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Day 213

…and greetings, in the name of peace and calmness today, well, I am trying.

Its been a busy and slightly trying morning in theatre, but I got a lot of work done successfully, and am quite pleased about that. Then I headed off to the man to talk about prams, its crazy how much brain time this pram is taking at the moment, and its crazy how expensive they are! Oy! And then Charlie and I had a quick lunch date, which was lovely, we chatted like old times, and it felt great. This pregnancy has become somewhat all consuming, so it was nice to just natter about other stuff for a change. And it is nice to be over my grumps!

Today’s poll –

Now I know that there will be some debate here, thoght I’d set the cat amongst the pigeons – hehe! I’ve just reread this and I realise it sounds ambiguous, these are things I’m not sure I will get/use, your answers should be a yes I used a bath/dummy/etc… You can vote more than once.

Have fab wednesday’s – kindle registration and book buying for me, and bookclub tonight!