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Busy times

…it just seems like the end of year crazies are getting here earlier and earlier. Yoh! It really does feel like I am starting the October/November sprint already. Or is it just me?

Poor Thandipants keeps wondering when I am going to be home to put her to bed. I keep wondering if I will ever have supper at home with my family again. This week has been and will be as follows:

  • Monday – we had an evening sale at Salut, with invited guests and friends
  • Tuesday – Charlie’s nephew’s 21st birthday dinner
  • Wednesday – hair and make up tutorial for Thandi’s dance show, 40th birthday dinner for a friend
  • Thursday – art class, OBGYN meeting, bookclub
  • Friday – I am not going to speak to anyone! I have a speech to finalise!

I am finished! And need to keep going. Bring on the caffeine IV drip!

Au revoir to Salut deli

And so the time has come to bid farewell to my little project. It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times. I’ve loved the project; but am crushed that it has cost me so much of my savings. ​


…delivering a 24 week premature baby girl last night who lived only minutes; and then slapping on a happy face and delivering a post dates bouncing baby boy. Sometimes I just can’t…

Crazy and quiet

…this was a weekend of contrasts – moments of such peace and quiet – awesome – to moments of pure blind terror and chaos! It was insane! By last night I was feeling a bit odd!

Friday had been a lovely quiet youth day. Saturday Morning was the busiest time on call that I have had for a long while (preterm twin caesar delivery; an emergency caesar for feral distress to discover a mother bleeding out, a horrible miscarriage)! Sunday started well, and then ended with some drama with a planned home birth being brought to hospital, only to have her deliver in the parking lot, to everyone’s consternation!

The rest of the weekend was nice – had some good family time with my daughter – shopping for Father’s day gifts for Charlie and Pops; playing monopoly on a cold Sunday afternoon; preparing a roast dinner for Sunday lunch for the Dads. She is such a sweetie pie – we are having the best time with her at the moment. So interactive, so kind, so sweet, so intuitive.

Guess what!

… I am officially a finalist in the regional BWA businesswomen’s awards, professional category! Whoohoo!

Now things get a little more hectic, radio interviews and media profiles, all good stuff, but it is going to be busy! And then I have to tackle a lost and found project – find a dress, and loose a few kgs! I am excited to see what unfolds during this process, it is exciting!

In other news…

… 2 pretty awesome things are unfolding at the moment – even in the midst of my chaos – I have been selected as a nominee for our local Business Woman of the Year awards. Judging happens on Thursday at around lunch – so if you can, think of me then, as I am grilled by a panel of judges. I have had the hair done, and booked an appointment for a blow dry (I am useless at my own hair!) and am mulling over outfits. Immediately after the interview I have a filmed interview, which they might use on the night of the awards – I do not know what to wear!!!! Argh!  It’s at times like this that I look at my wardrobe and wonder… What will it look like on camera, does it make me look fat, does the colour work for me? Argh! Decisions, decisions. I also need to start thinking about this interview and the kind of questions I am going to get thrown at me. The finances of my business are simple – money in, overheads, medical insurance, profit; the business side is fairly straightforward – patient interactions, assessing risks, delivering babies and making gynaecological decisions; and the there is all the other stuff… Might need to get some coaching from my chief whip, BC!

Then , the other thing, I have just heard that I have been selected to go to an OBGYN congress in Spain in September – a slight overlap with our trip to Scotland, so I think I can make it work. I’m so chuffed, I was put forward for a trip to Hamburg earlier this year, and they elected to send a colleague from the neighbouring city, not me, so I was a bit sad. But here we go! Madrid I’m coming for you! (and then you, Scotland, you’re next!)

The sads

…yesterday turned into a sad day… I finished early at work, so had decided to go and see my friend, Nyami, who is grieving her dad – she heads back to the UK in a day or 2, after helping her mom with all the horrible admin. Her mom lives in a small village about an hour from home. As i arrived I had a panicked call from a GP in town about a suspected abuse case in a young girl, who he wanted me to see. I calmed everyone down and made plans to see them this morning (which I’ve done – all is ok, thankfully), then the afternoon sped by in a time of reminiscing and tears for both of us. It is so hard to loose a parent, despite ill health, despite expectation, despite knowing that full restoration is now theirs. That was heartsore, but so nice to share my journey with her, and her mom.

An almighty storm broke out, and I had to get home, so in driving rain, dramatic lightening and rumbling thunder, I eked my way home. As I got near home I received a message from another patient, with her news that her 2 year old son had been just diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer; bearing in mind she is 2 weeks away from delivering her second baby! I ended up, after all this sadness, on the phone to my (still very broken) dad, in floods of tears.

And then just to round it all out – a very dear couple suffered a miscarriage this morning.

Not sure how much more my heart can bear. I am reassured by the rainy stormy weather that continues though, that somewhere, out there, the universe is raging with me, against all these injustices that I cannot understand…