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An injured runner

…is a rather revolting person…

Guys, I am struggling so much! From an amazing high last week to the depths of misery this week. Legs are still so tight I can hardly walk. I am doing as much as I can, but things seem to be stuck. I had to bail out of my run this morning; I am so frustrated! Not the happiest of chappies today!


  runnermum wrote @

I feel your pain – I’ve been battling a constant cough / flu / cold / sinus thing for about 6 weeks now. I would get better, go for a run and then be man down for 2 weeks again. Go for a run and be sick again…

Good luck – I hope your injury gets better!!!

  Deblet wrote @

Oh no. May have to listen to you body, it’s fighting you for a reason

  charliesbird wrote @

I just wish I could understand it!

  Deblet wrote @

Ya that’s the trick and getting older doesn’t help. My body is confusing the kak out of me at the moment, Menopause sucks

  MamaCat wrote @

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Perhaps Deblet is right.

  charliesbird wrote @

Quite likely…

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