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Filling my tank

…sometimes one really has to fill that up again. I’m trying, although it does feel a bit like I may have a hole in it; but I am trying. Between the crazies of work, and the injured running; I have been so frustrated! And so last night I took myself off to art class – it was amazing! This is my third lesson now – it’s a course in oil painting; and we our subject matter is succulents. I am really enjoying the challenge of ¬†working in anew medium – I have dabbled in watercolors and acrylics, so this oil work is a very different approach, and I am loving the succulents. I will do a big reveal of the picture when it is done – I have taken a picture each week, watching the progress is remarkable. My homework is to prepare 2 other canvasses because we will start to tackle those next week.

Then, after my class was done, (and I’d done a quick caesar) I headed home to get stuck into some fondant work. A friend’s little girl is turning 1, and I have volunteered to make her a cake! I am going to do one of those giant cupcake cakes, and I made some flowers, a butterfly, a bee, a ladybird and a bird to pop onto the cake once I have iced it – love it! It’s a bit like playing with play dough. Such fun putting it all together, and I’m sure little NM will have a whale of a time with it!


…for my body that is! Nothing gossip-worthy here!

I saw my chiro this morning for some needling. OMFityF! Let’s put it this way; there were tears, it was all so sore; and actually it was a bit better this morning than it has been. Thank God he had been in London last week when my legs were really bad. McHottie worked some magic, laughed at how badly my muscles were spasming (not in a nasty way, in an OMG I can’t believe what I am seeing kinda way), and has now left me feeling really tender and bruised. Let’s hope that tomorrow I will feel a little better. Running needs to just keep ticking over in the background. 5 and a half weeks to the Loch Ness Marathon!

(Let it be said I am seriously looking forward to some warmer days – I am so tired of running in the cold! You are all welcome to remind me about this when I am moaning about how hot and humid it is in summer!)

Monday Morning

….HYPERTENSION! Flip! I really hope karma is a nasty traffic officer! I am so tired of people feeling entitled to break the law, turn left from a right turning lane! There is this one intersection on my way to work; and drivers really behave like complete and utter douches there. Turning from the wrong lane, they clog up the traffic even more; and then give me strange looks when I try to stick to the law and drive as the traffic laws dictate. As though their time is so much more important than mine and the 3 seconds they may save by performing an illegal turn are crucial to their day. Oy! A rather annoying start to my Monday!

In saying that – the weekend was insane. I was super super busy on Friday night and Saturday (work wise) and then, poor Thandipants started throwing up on Saturday night; so all in all – just revolting! She was ok the rest of yesterday, but threw up again at 4:30 this morning – poor chicken, and all she wanted to do was not vomit so she could go to school. I’ve let her go in, but she was looking a bit pale and washed out. Let’s hope she’s over the worst of it!

Ok, time to get this week going!

High School

…reunion! There is nothing that makes one feel old quite like your high school reunion – and its now 25years (!!!!!) since I matriculated. How is that possible? Really? I swear it was just the other day; but then again, it feels like for ages ago!

So last night was the Old Girls’ Guild dinner (yes, I was at a girls only school) at the local golf club, and that was quite fun! It was really nice to see a good few people out, and especially one girl who I have definitely not seen since school – life does take people away from you, so reconnections (if they happen) are special! There was lots of laughter as we reminisced. And it’s so nice to be free of all those teenage hangups we had! The dinner was ok, the formalities a bit cringe worthy, but the wine and laughter flowed!

Today is the Founders’ Day assembly that I can’t attend; but tonight is our class’s social function. No ceremony and speeches, no drama, just friends and catching up at a small local restaurant. It’ll be a bigger function tonight, some girls don’t really like the formality of last night’s function, so I suspect it’ll be more raucous. Just as well I am on call, so will have to behave! Nice!

(You can probably tell from this post that I actually loved school. By the time I finished I was ready to go, but I really did enjoy those years. Despite some bullying in early high school, despite awkward teenage years, I thrived!)

An injured runner

…is a rather revolting person…

Guys, I am struggling so much! From an amazing high last week to the depths of misery this week. Legs are still so tight I can hardly walk. I am doing as much as I can, but things seem to be stuck. I had to bail out of my run this morning; I am so frustrated! Not the happiest of chappies today!

Why do I run?

Weekend spin!

…showee! It was hectic!

My weekend started early on Friday morning, when we hit the road to our neighbouring city to sort out our visas for our Scotland trip. It’s quite a palava (no, autocorrect, not a pavlova)- I had a huge file of documents that had to be submitted. The system wasn’t too awful; but there was a bit of a delay that almost drove me crazy – when you are the only people in the facilitation centre and they make you wait and wait and wait for 40 minutes to take your photo and take your fingerprints! (This after they made me remove all the staples from my paperwork – about 37000 of them – ok, so that’s an exaggeration but it was a lot, because there was a lot of evidence they wanted!) Anyway, once that was done we had a yummy lunch with a friend of mine and then it was back home.

Home to the launch of our Wild Women calendar! We had a fun evening, and the calendar is totally awesome! Very tastefully done, very discrete, and some gorgeous photos. I forgot to bring the disc with me to work, so I’ll post a few pictures, and if anyone wants a calendar – let me know – and I’ll see if I can get it posted to you! They’re R150 each and ALL of that goes to our charities, because everyone donated their time and resources.

I managed to get 2 runs in this weekend. Neither of them were pretty – I am struggling at the moment – my calves feel super tight and my hip flexor on the left is niggling. I think an appointment with my chiro and some dry needling are in order. But glad with my mileage – 11km on Saturday and 24 yesterday. Although yesterday was interspersed with tears and lots of stretching. Character building I tell you. Character building.

In other TAFKAD is in town – yay! She’s here for a family wedding and our school reunion – 25 years <insert appropriately horrified emoji her> so nice to see her and catch up!