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Weekend musings

….and to all of us who are at work, while the rest of them play – we will have our day too!

The week was busy, with Charles’ brother arriving on Friday for an unexpected visit. It has been lovely introducing him and his family to Thandi girl, and she relishes the time with her cousins. She really is a social little thing and doesn’t like to sleep when there are people around, so she plays and plays and plays, and then collapses in a heap. on Friday evening we took supper to the family and relaxed with them, enjoying slow roasted lamb with Gorgonzola and pea mash, followed with chocolate brownies. On Saturday we took my mom out to tea, only her second excursion since coming home from the frail care, and I think it did her the world of good. We followed that up with a lunch date with Charlie’s family and then it was off to a special birthday party, for 3 little boys, who are growing up so fast! Happy Birthday to L, B and J – you guys are such fun! Saturday night we crashed at the beach house, and when I say crashed, I mean we were all in bed by about 20h30! Bliss… A slow run with RT and MJ started Sunday for me,matter a bit of home maintenance it was back to town for us and a break with all the family, which seemed to go down well.

Thandi is such a pleasure at the moment, she is growing too too fast, with an expanding vocabulary, we know about toes and shoes and quacking ducks too; noses and eyes and ears; so sweet! Walking is just improving in leaps and bounds and we would like to run. Sleeping gets better and better, yay for darker cooler mornings, she is sleeping until 6 ish now!

Dawny is improving, slowly, but surely. She is still quite despondent, but is definitely stronger and better. Charlie even says there is a bit more meat on her bones when he carries her! Good on ya, mom!

And now I must work, for 41 patients await me! Enjoy the break, those still off work! See you all later!

Checking in

I said I’d probably be back on monday, and here I am! The weekend was busy! My brother and his daughters arrived to visit on thursday, and it was so good to have them here, so good for my brother to see our Dawny, and just offer some support to Dad. The gorgeous nieces stayed with Charlie and I and it was such a pleasure having them around, they are lovely, lovely girls, who are polite, pleasant and good fun! Thandi loved having them around too, they spent hours playing with her and keeping her entertained.

I did a lot of cooking this weekend, Thursday night I made a family favourite, a modified lasagne dish, comfort food at its best! Friday I made a delicious lamb tagine, with spicy couscous – yum! And on Saturday Charlie and I did a pizza lunch, which the girls have been dying for ever since they discovered we have a pizza oven, they certainly were awesome pizzas! Yesterday the family had left, but I did a bit of cooking for Thandi – some veggies, a beef stew and some apples, and then a roast chicken for Charlie and I – yum! I must say, I think I might be cooked out for the next little while, fortunately our friends are having birthdays and anniversaries this week, so there is lots on the go!

Mom is looking a little brighter, we are still fighting the very present depression demon – I am a burden, I can’t do this, I am so tired, it’s not getting better – walking is still very slow and difficult, and she gets dizzy and tired easily. Her foot drop hasn’t really improved much, and I am going to call on a physio friend to see if she can offer us a hand at home. Today a home carer starts, who will look after he, and make sure she is fed and watered during the day – thankfully, my dad and I get to relax a little, knowing someone is with her.

Work is crazy busy, as usual – nothing new here to see…

Running has hit the backburner slightkly, with mom’s health deterioration and the work spiral, I am hoping to get that back this week. It’s 12 weeks to the half marathon I intend to run, if I am not pregnant! On that front, I am currently on the pill, hoping to get a period when I come off of it, so we can start stimulating; we are changing the protocol from Thandi’s conception, which naturally makes me a little nervious, and with the month ahead of me, I am not quite sure when we will get it going, but hey, if you’re not in it, you can’t win it!

Ok, that’s my news in a nutshell, chat sometime (maybe not tomorrow!)

Anyone home?

..apologies for the absence. I am struggling to fulfil my social networking requirements, without sounding like a whiny, whingey cow – ‘my mom is sick, I am tired, I don’t have enough time, work is stressful, I am still not pregnant’, all begins to wear one down, so I am going to take a short leave of absence from the blog, if I feel inspired I will blog, but if I have nothing new to add, I will keep quiet (sounds near bloody impossible though, staying quiet!). Saying that I will probably have a post up on monday… Anyway, have great weekends all, and see on the flip side, where, hopefully, I am more cheerful!

Making Dawny’s day

…after watching her start to pine away, and sink deeper and deeper into the darkness, we have decided that Dawny should come home. Friday will mark 4 weeks since her fall and hip fracture, and it has been almost 4 weeks, therefore, since she last saw home. Shame, my poor little mom, to see her looking so small and lost and sad… we’re really hoping that getting her home will brighten her up a bit. For me, despite that huge heart operation 4 and a half years ago, this has been a far starker reminder of her mortality, and that it is probably nearby and I should begin to steel myself for that. Seeing her so very helpless, who was once so strong and feisty, has been very hard, and I fully understand her wanting to be at home, away from nurses and other very frail reminders of her own mortality. I also appreciate quite how hard this is going to be for my father and I, trying to get her rehabilitated at home… Saying all that, seeing her perk p last night when she realised that we weren’t going to fight to keep her in the frail care, made it worthwhile… We’re looking at getting a home carer for her, a few days of the week, and I have insisted that she has to spend a day or 2 a week at my home, with Nox and Thandi, and no stairs! It’s going to be a rough one, but we will get there. Tonight I will have to prepare some meals for them, so that I at least know she’s getting some good nourishment. She’s become a reluctant eater these days, cajoling, threatening and begging her to eat aren’t fun. Let’s hope work gives me that chance.

Rediscovering books

…wow, wow, wow, I have so missed reading. The last little while I have been in such conflict between my Kindle and paper books, and what has happened is that I have had 1 or 2 paper books on the go, which I just haven’t enjoyed reading – too difficult to hold, finding places, different fonts and type sizing –  and while I have had them, out of a strange sense of loyalty, I haven’t ‘allowed’ myself to read on my Kindle. And what that means is that effectively I haven’t read much in the last 6 weeks or even more – won’t read the Kindle, but can’t read the paper books.  And my life has been poorer – I love reading, I really do, it’s a great escape. But last week I allowed myself to read a Kindle book, and now I am onto my fourth in about 10 days – I had forgotten what a pleasure it is. Better than any movie or TV series, I have relaxed and retreated… What have I been reading – well, I have finally got stuck into The H*unger Gam*es – wowee – completely grippng. Its the first in a Trilogy – I am currently busy on number 3, and I have to say, I am completely absorbed by this story – set in a post apocolyptic America, where big brother does more than just watch you; slightly sci-fi-ish, which is really not my scene, but, man, I haven’t been able to put this series down.

So aside from reading this weekend, there was some working (only 1 baby for the weekend), some visiting of Dawny (shame, a very sad and dejected Dawny, who really seems to be losing the will to fight on…very hard to see, and I feel so helpless about it) and a baby shower/luncheon for my friends W&R, who are expecting a little girl after 2 boys (great excitement). And now a week ahead, with lots of work to do…

What a day

…for a daydream… Wasn’t there a song like that once?

I dream of a day when Thandi and I play together in the sun on the floor, with Charlie on the couch, smiling at his girls; I dream of a day when Dawny plays with us on the floor; and I dream of the day when Thandi’s little brother pulls her pigtails to squeals from her, and I smile.

Thandi the Marvellous

…in trying to divert from the misery that is currently persisting in my world, I thought I would share a Thandi update today. Man, that little girl has captured her mama’s heart. Especially when she squirms out of her daddy’s arms wanting to jump into mine, saying, ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!’ when I get home at the end of a long day.

Words are coming at a rapid pace now – Daddy, Mommy, teddy, puppy, ta, bye-bye, nyummy-nyummy… And when we ask what noise lions and tigers make, we get a roar back, a woohoo, with a waving arm for an elephant and a mmmmmm for a cow noise. It is so incredible to watch the development. She also know how to shake her head and say uh-uh when she don’t want something, and asks mom and dad to ‘come!’ when she wants us.

Physically the walking is getting better all the time, she still reckons crawling is faster, but will walk when prompted, if she feels like it. There have been a couple of falls and bumps, btu she is resilient, strong and determined! Sleeping has been ok, every now and again, she decides she has slept enough and it is playtime, even though it is 02h00! But fortunately, on the whole, she sleeps well and is a gem!

I have been surrounded by sadness and tragedy lately – not just in my personal life, but at work, with friends… and Thandi reminds how blessed I am with this very miracle of her; Charlie, by being an incredible and supportive husband (sexy too!); my friends by being loyal and caring. I am blessed.