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special times

…were had this weekend. I got to spend lots of time with my gorgeous girl on the floor, playing with her toys, some noisy ones too (that drove her father crazy), practicing sitting and rolling and crawling. She’s a champion! The sitting is nearly there, she’s learning to balance herself with one arm on the floor, but it all goes to hell in a handbag when she wants to pick up something off the floor, and over she topples. We’re definitely getting there too with the movement, leopard crawling backwards and in circles, and very proficiently rolling over – champion girl. And such a happy little thing (except when she’s hungry!) She’s also starting to pay a whole lot more attention when we eat now, she’s an avid food watcher, so I’m sure as we head towards 6 months, she’s going to be munching beautifully! On that note, what was the first thing yo gave your child to eat, and what brands? We might need a wednesday poll here again!

weekend apologies

I feel like I have short changed you this week, my posts have all been a bit cryptic, and brief, so I’m going to try to fill in some gaps for you today.

After a great weekend, (albeit extremely busy) and an awesome time visiting with Adip, the week just picked up with stress and busy-ness. After not doing much night work in the last few weeks, I had a bit of a nightmare with deliveries in the middle of the night, strange how that goes, months with nothing, and  then a crazy week. The rooms have also been extremely busy, with one partner getting back from his holiday on wednesday, and the other starting his yesterday, so for a month, I will have been covering someone… On the plus side, in the office, though, we are now a whole lot closer to finding a new associate, and will hopefully finalise that this week, to have her starting in the new year. Yay for better hours!

At home, our neighbour’s gorgeous daughter developed a pneumonia this week, and becase Thandi and Nox visit there most days, she unfortunately caught the bug (H. Inflenza B, for those interested) and has obviously had an awful time of it, coughing and sneezing, with a runny nose and a temperature. This has meant rough nights for us all, and by yesterday I was shattered, she was still quite niggly (but smiling!); my Charlie was a saint, taking care of her last night, letting me have a better sleep. This morning Thandi girl is much better, and I hope that’s it for a while now.

Charlie has also had a rough time of late, I can’t go into too much detail, but a business partnership has soured, and that means that the nature of the work will change for Charlie, with him picking up all the pieces now, so we’re in for a rough ride with a hard working husband and dad! Bt this we will cope with, and I know Charlie will be just fine!

Anyway, my bloggy friends, I must go, have great weekends all! I hope my call allows me that!

it’s the weekend…

…and I have a sick baby and I am on call… averaging less than 4 hours sleep since friday last week, with about 3 last night, I am shattered, Thandi is miserable and unhappy, Charlie is slightly stressed; enough said…

Horrible moments…

…you know when you have one of those moments, when you hear news about an old friend, that completely rocks your world, even takes your apetite away…Charlie had one of those this morning, and is shaken to the core. Sorry love, crappy news, crappier day, next week we start over again…

Venting Vednesday

…you know, sometimes people will really annoy me! Today I was popping home after finishing in theatre, and I usually travel along one the highways and byways around our town, when all of a sudden, the traffic screeches to a halt, clearly there has been an accident up ahead, ambulances and tow trucks (gotta love those vultures) are sneaking ahead in the emergency lane, as they should, when all of a sudden a few other vehicles decide to join the get-a-long gang and pop into the emergency lane and speed up. ARGH! I was ready to park my car across the emergency lane, get out and go and slap them round the ear! What kind of an idiot are you, how will the emergency services access the accident if you’re in the emergency lane? What were they thinking – your meeting/appointment/date/self is more important than the accident victim’s life, is it? I restrained myself… What was just as annoying, when I reached the accident site, the involved vehicles were pulled over, out of the road – I couldn’t tell what had happened – but because everyone was rubber necking, the traffic was delayed, not because there was something in the way – even bigger grrr!

Taking it like a girl

…I am tired, its been 4 nights now of minimal sleep, and I am now done for. Heading home from a delivery at 03h00 this morning I felt nauseous I was so tired. Little miss has now had 2 bad nights, no temperature last night but a complete squirmathon all night… so forgive me as I yawn.

We had dinner with Adip and her husband last night, and another friend last night, and it really was a pleasant evening, I must say. I did trout topped with a macadamia nut crust, served on a bed of pasta and my triple A salad (artichoke, avo and asparagus), complemented with gorgonzola and hummus on crusty bread and tiramisu for dessert – yum! So nice to hang with my internet buddy again!

Anyway, must work. on. keeping. my. eyes. open….


R10244.40 is how much we raised! Thank you so much to all the friends who allowed us to abuse their wallets! And so reach for a Dream will be able to fulfil a few more dreams, especially for the child who wanted weetbix with real milk – may he never run out of either of those now! I am so moved by the generosity of spirit (and pocket) all our friends were, thanks for restoring my faith in humankind! And thanks to all my co hosts and helpers – L, Angel, MJ, Charlie…and all the others I haven’t mentioned…you were all stars!

Obviously the dinner dominated the weekend, but we did get up to a few other things too, on friday night, we had dinner with the dip’s, at the barking bistro, and what a lekka evening it was, we laughed a lot, shared some of our heartaches and dreams, drank some great wine, and ate a fabulous meal. I had the tomato, mozarella and basil tart to start, followed by grilled kingklip on a bed of (the most amazing) smoked mash, and shared some churro’s with Charlie, all super yum, and shared with such special people, I’m so glad we have now met, and I know its a friendship that is going to grow! Saturday really was all about the dinner, and sunday was about recovery, which my daughter tried hard to sabotage, I at least got a solid afternoon nap in – thanks Charlie, but last night the poor little thing had a temperatre and was generally quite grumplestilskinn’ed until she had some panado, this morning she seems ok, her temp is down, but she looks exhausted – poor baby…tired mommy and daddy…

Its the start of a busy week – lets go get ’em!