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…be told, I knew Saturday was going to be a long ask. Truth be told I was pretty sure my injury was not going to allow me to finish. Truth be told, I knew I had no business on that start line.

Truth be told, I bailed at 7.5km…

Truth be told I was very sore, cold and bitterly disappointed…

The Chaos

…before you go on leave is astounding; and yes, that is why it gets a capital letter. I am almost through a jam-packed morning, and I actually have backache from all the scans I have done already! This afternoon things calm down, as I prepare for our departure to the Mother City tomorrow morning. I have packing to do, and then we are off!

I am going to line up on Saturday and I believe I can do this ultra marathon. My training has been solid, except for the last month subsequent to the marathon I ran; so I am hoping that everything I have done is going to carry me through. My injuries seem better, I am due for a last tweak with the chiropractor this afternoon, hopefully I will be pain free! I am quite excited to see the Cape again through my runner’s eyes. The 2 Oceans is a gorgeous marathon. Wish me luck!

I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. It will be, albeit too short a time, a great chance to catch up, and hopefully make some plans for the coming year. I really want to try to incorporate some travel with friends this year. I am also looking forward to a bloggy meet up with RM and Deblet! Yay for internet buddies!

I wish you all a great weekend! I will share my experiences here, with you all! Oh, and Happy Easter!


…as I watched Notre Dame cathedral burn last night, I was overwhelmed with the incredible privilege I have had of seeing it twice in my lifetime. I am incredibly grateful that my daughter saw it once, even though she will likely not remember it, I trust that the impression will live in her subconscious at some level. So much history, so much art, so many stories all now destroyed…

Just love being reminded how little she was! Dwarfed by the bell!

Hands of fate

…can sometimes be so very cruel.

So this weekend I lost 2 of my colleagues. I didn’t misplace them, as loosing may suggest, no, they passed away. (Why do we find it so hard to say that they died? What weird sensibilities have affected us?)

Dr CT, an eminent OBGYN in Cape Town, had fought a valiant fight against a chronic lung disease which ate away at her ability to breath. I’m not sure as to whether she had received her new lungs yet, but I know that was seen as her potential saving. (It has reminded me about the value of being an organ donor – something we should all think about, I guess, and discuss with our loved ones, so that if that devastating moment comes in their world, they will know what your desires are) CT was a great teacher. I will always remember my first meeting with her. Picture the scene, Groote Schuur hospital, August 2001; maternity wing, the caesar theatre; me, a junior registrar (or resident, as grey’s Anatomy has taught the general public), Dr CT, senior consultant. She arrives in a bustle of sophistication, (CT, not me); and says, as we are about to get going, “My name is Carol, and I am here to teach you how to get out of shit in an emergency.” To which I replied, “I’m Robyn, wish I’d had you around a year or 2 ago, when I was in the rural Transkei!” which inadvertently really irritated her, and I had to work hard to prove to her that I wasn’t some kind of callous cowgirl from the rural zones. But after a couple of cases together, we made our peace and worked really well together. I do know the OBGYN world is reeling, yes, her death was expected, but it’s the loss of such a very bright light, who still had so much to offer in terms of teaching and patient care. She really was an advocate for her patients –  something I strive to be.

Sr DS was one of my favourite midwives who was killed in a collision yesterday late afternoon. Driving innocently to a friend’s anniversary celebration on a Sunday evening, a drunk driver sped through a red robot at about 120km/hr, slamming into her vehicle, killing her instantly. Her distraught husband, in pouring rain, tried in vain to resuscitate her, while policemen stood around watching him, and defending the drunken driver, even assaulting a witness who tried to tell his account. In the blink of an eye, a life was lost, a marriage ended and a family devastated. DS had a beautiful story of her own; after a difficult first marriage, she had been single for many years, and met her new husband at a dance (sounds so delightfully old fashioned, and it was); and then wed in a flurry of love 3 years ago. She was so happy, so fulfilled – a wife, a mom and the best granny; an incredible midwife, caring and smiling and happy. I will miss her in the halls of this hospital.

Radio silence

…I’m sorry I haven’t had much to say, but I’m not sure how many more ‘woe is me’ posts y’all will tolerate.

Work is busy, I am in some sort of denial, and limbo, unable to action a few things that need actioning (what PR speak!), but hey…

Running and pain wise – today is the first day I can say I am feeling some improvement. I am just very annoyed with Discovery, who say my workouts are not strenuous enough to log as a workout, so no points for me! Grrr! The end of a 2 month streak…

Socially, I am working on my daughter’s birthday party – I really really love party planning, maybe I missed my calling. Scratch this medicine lark – party planner extraordinaire should have been me! We are working on a Masterchef theme – so much fun! So far I have made her a little chef’s outfit for a quick photoshoot for her invite and for the little cookbook I am doing – that’s about 70% done. I still need to test a few recipes, but I have pretty much decided on which ones we are cooking. I have planned a taste test for the kids too;  and then it’s trying to trim the guest list to manageable numbers!

In art news – I have finished another painting; the coolest Nguni is done. I have started work on 3 new pieces – an aloe; an orchid and a Transkei landscape.  My studio is hosting an exhibition. Some works will go up on auction – trying to decide if I should sell some of mine…


…is what is ailing me!

On Friday, after an extremely frustrating few weeks, I landed up in terms in the chiropractor’s office. To my horror, once I started crying I couldn’t stop. Shame, I think I gave the poor lad a big fright. He did a reassessment of everything, and the crux is a chronic tendonitis of my psoas muscles (one our big strong back muscles), where it inserts into my hips. Bilaterally. So, after another treatment; the advice, which I am heeding, is no more road running until I line up at the start of 2 Oceans. I will know within about a km or 2 if I can do it, so will be able to take it from there. *

I am relieved to know what is wrong, I am feeling quite liberated to know that if things don’t work out I can stop, and go home; and I am feeling so much better knowing that it is not me, my fitness and my head that is the problem, I really do have something wrong with me; and it can get better. Post 2 Oceans we have a 3 month rehab plan, to bring me back stronger and happier.

So this weekend I have stopped all anti inflammatory drugs. I am feeling quite atrocious, but I know it’s necessary. I am struggling with walking anything longer than about 15 min, but am now buoyed by the knowledge that it is the injury causing that. I am hitting the pool for some swimming and aqua running this week, so lets see how I go now!

(* I am adding in here that if my flights and accommodation to CT weren’t already booked and planned, I probably would can the trip; but I get to see my friends and family while I am there, so there are other reasons to head down. And if I’m there, I may as well start the run and see…)

Chasing time

…I am always chasing time. Wishing I had more hours in a day, more time on weekends, more time to train, more time for me.

I promised myself at the beginning the year that I would carve time out of my day for me every day; but that hasn’t really worked, unless you count driving in the car to work and back. But I don’t count that, it’s not time focussed on me and rejuvenating my brain. It’s time spent dodging errant drivers and staying safe. Running used to be that time (sort of), now it has become an exercise in pain management.

This hamster wheel is spinning way too fast, and I fear I am about to be flung off…

Good thing it is my art class tonight…