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Day 183

…and the weekend is over, 4 more sleeps until we’re on holiday! Yay!

The weekend was great. Friday night, Charlie and I headed to the Barking Bistro, for yet anothewr fab meal, we started with a tomato tart (mine) and gorgonzola gnocchi (Charlie), mains were gourmet steak and chips (mine – divine! with a madagascar green peppercorn sauce) and asian chicken curry (Charlie – very good!) and we shared churrio’s for dessert – yum! It was a good time to just reconnect a little, watch the chefs at work and chill.

Saturday Charlie headed off to work – a smelly clean up job – ugh! And I visited my mom, and then got into the kitchen and started baking. I made some cherry and almond buns – they looked like chelsea buns, and tasted fantastic! Then, I made my mom a birthday cake (sunday was her day), a red velevt cake. I’ve always looked at these cakes in books and magazines, and was slightly disturbed by the colour, but decided that it was time to give it a bash…

Doesn’t that look amazing? The icing is a cream cheese icing, and tasted divine! The cake itself, while tasting good, had a few textural problems (I had a slight hiccup with the eggs…) but it was a worthy start.

Saturday night it was off to the meat people’s house for a murder mystery dinner. I’m not sre if anyone else has been to one, but what absolute fun it was! We were each given a persona to be – I was Lotte Brezenbaum, apparently a wine merchant in Berlin, but actually I was a german spy! Our host, St John was murdered while a goup of us were at his chateau in France (in 1937) and we were all suspects, what fun it was unravelling who did it! Everyone dressed up, accessorized and accented up, an awesome time! We were treated to a great french meal, french onion soup, with croutons, beef bourginon and then pavlova for pud – all so so delicious! Anyway, 01h30, when Charlie and I made our way home, we were well fed and watered, and had had a thoroughly enjoyable evening – thanks M&JB!

Sunday, as I mentioned was my mom’s birthday, so we headed off to one of the seaside resorts for a lunch buffet, which was great, we had a good time, laughing and talking nonsense. My mom hasn’t been very well lately, and is very frail, she is so scared she won’t get to meet Tenacious, so it was so good to see her smiling and laughing with us all. After eating too much (although definitely not as much as I used to be able to – Tenacious is taking p some space), we headed home for a collapse into an afternoon nap, before a walk on the beach to end a lovely weekend!


Our favouritest place in the world, made magical by hot air and icy seas!

Day 180

…and 100 more to go! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying, didn’t I write, just the other day about being 100 days pregnant! (well it was exactly 80 days ago…) Tenacious is seemingly doing very well, I am having few hassles, although after a mammoth session in theatre on my feet yesterday, my back was a bit eina, but it’s ok this morning. He’s still kung fu fighting, but seems to have gotten over the obsession with my bladder – at last!

And TGIF!!!!!! Yesterday evening I headed off to the book shop to pay for the book club books and I saw Neil Roake’s latest cookery book, Taste of Freedom, which I just had to have, so this weekend I plan to do some baking and cooking. Red velvet cake for my mom’s birthday, cherry and almond buns for tea and some raspberry and marzipan mffins to round out the experience. I’m sure there’ll be more in the line up, but that’s where I will start. I love his recipes, they are easy, accessible and good! Tonight Charlie and I are going to have a bite out somewhere, haven’t decided where yet, and saturday night we are off to one of those murder mystery dinners (so excited about that, we all have to dress up and all, and our setting is 1937, I am a glam single wine maker who tends to wear low cut tops and short skirts – with pregnant belly – interesting! Charlie is a distinguished first world war veteran – we’re trying to find him a monocle! Back to the antique shops tomorrow – with all their dust and mothball odours, don’t you just love them!)  And sunday is my mom’s 74 birthday! We’re off to a seaside spot to celebrate that – sure it will be lovely!

Hope you all have lovely weekends! see you all again on monday!

Day 179

…and we’re back at work, it really does seem never ending! Anyway, mustn’t whinge!

Last night was book club, and we had a lovely evening, it seemed as though we were all in good spaces last night, all busy, but in good frames of mind, which after a few months of dramas, is wonderful to see, CR, we missed you!, We had an american themed evening, with old records as placemats and flowers in old coke bottles; MJ had made delicious cheese burgers and chips, followed by chocolate brownies, it was all tasty and great. So nice to see everyone again! We even did a bit of book speak too!

I must say, I am starting to cont the hours until today is over… the week is over… it has been a long and exhausting one. Tenacious has grown much this week and I am longing to just kick back and chill this weekend. Come on friday afternoon! I must also say, this little break we are planning couldn’t come at a better time. 8 more sleeps!

Day 178

….Oy, had a bad night last night, badly timed phone calls meant minimal sleep for me:-( Tired birdy this morning. And now a flood of emergencies etc… driving me moggy with a sleep deprived brain. Anyway, no rest for the wicked, and as I always say, I must have been wicked in a past life, no time for wickedness in this one! Today’s poll awaits you.

Day 177

…and its all quiet on the home front. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Yesterday was a solid day of work (no other way to describe it, really), but I got through it, and then it was a lazy evening on the couch. Thank heavens.

I got a little bit of retail therapy in yesterday, and did some internet shopping, some linen for Tenacious’s cot, some clothes for me and I am waiting on a present for Charlie, the truckers strike has really slowed things down. I must say though, given where I live, I am grateful for the option of online shopping, although it can be a little daunting, especially when you have no idea quite what you will be getting. So far thogh, so good, I have yet to have something arrive that I hate, so thus far, all is good, I just hope the maternity clothes will be cool, I’m sure they will be. I’m still contemplating a quick trip to the big smoke though to finalise things for little T, but I think I am running out of time… Maybe KZN will offer what I am looking for. For the friends there – any suggestions? Bear in mind, I’ll be in the midlands, and probably won’t make it all the way to DBN.

Day 176

…and the weekend on call is done! Hooray! Althogh it wasn’t hectic, I had an extremely ill patient who arrived just after midnight, had an emergency caesar 20 minutes later, and is now extremely ill in ICU, babe is also in NICU, being ventilated. Oy, the near fatal disease, pregnancy. I must say seeing these complications does make me slightly anxious, but so far so good. Tenacious is growing well and is now weighing in at 800gm! Physically, for me, things have been quite easy, thankfully! The rest of the weekend was quiet-ish. There was no entertaining or anything, so Charlie and I just had some quiet time together. There was some pool lounging, some napping, some embroidery and some reading. I also made some fabulous ice cream (mixed berry delight, with a berry coulis on the side) and a delicious chicken salad yesterday (don’t I feel virtuous!).  

And now monday has begun, hope you all have excellent weeks, and don’t forget to check out wednesday’s poll!

Day 174

…and I was right about that humidity to come! Oy! Its a scorcher today, but I am here in my cooled airconned office (not sure whether I am happy or annoyed about that…)

Last night, after 6 phone calls in an hour after leaving the office (grr! – can I have an appointment type calls!), Charlie and I had an unplanned mini date night, we dispatched ourselves to the little swiss eatery, and I had a delicious fillet steak, and Charlie a jalepeno steak, which looked lovely. Then it was home for an early night. And now I’m back at the office, sorting out a whole lot of problems which have cropped up overnight – a trip to theatre later is planned, and then I hope we settle down slightly. Hope you all have fabulous weekends!