Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…I have whooping cough! Seriously!

Considering I had it as a kid I thought i would never get it again, but there you have it – I ran 110km with whooping cough. No wonder I feel gross. No wonder I am so tired of coughing. Another 2-3 weeks to go. I am allergic to the antibiotic of choice, so will try a different one and see if it helps.

But really, I can’t quite believe it; maybe next week, I will have galloping consumption?

More Wild Coasting

Wild Coast Challenge

…so last Wednesday Charlie and I made our way to the Transkei to run home again. It was, to use a cliche, incredible.

We set off from Mazeppa Bay in cool, but windy conditions. My chest misbehaved for the first hour and I coughed and coughed and choked and spluttered, but then it settled down and we got into a bit of a rhythm. Thursday was also 1 year since I kissed my mom goodbye for the very last time. My heart was very sore.

I love this stretch of the coastline and loved sharing it with my Charlie.

Day 2 dawned at Seagulls, where there had tragically been no water!!! Really, 46 smelly runners and no showers (a supply issue affecting the whole village) so I was happy to get back on the trail. My feet were a little less happy. 2 blisters, but I felt fine. 45 long kms down the beach – not so much.

We set off a little earlier feeling the pressure from the rest of the fitter herd, but we’re delayed at the Kei river. It was coming down, the pont was refusing to run, so we all had to wait for a rubber duck to arrive and take us across. (No swimming, there are sharks!) we waited an hour and a half, so we lost our head start. It also meant that in a particularly treacherous stretch of rock hopping, it was high tide, and I lost my nerve for heights. Badly. Once we’d traversed that section we were on soft sand because of that high tide for about 10 soul (and sole) destroying kilometers. By the time we arrived at Crawford’s cabins I was broken. My feet were so very sore. The medic even felt bad for me.

The one saving grace on day 2 were the pumpkin shells. Pumpkin shells were Dawny’s favorites, and everywhere I looked, I saw them. It was as though she had paved my path with them. Kept me motivated to push on.

Day 3 began. I dug so deep. My feet were agony. To top off my multiple blisters and bruised toenails, they had swollen and my shoes felt too small. I could no longer run, so we powerwalked our way to the finish line. It was cool, overcast and drizzley all day – another gift from Dawny I reckon. It was super tough, and I really struggled. But my will is strong, and we made it home.

he kept his distance, was I smelly or something?

And now I am left with some priceless memories and very very sore feet. (Will I ever walk again?)

(Professional photos will come tomorrow, there are some beauts to make you all jealous!)

And we’re on our way.

….Team Tenacious AF is on its way. Wild coast running, here we go!

(And if you are wondering what the AF stands for – asks millennial… (as fuck))

A night at the Oscars…

Dinner was fabulous! I loved it! The food, even if I say so myself was delicious, the company was great and the wine brilliant.

Black tie crackers (smoked cheese on a charcoal cracker with an olive bow tie and balsamic button)

Starter – rice paper rolls filled with creamy feta, avo, cucumber, beetroot and carrot, served with balsamic glaze, black sesame seeds and micro rocket.

Main – zebra pasta with a creamy asparagus, artichoke and lemon sauce, served with Parmesan.

Dessert – caramelized white chocolate ice cream in a chocolate biscuit film reel, white chocolate and lemon popcorn and free zen grapes. (Who knew those grapes are that nice?)

And the Oscar goes to…

Oh boy

…waking up on a Friday morning with a migraine, on a morning that one has to stay fasted for blood tests; and on a friday that is going to be super hectic is not the best start. But I have had my bloods done, had some drugs and am starting to feel a bit better. Work will be busy, it is a friday after all, and then the weekend awaits. Last night I had a lovely art class, then came home to work on one of dessert elements for Saturday night’s dinner (can you tell, I’ve been watching Masterchef?) I am really getting excited about putting this dinner together! I just am feeling the time pressure, because I have literally had something on every single night this week, and I haven’t really had time to sneak out of the office to look for the little things that will add to the ambience. I see a late night in my immediate future. I can’t wait to share my menu and pictures with you guys, tune in on Monday for the next episode in BirdyChef!


My Work

…like everybody does, I get caught  up in the fact that work demands so much discipline from me, leaving me struggling for the time to do the things I want to do; I forget that work gives me the opportunity to do those things I want to do – without it I wouldn’t be able to afford my home, my hobbies and my holidays! A moan is sometimes quite nice, but it’s counterproductive, really.

What I am focussing on at the moment is the absolute privilege that work affords me, allowing me to be so involved in such an intimate part of my patients’ lives, I get to see them at very vulnerable times in their lives, and I am always so honoured when they choose me to hold their hands on their journey. Be it a journey to a pregnancy, a journey to a baby, or a journey to a solution. It’s important to remember this privilege and honour, and not to be blasé. The footprints we leave in our fellow travellers’ lives  should be light.