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Long Wrap

…it was the Easter weekend, it was a long, quiet one… Gorgeous.

There was a park run – Thandi ran/walked a pb – 53min!


There was an Easter Egg hunt with a letter from the bunny.


There was a magnificent walk on the beach.

IMG_4289 IMG_4285 IMG_4284 IMG_4295 IMG_4272 IMG_4267 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4256

Then it was home to old friends


and a beetroot harvest!



Easter Eve

…so today is the eve of the Easter weekend. And looking over my last few posts, I think almost anyone can tell I need this break. I am tired, frustrated and irritable; and that is not really fair on anyone around me. Anyway, enough of the whinging.

I want to wish all my friends and internet stars who are running the Two Oceans half and ultra this weekend everything of the best. I wish you guys, swift feet that feel like they are running on clouds, strong legs that can go on forever and quiet bowels (and for those of you who run, you know this struggle is real!)! I wish I was there, but actually, my preparation would have been inadequate, and I think it wouldn’t have been much fun. So, run like the wind my friends!

For the rest of us, I hope we all have good weekends, spending some time with loved ones, and eating as many hot cross buns (sans or with raisins, as is your fancy) and marshmallow eggs (have you tried the dark chocolate ones, they’re divine!) as your belly can handle! And let’s remember the ¬†real reason and celebrate this miracle.


…I am taking strain (with apologies to Donald Frump), tremendous strain. I did get a bit of time out this weekend. It all feels a bit surreal, so many people have gone on holiday – I should have been packing for CT and my first ultra – instead I worked quietly; ran, testing my sore foot and my new shoes; tidied up the lego; and delivered a lot of babies, and slept whenever I could.

This Easter weekend we are heading out to the beach house with my parents, and I am looking forward to a weekend of reading, sleeping, running, sleeping, some eating and some sleeping. And maybe a touch of sewing, but mainly sleeping… And it will be good to spend some quality time with my parents, some long walks on the beach… and early nights…

And maybe at the end of it, I will be resurrected from this puddle I find myself in…

Why is it not Friday?

…with tears in my eyes, I have had it! I am tired, frustrated and wondering why today is not Friday… Argh! Not that it really helps, since I am on call again this weekend, but flip, it would be nice to have some pressure eased off… I am most definitely looking forward with a song in my heart to the Easter weekend!

In the next few days I have to do a bunch of deliveries, a huge oncology case with one of my professors from Cape Town, a family funeral an ad for the deli, and somehow, be a mom and a wife… I suspect I may end up overdosing on caffeine in the next few days…


…flipping hell, this is turning into a rough year for my family. So last month I lost a maternal aunt, and yesterday I lost a paternal cousin. I know they were both elderly and not well, but really, soon I am going to be accused of forgetfulness and carelessness!

What all this has done, has again, just reminded me quite how fleeting life is. I live with a very frail and not very well mother, so I feel like the reaper lurks around the corner, but I am just reminded again how we need to live, really LIVE in the present, not delaying that visit or that holiday or missing the opportunities that come our way. Flip, guys, tell your people how much you love them and what they mean to you now!

Crazy mixed up world

..that we live in…

The Wild Ngunis

…one of, for me, the pleasures of being in the Transkei is getting to see the local mooches who come down to the beach to escape the ticks and the heat in the farmlands, and doubles as a bit of a salt lick for them. I love seeing them, admiring their beautiful coats and seeing their interactions in their herds.¬†IMG_3492 IMG_3495 IMG_3523 IMG_3527 IMG_3532 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3760 IMG_3873