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Fit Friday

…and despite my predictions, there is no rain today (yet), I did my first run in over a year yesterday, (let’s hear a WooHooo! from you!) and I fully expected drastic weather changes today, ah well! I did a very slow 2km circuit around a big block near my house, and I really did suprise myself, running more than I walked, and not feeling too bad at the end of it. I can feel this extra weight that I am carrying, and my left knee protested slightly, but hey, with some training, the weight should move, and my knee will get more accustomed to working again. It did feel good, and I was really chuffed that I did it. I’m not promising anything here, but will try to get out there 2-3 times a week, and then once I am finished breastfeeding, I will get back into it with greater commitment.

If you have time, take a look back in my archives to this post, This time a year ago, I was sitting on the edge of the rollercoaster that was my first trimester, and the first sign that Tenacious might come home, with a positive blood test. How the time has flown, how far we have come and how amazing is my princess now, with her giggles and sqirms! Mom’s so glad you stuck it out!

Day 268

…and time vacillates between flying and dawdling… I can’t believe that there are 12 more days to go, and yet, 12 seems awfully long with the current discomfort index. Anyway, I’m keeping busy, between reading and scrapbooking, I have now added another crafty project. Yesterday my mom came over and we cut out and pinned a future duvet for tenacious, made from old jeans of mine. Granny-to-be has wanted to make one of these for ages, and finally now we’ve got the chance. I started sewing it up this morning, crikey, it’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s heavy! It’ll look great I am sure, I’ll post a picture when it is finished.When I was digging in my crafty cupboard, I also discovered a little baby hat that I knitted during our first IVF attempt, so this is a seriously spoilt babe!

I didn’t leave the house yesterday, so I haven’t got much news to share today, later we’re of to the doctor for a bit of a check up, and I hope to run a chore or 2 then. Hope your Tuesdays are not taxing!

Day 267

…and here we are, in the final 2 weeks! I can’t believe it is here. I know I’ve been a bit moany in these last few days, but I have really enjoyed being pregnant, and am going to miss those little bumps, kicks and hijinks Tenacious gets up to. I won’t miss the hip/pelvic pain and the difficulty in moving about which has struck me in the last week.

The weekend has been kind to me. Friday afternoon I had 2 friends pop over for tea, I was very sore, but it was so good to see them and catch up, hearing news of the last little while, when I had just had my head down and was biding my time until I finished work. Saturday I had some stuff framed for T’s room, we decided T needed to see how happy we have been with him/her inside my tummy, so one of our photo shoot from monday, and our talented friend Pat had painted a picture for T, so off the framer I went. I can’t wait to see the finished products. Then Charlie and I ran a few chores until my hip said no more, and I spent the rest of the afternoon in blissful scrapbooking escape. In the evening, we had dinner at one of the local Chinese spots with C&A, which was lovely. I had crispy duck, which was a bit uncrispy in fact, the boys both had sweet and sour pork, and C had sushi – looked mighty fine to me! Soon, soon, I’ll be able to try some again! Sunday was another chilled one, a trip to the nursery for some winter annuals for the garden, and a few groceries, and I was back scrapbooking at my desk. A nap, and a visit to a friend who was recently accidentally shot (in the hand – fortunately no major damage) rounded out or day.

And so a new week begins, I have some activities planned, a facial and pedicure, book club, coffee with friends, a birthday… lets hope Tenacious respects this time, although, should he choose to come now, I won’t mind too much.

I have added another page  – look to the next column on the right, Prediction bookie, where I am keeping tabs on the bets, check it out, and make sure I got it right!

Day 264

…and its friday, for me, not such a big deal; for the rest of you, awesomeness! Its been a quiet week, I guess what I needed, but I’m now starting to develop that slightly anxious feeling of ‘I should be doing something else’, and its getting worse. Anyway, I’m sure it will pass eventually.

Yesterday I had tea with JBT, and it was so nice to catch up away from work and all the usual interferences. It felt quite civilised heading to a coffee shop in the middle of the morning. Aside from tea drinking, I’ve been filling my days reading and catching p on my scrapbooking, I had a decline in my enthusiasm of late, and so have had lots to catch up with. Next on the agenda is the maternity shoot pictures, and then I want to do a page of ‘Tenacious Travels’, documenting all the places we’ve been with T in my tummy. In fact, there is a whole story attatched to the idea, so it might become a little scrapbook of its own. And, yes, I know, do it now, becase there won’t be time once T is here.

The weekend is looking fairly quiet here, no plans at this stage, so I guess more of the same for me. Charlie has a few DIY tasks which must be done pre T’s arrival, so I will be the loyal wife, cheering him along, bringing him coffee and snacks as he needs. Have great weekends, the rest of you!

37 weeks and a day – captured forever

Tenacious, we love you, and can’t wait to meet you…

Day 263

…and it draws ever closer. I had a quick check up this morning, let it just be said, Tenacious is a large child! Already weighing in at about 3.7kg, there ain’t nothing small about him/her. (If you want to modify your predictions on weight, go ahead, I will keep an eye on them, and will tally it all up once babe is here.)

So, did you cast your vote yesterday, I did! But I was a bit saddened that the party of my choice did not even field a candidate for my ward, oh well, we’ll just have to see what unfolds. There is one advantage to being this pregnant now though, and that was being ushered to the front of the queue, and getting out of the voting station very speedily. Thanks Tenacious! And then, because it was such a glorious day and we had finished so quickly, we decided to have lunch out at one of the sun drenched spots on the beachfront, we rang my parents, they joined us, and we had an altogether delightful lunch. Thereafter it was onto a different sort of casting, and I got naked, and Charlie got to put plaster of paris bandages all over my torso and tummy, while I tried not to giggle, waiting for it to dry. It seems to have worked well, the belly looks huge! So hopefully Cathy will have something to work with, I’m trying to figure out what we’d like to have on it, and the word that comes to mind is journey, so I’m thinking maps, direction markers, destinations… Can’t wait to see what she achieves for me.

Day 262

…and it’s election day! Hope everyone is going to vote, if you don’t, you have no right to complain about service delivery or how your town/city/metropole is run! I must say, its been a difficult decision to decide who I vote for, previously I always knew, but this year, I am somewhat disillusioned with the track SA politics is taking.  I mean, they’re calling this the ‘toilet election’, I think that says it all… And if I had to go on the candidates’ looks, as seen on their posters, then none of them would be getting my vote! They looks like an old police file line up!

Last night we had a gorgeous dinner with C&A, a curry evening, where we tasted all sorts of different curries, my favourite was a chicken curry, and a pea and mushroom creation, served with basmati rice, and delicious naan breads – yum! Lots of laughter and chat around the dinner table made for a great evening! And, no, the curry hasn’t brought on labour.

On the pregnancy front, my sacro-iliac joint on the right of my pelvis has decided to give p the ghost, and is very uncomfortable now, I can hardly weight bear on that leg, and stairs are a fate worse than death, which considering we live in a double story, just isn’t easy. I’ve had Charlie rub it with Arnica, taken paracetamol, rested, all to no avail. I hope once Tenacious arrives, it will feel better! Please, let it feel better!

And wednesday’s polls are drawing to a close, I am out of questions at this stage, but I’ll welcome any advice and tidbits you would like to offer me. Go forth, sprout wisdoms, and do your civic duty!