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High School

…reunion! There is nothing that makes one feel old quite like your high school reunion – and its now 25years (!!!!!) since I matriculated. How is that possible? Really? I swear it was just the other day; but then again, it feels like for ages ago!

So last night was the Old Girls’ Guild dinner (yes, I was at a girls only school) at the local golf club, and that was quite fun! It was really nice to see a good few people out, and especially one girl who I have definitely not seen since school – life does take people away from you, so reconnections (if they happen) are special! There was lots of laughter as we reminisced. And it’s so nice to be free of all those teenage hangups we had! The dinner was ok, the formalities a bit cringe worthy, but the wine and laughter flowed!

Today is the Founders’ Day assembly that I can’t attend; but tonight is our class’s social function. No ceremony and speeches, no drama, just friends and catching up at a small local restaurant. It’ll be a bigger function tonight, some girls don’t really like the formality of last night’s function, so I suspect it’ll be more raucous. Just as well I am on call, so will have to behave! Nice!

(You can probably tell from this post that I actually loved school. By the time I finished I was ready to go, but I really did enjoy those years. Despite some bullying in early high school, despite awkward teenage years, I thrived!)


  halberts2014 wrote @

Enjoy the parties, hehe.
I wouldn’t say I loved school but I didn’t mind it, LOL. I was the average teenager, nothing dramatic. I must say though that I tend to run a mile when I see someone from my school days, rather than approach them for a natter

  Deblet wrote @

Hope you have fun tonight. Also went to a all girls school. I loved school and luckily so do my girls

  MamaCat wrote @

Hmmm…school was school for me. It was fine while I was there…because I finished school with many people I started with. I still see my close group of friends from school, but I have not been to any reunions.
It must be interesting to attend a reunion and see what everyone is doing.

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