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Wednesday poll

…is back! So, I’ve had a few opinions on what to start Thandi on, when we begin the wonderful world of food. Thanks Litchi, for that fried potato option! So let’s hear from the rest of yo, then, what was your child’s first solid?

Leave a comment too, letting me know what it was if it was veg/fruit and what varietal baby porridge, Thandi’s future food enjoyment depends on you!

Considering the polls

Sorry I have been a bit quiet, it’s been a busy couple of days, Thandi had a sleepy day on monday, Tuesday was a bit more sociable, with tea in the morning and a quick shopping trip. And in the afternoon, a visit from a friend who brought a gift from Germany, her first Kathe Kruus doll, very sweet. And today, we’ve been weighed, madam is all of 4.2kg, and then a trip to hospital, to visit all our friends there.

So last week I was going to do a poll review, except someone was hungry, so let’s try again.
Nappy bin? Yes, we got one with a vocher we were given, and its great!
Going out after dark in the first 6 weeks? Yes, the first one was to MJ’s at 8 days for photo’s and supper (thanks!)
Smacking? Fortunately we aren’t there yet.
Unnecessary products – baby bath – we’re using an old plastic basin currently, we didn’t have enough counter top space in or bathroom to use the handbasin, which was a good size; bumbo – I was given one, haven’t used it yet; jolly jumper – no; dummy – we have the freebie one discovery gave us, and have used it very occasionally, not dipped in anything.
Bathing time? We’re doing evenings, around 17h30
Monitor? Angelcare sound and motion – a very reassuring buy, for an aging paranoid mom
Pram? Quinny – love it!
Bottles and pump? Avent, although she’s only had like 2 bottles so far.
Sleeping arrangements? In her cot, in her own room downstairs
Nappies? Still testing and trialing them, I like the Bambo organic ones the most so far.

And that’s our lot so far. Thank you to you all for the support and love, meals, gifts, biscuits… I am blessed with a lovely flock of friends!

Day 255

….and it’s Wednesday again, I’ve got a fair amount of theatre work; typically, as I’m about to go off, there is a rush by the patients to get all their problems sorted out before I leave. Anyway, it keeps me out of mischief!

And so , today, instead of a poll, I think it’s time for me to open the books on your predictions; sex, weight and birthdate. Let’s see how close you get. Prizes will be forthcoming, not sure what they will be, but definitely worth a try!

Day 248

…and we’re almost there. 32 days to go, oy vey!

Last night I went to bible study and we were talking about happiness, and you know, its such a difficult topic to talk about, strangely enough. What makes one happy? Where do we seek happiness? There were lots of answers – seeing small children delight in the world, being in nature and surveying it with wonder. And I was left thinking, where is my happiness – it is in my work, with my deliveries; it’s at home, with my Charlie and my family; it’s in my kitchen with my group of awesome friends; and it is in my body, with every kick that Tenacious gives me. I know that we were probably supposed to be talking about the joy that God gives us, but for me it was a chance to count my blessings again, and remind me how happy I am, despite the slings and arrows life is throwing at me, I am healthy, blessed and happy!

And now, the wednesday poll,

It’s those fancy smancy ones, with the cartridges, which seal in the nappy and the odours, vote, my peeps!

hmph…seem to be having some hassles here today – again, I can’t see my poll, but I see some of you have already voted, so I guess some of you can, if you can’t see it, give me an opinion on those bins in the comments. Please be patient, I’m clearly falling apart at the seams!

Day 241

…and what a day of Freedom it has been! I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about our personal freedoms of late, and how the liberties we allow ourselves impacts on our society in general, time for some self discipline and self respect, I think.

So today, we celebrated the 4th birthday of RT’s triplet boys, me, being a godparent, made a fantastic (I think) pirate treasure chest cake for them, which seemed to go down very well with the children (and some of the adults).

Time flies, I remember when these little guys were born, sadly I was absent from the theatre, but I visited everyday when they were in ICU, busy catching up, having been born at 32 weeks, with a combined weight less than what we predict Tenacious will weigh at birth! Now they are gorgeous, active, bright little beans, keeping mom on her toes, well done RT, you’ve got a wonderful clan there! 

It’s a bit late that I am posting, but being the public holiday, I figure the hits will be down on the blog, so when you all catch up next week, please remember to vote in the poll.

Day 234

..and its a choatic day, sorry, no time for anything other than today’s poll, which is one Charlie suggested –

We were both raised with the occasional hiding, (well, for me twice, because I was an angelic child, Charlie, well, that’s another whole story – let’s just put it out there that he had wet suit underpants to minimise the pain!) and I don’t think it hurt s in anyway, but I know ‘modern’ parenting tends to disapprove of smacks. What do you think?

Day 227

…and its raining, how wonderful! It is just awesome to hear the rain falling softly, see the parched earth sucking up the water greedily and watch the world transform itself.

Last night was great, finally Donzil got to taste our pizzas, and by all accounts enjoyed them, in fact she couldn’t even choose her favourite! We served a margarita, a pesto pizza, one with caramalized onions, anchovies and pecorino, another with chevin, creme fraiche, pears and rocket; a butternut, pecan and feta one and a pudding pizza with ricotta, figs an honey. I think I am sold on the margarita and pesto ones – traditional, simple, tasty! It was so nice to just catch up, talk nonsense and chill after a very long working day. Thanks for visiting Big D!

And today’s poll, I must say I am starting to run out of questions to ask, so my taxed brain is somewhat uninspired, forgive me…

tell me in the comments what your best ‘remedy’ was.