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Worms, anyone?

Ugh, so the sore throat has turned into a cold… I had a bad night last night, very little sleep, with an agonizing left sinus, a blocked nose and still the razor bladed throat. And to top it off, strange dreams, VERY strange dreams, and I didn’t even watch CSI last night! And while I was awake, I kept worrying about the 34 patients I had booked for today, to be seen in 5 hours… Not a great thought.

This really has been a strange week, and I am so annoyed that I am sick. For ages now, I have been as healthy as a horse, and have kinda relied on the fact that even though everything else is exploding around me, I can cope, because I am fine, so today, after all the drama of the week,  really feels like the end of the world… Anybody got some worms for me?

Late nights and sore throats…

Not sure if its because of the late night, or maybe all the laughing, but I’ve got a sore throat today…

Bookclub was good fun last night, and the cooking seemed to go down well. I hope the girls enjoyed it too, it was lovely to have them filling the house with laughter and happiness. After my day, I needed some cheering up, and bookclub certainly was a good tonic. I just hope the sore throat goes quickly, without much song and dance (sniffles and coughs, I should have said) Doctoring it up as much as I can.

Today has been reasonable, I did a clinic at the local state hospital, had coffee with Charlie, then hit the office. I’ve had to interview someone for a reception position at the front desk of our practice, and then had one of my accounts staff resign, so an interesting HR day. I must say even though it hasn’t been too taxing, I am looking forward to getting home…


What a day…

We said goodbye to our colleague today at his memorial service, strange feeling, especially since I never got the chance to say goodbye, and wish his family well. So it feels like unfinished business; and according to the rumour mill, it is unfinished, with the promise of legalities on the horizon. RIP.

Other than that, theatre held 5 cases, which needed to be done in 3 hours, so it was a bit of a struggle, I lost my temper quite spectacularly in theatre, and I don’t usually do that, but at least all was well that ended well. I’ve also been helping a friend with a scapbooking project that has to be done by tomorrow, o that has pushed up the stress levels, but mostly done now, thankfully.

Tonight, dinner is planned, Beef fillet with chocolate chilli sauce, with mushroom rissotto, and liquid centered hot chocolate pots for dessert. The girls are also getting a chocolate wine tasting – Beyerskloof Chocolate Block; Diemersfontein Pinotage; KWV Cafe Culture and Val de Vie’s Barrista’s Pinotage. Hope they enjoy! And MJ, Happy Birthday, so chuffed we get to celebrate with you!


What a hectic couple of days I have had. Yesterdaygot worse, one of my infertility patients, who we had helped to get pregnant came in with no heartbeat in baby at 18 weeks… the agony is indescribable, breaking that kind of news, and then listening to the sobbing while I sit in my office…

Going back, the weekend was extremely busy, we had dinner at the other bird’s house on friday, they treated us to the most delicious thai food, wow, wow! I really was quite sad that she introduced us to this little thai spot, more nice food that I am going to want to eat, when I should be dieting. We had cashew nut chicken, egg fried rice with prawns, green chicken curry and S&S pork, all super delish!! I’m holding off on the wine at the mo’, (still battling a bit with the tummy, and wine has been seriously aggravating it), but the rest drank Diemersfontein pinotage…

Then Saturday I was in theatre with a fertility specialist, and laparoscopic surgery genius, from 08h00 until 16h00. It was a marathon session, but, boy, I learnt a lot, and the patients definitely benefitted from having this genius work on them – amazing to see such skills…one day when I am big… The day also helped us to further cement the growing work relationship I am developing with this infertility unit in Port Elizabeth, which is great.

Sunday I was shattered after all that work, so we had a quiet day, of which 3 hours was a serious nap, delicious… Shame poor Charlie has been missing out on some decent down time with his bird, work has been all consuming of late, and social events have been many, and busy. I think a date with my husband might just be in order this weekend.

Tomorrow is bookclub at my house, and my clubbers better come hungry! More about that later, I have been busy planning!


Farewell, old friend

I had so much to tell you all about my weekend, but that’ll have to wait.

My partner, Dr LFC has died this morning. For a long time now, he has been fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer; today, the battle is over. Farewell, my gentle man, ‘may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’ (Shakespeare) And may God hold your family in his hands as they say their goodbyes.

Miracles & mercy

So my patient, KM, I mentioned her on monday, delivered last night at 22h50, her baby girl gave us a few squeaks, all 630gm of her. She’s putting up a brave stand to live this morning, but the road is long, and I can only pray that God will hold this little princess in his protective hands while she grows. She is in amazing hands with the paediatricians and NICU nurses, for that I am thankful. This morning the first hurdle to overcome is the closure of a fetal connection in her heart. If it stays open, she will really work hard at breathing and getting oxygenated blood into the rest of her little body, so they are giving her some medicine to close this little pipe.

I’m a big sceptic when it comes to miracles, and feel that I should look for the rational explanation everytime, but today I just want to celebrate the miracle of KM’s pregnancy, delivery and survival of her little princess, OM. She has been given a beautiful african name which gives all credit to God, which is duly deserved today. I have just been the bird who carries out his work.

Anonymity and Gossip

Ok, so my body is now having a complain session, everything hurts after my little (and I mean little, 20 minutes) gym session of wednesday. So, tonight, it’ll be back for more punishment…

Scrapbooking last night was good, got one gift made, and I am quite happy with it. Also got some fantastic paper for some photo’s of our trip to the baviaans, can’t wait to do those, I think they’re going to have to go into frames onto the wall though, such cool pictures. It was good to catch up with the girls too, they are an interesting bunch, teachers mainly, so I get to hear about what the kids have gotten up to and all their tales, good fun!

I’m beginning to feel rather frustrated by the need for anonymity on this blog, and while that isn’t about to change, what it means is that there is some stuff going on, that I would love to process with some blog therapy, but am not in a position to make public, so I’m just left feeling frustrated. So excuse me if things are a little boring here, and there isn’t much to read. As soon as I can, I will be sharing with my peeps here! Actually there was quite an interesting thing on the Gareth Cliff Show on T last night about fame/infamy and where does the line get drawn between public interest and just interested public (gossip). By the sounds of things, I am about to get burnt in the gossip stakes again, gotta love it when the town gets talking! More to come on that…