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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Special moments

…this weekend was full of little special moments. The time with my niece, seeing her relax and come out of her shell has been wonderful. When she was a lot younger I lived closer to them, so used to spend lots of time with them, but now, living much further away, we see each other maybe once a year, and it’s always shared time, with everyone else. This is really good for us, spending one on one time together. And she is sweet and funny and intelligent! A lovely girl!

Last few days

..of being a 3 man practice. On Monday, we become a 2 man practice… And so my life will change immeasurably…

I’m worried, obviously, but I will just have to cope, my family and my town depend on me.


…to my niece! My beautiful 16 year old niece has come to stay with us for the next 10 days, to get a bit of work exposure in the legal world. I am in the fortunate position of knowing quite a few attorneys and even a magistrate. So today she has gone off to Legal aid to see what happens there. Tomorrow she may go to court to watch a murder trial, which will be quite interesting, I’m sure. Over the weekend she is going to meet some other attorneys and lawyers I know. It’s such a privilege to be able to give her this work experience. I hope she enjoys it!


…works. So last night I did the time trial, and saw some of my usual morning runners there, so we promised we’d see each other there this morning, and we did! So 5km last night, 10km this morning. Feeling a little buggered, considering I am LCHF’ing strictly again. My diet was seriously spiralling out of control! Anyway, all for the greater good, not so?

Where in the world

…is my motivation? Every morning I set my alarm for 04h30, and then when it goes off and it’s dark and cold and miserable (drizzling this morning), I roll over and go back to sleep. The real problem is that I am not getting to my run later in the day either. Oy! I am not doing well here, am I? Half marathon in 11 days, trail run in 12… I have managed to curtail the eating since yesterday – I know that that isn’t a huge achievement, but it has to start somewhere.

Ok, let’s be accountable to you all – time trail this evening, 10km tomorrow morning!


…what a weekend, I think I need a couple of days to recover from it!

Friday night we had dinner with friends out on their farm. Thandi had a blast with her little friend, and she discovered the joys of rollerskates! Look at this grin!


Saturday dawned a lot cooler than I anticipated, and we climbed into the car, Charlie drove me 2 and a bit hours away off to the mountains, so I could do a trail run. It wasn’t the toughest one I’ve ever done, but the conditions were harrowing! It was freezing, with a gale force wind driving the rain horizontally into you. Crikey! After some slow climbing initially we hit some flats, and even there I hardly made any progress as it was straight into the wind. Yoh! The second half was much nicer though, through a forest, and when we were exposed, the wind was behind us. So I made it home, and definitely wasn’t last!

020 015

Once I’d finished and caught my breathe, we hopped back into the car to drive back home – it did feel like an awfully long way to go to run in foul conditions…

Saturday evening Thandi had her fist sleep over at a friend’s house – she has stayed with aunties and grannies before, but never a friend. She was super excited! As was little Charlotte. And they had so much fun! Charlie and I went to dinner and anxiously watched our phones. But the call never came. We met up for breakfast on Sunday morning, and got her full report – she is already even planning her next sleep over!

After breakfast we headed off for  very fancy lunch on an appaloosa farm about 150km away. It was another adventure, and good fun! We had been invited as guests of my cheflady and we were quite spoilt! After a very civilized G&T, we started with a creamy prawn and potato gnocchi (prawns were a bit chalky and not great, but gorgeous light gnocchi), followed by a roasted stuffed duck served on parsnip puree with winter veggies (interesting take on duck, but I was disappointed not to crunch some crispy skin); and dessert was a salted caramel and dark chocolate torte, which was very nice! The farm only stocks Thelema wine, so we shared a bottle of their merlot – delicious!!!!

Then after a leisurely drive home, we headed back to TJ’s house to meet her sister who has flown in for a brief holiday. It was really nice to meet her, after having heard so much about her!

And then finally, it was home time… bedtime….


Let me count the ways

…that this little lady has captured my heart and soul….057 058


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