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Serious Friday

…I went to bed last night feeling very sad for our beautiful country. A beautiful place that I love, that I am totally invested in. I’m not quite sure what we as a nation have done to deserve this disaster. Our ‘president’ has developed some French tendencies – laughing while his people suffer. Abusing the position with which he was entrusted. Our 2010 soccer world cup seems to now be a bit of a joke, we had to bribe people to win that award to host. The man who spear headed the campaign, on the same day the story breaks is appointed mayor in a city in which he does not even live.

What has happened to our integrity? What has happened to our self worth? When these things happen I expect someone to resign, someone to say, ‘I’m sorry, with all that is going on, I cannot accept your nomination/appointment/bribe.’, someone to carry a moral torch. Is it too much to expect? Instead I see greed personified, I see people adjusting laws to accommodate their own flaws, I see a ‘president’ laughing all the way to the bank. He may certainly be living his dream, while we are seeing nightmares realised.

I’m so very sad. For the first time I am not very optimistic. I think our rather undemocratic democracy is screwing up so badly, it will take too many generations to fix. There will be more lost generations, more parentless children, more decay and more loss of self worth, and that, my dear friends, is where the problem begins…

Happy Birthday to me! 

So yesterday it happened. I turned 40. A whole new stage of life, I think, and I hope a decade that is a little more settled and secure. I have loved my thirties, and I am a bit mortified that I don’t still get to be that girl anymore, but if the 40’s bring along a little more self-ness (self confidence/awareness/preservation) then bring it on.

Thanks to all my well wishers, and thanks to my beautiful family who celebrated with me, and my special friends. Some of you I miss like crazy and wish you were here, some of you I am blessed to see regularly, some of you I will catch up soon and some of you I have never met! Thanks everyone!


Princess Aurora Party

…so, as I mentioned, the birthday party was great fun! Thandi had fun and all her friends seemed to enjoy themselves. There weren’t tears, melt downs or tantrums! Instead, smiles, laughter and shrieks of delight; Paint smeared fingers, chocolate polluted faces and grimy toes. It was great!

IMG_1997The cake and the party packs on display. Aunty Donty made the amazing figurines and I made the cake, which developed a bit of a lean…

IMG_2001 Isn’t she just gorgeous?

IMG_2007The party table, displaying some of the snacks for the children.  IMG_2025 Thandi and (one of her) boyfriends!

IMG_2030Thandi and her sister from another mother.

IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2039 Food, glorious food!

IMG_2048 Love this one… Princess in pink sandals

IMG_2060 Thandi’s cousin enjoying the swing!

IMG_2095 IMG_2174 IMG_2181 All the princesses photoboothing and pinning jewels on the crown!

IMG_2214 IMG_2276Wand and sword decoration

IMG_2303 Pass that parcel girls!

IMG_2347My princess – disbelief at her luck!

I was left exhausted and desperate for an ice cold glass of something (we had a serious berg wind that day – temperatures of over 30!), but seeing her joy was entirely worth it. When I asked her what her favourite part was – the painting, the pin the jewel on the crown, the photo booth or pass the parcel, she replied, “Mom, it was when we played on the jungle gym!” Sweet girl.

The girl is 4!

…Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl!


Yesterday you turned 4, and I am so very proud of you. You are growing into such a beautiful girl, you are strong willed, enthusiastic and caring. You show wisdom beyond your years, astounding me along our journey together. I am in awe of you, I’m not quite sure how Dad and I got this recipe so right. Thanks for all the hugs and lovies I get from you, they make my heart very happy!  Love you always and forever!

(Tomorrow I will tell everyone all about your party – it was fab!)


…more sleep, and I’m getting there!

Last night I finished icing the biscuits, despite the load shedding I baked the cake, so this afternoon is all about the icing of the cake, party boxes and the last few décor touches. It’s also TJ’s birthday, so we get to celebrate! Yay! Although, I have to say I am exhausted! Lets hope tonight isn’t too late a night, and that I get to relax with a delicious glass of wine on Saturday evening, once the chaos is over! And I’m already really looking forward to my run on Sunday. Not sure where, not sure when, but it will happen, and I am ready for it!


…I am my own worst enemy. I really annoy myself sometimes! I am working so hard on T’s party, I am exhausted. Heaven forbid I actually ask for help! But then again, whenever I have, I am often disappointed, because people don’t tend to hold themselves to the standards I expect of myself. So then, to avoid frustration, irritation and disappointment, it is easier to just do stuff myself!

I am about 70% of the way through the party preparation. I still have a cake to make and ice (thanks to TAFKAD we have stunning figurines to pop onto the cake – she made them and sent them all the way from CT! What a godmommy!) Cupcakes need making, and fairy wands (made from pretzel sticks and chocolate!) need creating. Popcorn will be popped on the day, and fruit will be skewered too. And then it’s the last few décor things. Hem a cloth, fix a dress, and I’ll be done (in all ways!) 2 more sleeps (or non sleeps) to the party!


Planning and shedding

…does Eskom not realise when they unexpectedly change the load shedding schedule, it completely throws me! Eeeek! Last night I had planned to get stuck into some baking for Thandi’s party after supper – biscuits, which I will need to ice over the next few days. Anyway, at about 16h00 the message came through that they had changed the schedule, and now I would be without power from 8-10, which would mean a VERY late night if I waited to bake after supper. So I rushed through my afternoon, so that I could get home ASAP to get stuck into the baking. Well, I am pleased to announce that I got it all done by 19h15, which meant I cold put my feet up for 5 minutes, before I wrapped the pass the parcel and worked on some hats for the fairy godmothers. (in the dark) I couldn’t wait to even see the power come back on, after a busy Sunday night/Monday morning on call, I was tired, and after the rush of baking and crafting I was done! I climbed into bed at 31h45, leaving Charlie to switch off lights and all that jazz (Thanks, Lovey!)

Tonight we are off to another wine tasting/auction, so I probably won’t get too much done before we go out, maybe I will make the icing for the biscuits, and maybe I get to pipe a few outlines?