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…. I’m really growing fatigued by political correctness, what one can and can’t say. Now when you read my story, bear in mind I’m an OBGYN…

So at a meeting on Saturday, there was an awful lot of discussion about the renaming of vagi*^%#nal atrophy. Now apparently we can’t say atrophy (which implies aging/weakening) because that apparently upsets women who do have this issue. We can’t say the word vag*ina, because that is offensive. (I am only putting stars in to divert the porn seekers) Seriously! A body part name is offensive? Really?

I found that I started reciting ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!’

What has happened to us?

November Noise

…yoh! As I said last week, this year is ramping up to crazy levels! So after getting my Macbook repaired yesterday, I needed to catch up on some work I could not do, was on the verge of finishing it, and Photoshop crashed! 2 and a half hours of work lost! By that stage I was so shattered that reaction didn’t really matter, I simply just started again. Finished up just before 01h00 this morning, and went to bed with a heart pounding in my chest. I am dreaming of a solid sleep; but somehow I don’t think there is one in my future at the moment. There is so much on my plate at the moment! Today will be fuelled by caffeine, and lots of it.

Thandi’s little concert was just the cutest! Her class were the fish under the sea. The whole premise of the show is that there are the Beat Busters (sort of like the Ghost Busters), who are looking for the music that has disappeared – they look under the sea, in outer space, in a meadow of flowers and on the beach; they search the galaxy, and finally land up at the zoo; collecting songs wherever they go. It was so sweet; the girls did a great job!


….Elvis, anyone home? Flip. Being on call over a weekend really sucks the positive vibes right out of me. I was in such a good place last week, and then this weekend chewed me up and spat me out. I think I’m growing out of calls.

The weekend had rough moments. I had an awful Friday night, just awful; and that left me, for want of a better word, brittle, over the weekend. Things that usually bring me joy didn’t. I’d been humming and hawing over a 10km race on Sunday, but decided I was too nervous to risk a bad time, and didn’t. (In my defense I did run to work on Sunday, with a brief pause to cheer my buddy who won the ladies race!)

I guess I just have to get over myself, another 12 years of this to get through before I get to retire.


… bad nights of poor sleep and I’m a bit broken today; but I’ll soldiering on. Art class tonight, so hopefully my heart sings again! 

Work hasn’t been great – I’ve had to deliver horrible blue news this week, and to know, even though I’m just the messenger, that my words will change this couple forever is incredibly hard. I cope pretty well with the highs and lows, but this one has struck me hard. 

And then, I’m going to have a bit of a rant, I so wish I could convince all my patients that my relationship with them is a doctor-patient one. That means it’s a 2 way street. I do stuff, they do stuff and we meet in the middle. I’m exhausted by patients coming for opinions, which they choose to disregard (and that is perfectly fine) but then returning with the same complaint, and hoping for a better diagnosis ( or something!) Or the patient who ignores instructions to say return in 2 weeks or a month and comes in many moons time and then I am stumped. Or that one who wants a pill or injection for weight loss! If it worked, we’d all be thin! Ok, rant over. I just want to work with my patients! 


… the rhythms of life. For a long long time, my sea has been stormy, and trying to get a rhythm going has been difficult. I don’t want to jinx things, but it is feeling less stormy (despite broken bones). I’m not sure if it’s because work goes through a traditional slowing down now (medical aids are kaput, no one has money to care for themselves) or because I am just in a better place. 

I’ve had a good 10 days of running, balancing my work and the things that fill my tank – reading, painting, sewing. We’ve also almost gone into hibernation, we’ve been socializing far less, just being ourselves at home. 

It feels good. 

Settling back down

…time to get back into the rhythms and routines of everyday life. Although is an OBGYN’s life ever routine? This week I have had 2 early morning deliveries, one was while I was still sweaty and stinky after a run, today I at least managed to sprint through the shower before getting to the hospital to catch that one. Phew!

I am trying to get the running routine established again; my running confidence isn’t great, but I am plodding forward and starting to maybe feel a few positives. I have gone back to my weekly dancing class and had a good session with my personal trainer at the gym. I really need to just keep the stretching, core and proprioception work going now. I am realising that neglecting that side has done my running NO favours! Diet still needs to settle down – it seems my quest for the perfect tick toffee pudding in Scotland has left me with a well activated sweet tooth again; but I can feel already, my body is starting to want me to eat better, with the increase in the running.

Thandi has settled back down well at school. She has lost her first front tooth to much excitement. She is preparing for her dancing exams – ballet, tap and modern – poor kid! There is also a school concert coming up, so they are learning their songs for that. She is reading so well! On holiday we read Harry Potter aloud to her, but she read a Roald dahl on her own, and read The Wickedest witch herself. Amazing!

Charlie is settling back down to business; and is also starting to think about running – we have signed up to do the RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge together in February next year; and considering its 110km over 3 days, we need to get fit!

From next week I hope to get my blogging back to scheduled writings! Lots on the cards, lots to talk and think about. 2017 is almost done, let’s make the most of it!

Busy times

…it just seems like the end of year crazies are getting here earlier and earlier. Yoh! It really does feel like I am starting the October/November sprint already. Or is it just me?

Poor Thandipants keeps wondering when I am going to be home to put her to bed. I keep wondering if I will ever have supper at home with my family again. This week has been and will be as follows:

  • Monday – we had an evening sale at Salut, with invited guests and friends
  • Tuesday – Charlie’s nephew’s 21st birthday dinner
  • Wednesday – hair and make up tutorial for Thandi’s dance show, 40th birthday dinner for a friend
  • Thursday – art class, OBGYN meeting, bookclub
  • Friday – I am not going to speak to anyone! I have a speech to finalise!

I am finished! And need to keep going. Bring on the caffeine IV drip!