was on one of the downhill segments and just pushed! YAY! I hope it bodes well for my marathon in 3 weeks time.

There was little other goings on this weekend. And it was good to be quiet, it’s the last quiet weekend before the crazies begin…


…and honoring them. My Dawny loved urchins, more commonly known as pumpkin shells. I’ve mentioned before that on my beach trails, I often have a path almost illuminated by them – a bit of a Hansel and Gretel pathway with shells instead of crumbs. I’ve taken many photos of them, they keep me happy en route.

Last night I finished my painting of them.

Every day, Dawny, every day…

Taking back

…I’m trying, I’m really trying to take back some of me.

After 3 days of no running – damn the rain (and no, I really couldn’t go to the gym and run there), I ran this morning, and then I am running an experiment on myself – I have given myself a vitamin infusion. So my Genius Nurse put up a drip and ran in the bag of vitamins. Im hoping I will feel energised and stronger for it. I’m feeling quite ‘hyped’ now – a mix between that post run endorphin feeling and too much coffee, but in a good way!

This afternoon after finishing my cases in theatre, I will head off or an anti ageing facial treatment thing – I’m not convinced its going to be divine and relaxing, but looking younger will make me happy, then I’m off to the chiro – I put my hip out again; and then its art class tonight.

So, you see, since an actual break is 5 weeks away, I am trying to do what I can.

Big brothers

…are meant to be just that, big; so that they can help shoulder a little sister’s burdens. I am so glad my brother came down this weekend to just see and acknowledge and care. I know the boys get that it’s tough with Pops at the moment, but they need to see it every now and again to really grasp it. And I think he got it.

But besides that, it was really nice to run together, to eat together, to just be; as siblings. We have a 13 and a half year gap, so our ‘relationship’ has been a long time in the development. But I feel like we are finally friends, as well as siblings.

Thanks for the visit Chesty!