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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Party prep

..ok, so things have been insane the last few days – between party prep, birthdays and the judging interview.But I am still standing!

So, the interview for the BWA awards went well, I felt good and confident going in, and coming out. I was nervous, but realised that there is nothing I  couldn’t answer. I am my own boss, I have my own passions and ethics; and I think I carried that over well. I was happy with how things went. So we will see – Monday I hear if I am indeed a finalist, then we go from there.

On the party prep side, I think I am on track…

  • fudge and smudge √ (yum – my favorite fail proof recipe – realizes that the brand of condensed milk matters – having made 2 batches, the one took way longer to cook than the other – I will have to share recipe at another time, all of a sudden I can’t remember if it’s 125gm of butter or 250gm…) 
  • coconut ice √(ooh, bad photo – super easy too – 1 can condensed milk, 340gm icing sugar – mix together; 340gm desiccated coconut, add in. It’s tough to stir! Then divide mixture in half, add colour to one, and then press them into your pan, in layers.)
  • rice crispy treats √ 
  • sugar crystals √ (The recipe for this is super simple, but don’t be scared by the amount of sugar – I start with 2 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar in a big pot, and bring to a simmer, allowing the sugar to dissolve – keep adding a cup of sugar at a rtime until it doesn’t really dissolve anymore – it usually ends up between 8 and 10 cups (!!!). Take it off the heat and allow to cool a bit. Prepare your sticks – make your skewers wet, roll in sugar and then allow to dry; then it’s the tricky part. I use my champagne flutes, pour the sugar syrup in with whatever food colouring I’ve chosen; and then it’s a matter of suspending the sticks in the syrup. I generally use a clothes peg and then adjust the height of it to accommodate the glass. You don’t want the stick to touch the sides or bottom of the glass. Then watch them grow – I grew these for about 10 days, I think, maybe longer. I do move them around every day, so they don’t get stuck to the sides – these things happen. Thandi loves watching it all too! Good science demonstrations!)
  • biscuits √(with a food colouring pen I am going to draw in a little Think, and the sprinkles are coming out of her wand – I’ll take a finished product picture.)
  • cake √
  • dresses, bunting, table runner √

Still to do

  • icing of cake
  • cupcakes and icing
  • tinkerbell onto the biscuits in food colouring
  • filling of the little jars as favours
  • and on the day – sandwiches and fruit skewers.

I have a friend helping out with lemon meringue and brownies for the adults, and my husbuddy is organising the water for everyone to drink. Phew! Now just to pray for good weather.





In other news…

… 2 pretty awesome things are unfolding at the moment – even in the midst of my chaos – I have been selected as a nominee for our local Business Woman of the Year awards. Judging happens on Thursday at around lunch – so if you can, think of me then, as I am grilled by a panel of judges. I have had the hair done, and booked an appointment for a blow dry (I am useless at my own hair!) and am mulling over outfits. Immediately after the interview I have a filmed interview, which they might use on the night of the awards – I do not know what to wear!!!! Argh!  It’s at times like this that I look at my wardrobe and wonder… What will it look like on camera, does it make me look fat, does the colour work for me? Argh! Decisions, decisions. I also need to start thinking about this interview and the kind of questions I am going to get thrown at me. The finances of my business are simple – money in, overheads, medical insurance, profit; the business side is fairly straightforward – patient interactions, assessing risks, delivering babies and making gynaecological decisions; and the there is all the other stuff… Might need to get some coaching from my chief whip, BC!

Then , the other thing, I have just heard that I have been selected to go to an OBGYN congress in Spain in September – a slight overlap with our trip to Scotland, so I think I can make it work. I’m so chuffed, I was put forward for a trip to Hamburg earlier this year, and they elected to send a colleague from the neighbouring city, not me, so I was a bit sad. But here we go! Madrid I’m coming for you! (and then you, Scotland, you’re next!)


..of peace and calm in the midst of my chaos.

So I spent the weekend doing lots of things, it was busy, but I had a few awesome moments. I’ve mentioned how I have really started enjoying sewing. I get that, at the moment, it brings me closer to the memories of my mom, and that is just precious. I have finished up more or less everything I needed to sew for the party – I might need another tablecloth, but that’ll be easy peasy if I do need it. It was really nice seeing everything come together, and I think the stuff I’ve sewn won’t fall apart the first time they put them on!

The Wendy Darling dress for my brunette daughter

The Tinkerbell dress for the blonde friend!

Another good point was my run on Saturday – I’d had my bad day – it was tough, and the night was also tough, but Saturday morning dawned absolutely perfect, so I headed down to the beach to the regular running group there – what a pleasure – the weather was perfect; the running was comfortable; my running partner was chatty (the right kind of chatty); I wasn’t the sweeper and finishing at the beach on that perfect morning was amazing! Was on a complete high.

Yesterday we headed out to our beach house to finalise the planning for Thandi’s and Charlotte’s party – another perfect day on a beautiful beach with wonderful people. So our plans are finalised, we are almost as excited as the girls!


…in the deep. I feel a little like I am trapped under a dumper of a wave, and I can’t figure out what’s up or down anymore, and I am running out of air; and I am being rolled about and slammed into the sand and rocks under the water. Something happened this week that has left me shaken – on a public Facebook page I was defamed, and you know how it goes – someone says something awful about you, but you end up shutting up about it, because to tackle the idiot would only draw more attention to the matter. The admin of the group it was on eventually deleted the post, but it had been up for 5 hours, I am left wondering how many people saw it – patients, potential patients…

Then last night something else happened, I can’t get into it – but I am shaken to my core. It all relates to something that happened 4 years ago, but I have realised that a lot of what I thought of people is false. Not everyone is kind, not everyone is understanding, not everyone cares. In fact very few people do, and it hurts when you realise that these are the people you are supposed to close to.

I hate knowing people dislike/hate me and don’t give me the opportunity to salvage  the situation. Misunderstandings happen, assumptions screw things up; but I falsely assume that people don’t like harbouring hate, brewing resentment and hanging onto anger. Clearly they do… And clearly I am not a very nice person to have so many people think so little of me.

I’m left feeling isolated and very lonely; rolling about on a stormy ocean floor.


…is coming (cue the GOT theme music)

Damnit – getting up at 4:30 is getting tougher! I am struggling! Saying that though, I do get a bit of a smug feeling, heading out in the dark, which kind of cacoons one, and getting my run done. Not sure what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but the roads are quite busy at the moment, with all the Comrades runners getting their last bits of milage in. Once June hits, I think the roads will be a lot quieter and that feeling I get will be magnified. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easier to get up in the cold and dark!

Party update

…ok, so I must give you guys an update on the party planning.

Paintwork – TJ is working on the Photo Booth, and Captain Hook’s ring toss – paint jobs are almost complete. We intend to get onto the sign post tomorrow evening.

Sewing – I am still cutting out bunting; and need to make some Peter Pan hats for the adult helpers – so that we are identifiable. I am half way done with Thandi’s Wendy Darling costume, and then will get onto Charlotte’s Tinkerbell one. I need to check my runners for the table – I may need a second one.

Foodie things – for the goodie bags/take home treats – consol bottles have been bought, green and white sweeties are being procured. I have green and white jelly beans, white marshmallows and now need another green sweetie – trying to find the Haribo frogs in my neck of the woods is proving challenging! (if anyone feels like sending me some – shout!) Sugar Crystals are growing – I hope I will have enough! We have plans for fudge/smudge/popcorn/biscuits/sandwiches/cupcakes and the cake. The ever awesome TAFKAD has made the figurines for the cake – I cannot wait to put it all together!

Activity planning – tiny bottles and coloured sand are ready for the ‘Make your own Pixie Dust’ activity. Sure to be a hit! The plank is ready for the kids to walk and the treasure chest needs it’s lid so that it can be buried!

So, on track, I think. I will try to post a few pictures as we go along, just don’t have any nice ones today.



… after a rough weekend emotionally, I want to show some gratitude.

I went into the weekend in a bad space – heart sore and weary. Weary of a world gone mad. I was tearful knowing that my first Mothers Day without my Dawny was looming. The weather thad turned – it was cold and rainy – appropriate for my mood.

By Saturday afternoon I was virtually catatonic on the couch – everything felt like way too much effort. I couldn’t even join in the superficial banter on my running group’s chat. I knew a run would help, but I couldn’t motivate myself to reply and commit. BC picked up on my reluctance and mood – and arrange to fetch me, so I was in, whether I wanted to be or not – it was raining, I very reluctantly got dressed, and am so glad I got out there and ran, got a bit drizzled upon, but no real drama – ran more hills than I like to, and a while after – quite a while, the sun started to shine (albeit weakly) in my soul. So thanks BC for not accepting my reply, forcing me to get out there and damn well run! Which did make a big difference!(And thanks to the accountant for running with me, and keeping me distracted from all those damn hills!)