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White rabbit moments

…”I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say “Hello” goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” feels like my current soundtrack. Crisi, it’s busy. And I really don’t like this. Every day feels the same, lurching chaotically from one crazy moment to the next crisis!. Yesterday was a case in point – start with a meeting at school, finish that a little later than anticipated, then scream all the way to the office, sorting out messages in the car; then I was late for the rooms, with additional emergency patients squeezed in, blitz through that as efficiently as I could, to get to theatre, to the wards, and then on to help with some flower arrangements for a function tonight (Charlie’s local rotary club has a wine auction tonight). Then it was dash to a run, then home to see my family before bedtime. And if I tell you the whole week has been like that… I am feeling rather strung out.

I’m on call this weekend, so I will regroup over the long one. But, I will get some running in, some cooking and some rest.

Weather psychopathy

…jingoes! We go from one extreme to the other. This weekend we froze, and as you saw, my family went snow hunting, followed by 2 days of extreme heat – on Monday the temperature fluctuated from 3 degrees to 30! It was insane. Of course, what that meant is that a cold front blew in on Tuesday night again, and we are shivering again! Oh well!

So tonight is the 25th of July, and a friend is hosting a Christmas in July dinner tonight. It promises to be a heap of fun, with a roast dinner, some good wine and delicious sweet treats, and a Dirty Santa game! (we’re each putting in a gift, and then we get the chance to steal other peoples, if we fancy theirs more than ours!) I’m looking forward to some fun after a hectic little time at work. I have been incredibly busy, things have just kept going and going, and going!

On that note, I must be off, work waits for no-one!


…and as the entire country shivered this weekend, I was fairly busy with work. 2 babies and a whole lot of work at the rooms, but it was otherwise good.

We all went to bed on Friday night as the cold front hit, it was wet and windy and freezing! So as my alarm went off early for my run, I made the decision that it would have to be a dreadmill run. And, once I had finished at the office, I headed to the gym and got my mileage in . It was quite something staring out of the window, watching the weather move in and out. Rain came and went; wind, clouds racing across the sky… And I ran and sweated in relative comfort.

The rest of the day was quiet, a friend and I sent the afternoon sewing, which was productive. I am now working on some quilts for a one day dream…

Sunday was a beautiful clear crisp day, my family went snow hunting in the mountains, and they did find some. I stayed here, and caught babies!

She takes my breath away.


…I am tired of being a Moaning Myrtle, so until further notice, assume things with Pops are as before. He’s grumpy, resistant and angry, and irrational. But physically fine

The weekend was fine, one baby on Friday evening, one in the early hours of Sunday morning, so not too awful. We had supper with friends on Friday (delicious tuna fillets seared on the break with a divine asian salsa), and on Sunday Thandi (with some help from her sous chefs, aka Mom and Dad) made chicken curry and rotis for lunch. It was delicious! A real triumph! I am so pleased she is learning about cooking and loves being in the kitchen, long may it last! And all praise to Lou, the PA who taught her how to make it.

 (I was worried about the rotis, wasn’t sure they would work out as well as were hoped, they were perfect, better than I have done in the past!)


…it’s been a full week. Work has been fairly busy, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed in terms of patient expectations of me. I have a couple who really really want a boy, to the point that the wife wants to consider IVF with pre implantation genetic diagnosis, and the husband just wants a ‘natural’ way to make it happen, and wants guarantees that the informal methods will work, which I can’t give him, for obvious reasons. And then there was the rumour on Facebook that I have retired; which was then amended to say I hadn’t retired, but wasn’t doing deliveries. Really now, I am 44, have an 8 year old I need to educate, so retirement is tragically not on the cards; ¬†and I am in fact our hospital’s lead obstetrician (kind of like the head girl of the obstetricians)! Throw in an extremely busy gynaecologist clinic at our local state hospital this week where I was expected to train about 30 rural doctors, which is fine and I enjoy, but in the confines of a room about 3m x 2m! And they were all breathing down my neck watching me work! (I did feel rather sorry for the patients I was treating, having to be exposed to all these trainees, but I did manage a light hearted moment with one of them who said she’d never felt more famous, and that she hoped she was in line for the Oscar for her centre stage production!)

Pops is still having a hard time adjusting to his new reality, but slowly the carer seems to be winning him over. He’s being a little less antagonistic to her, and they watched cricket together the other day drinking tea. So maybe he will start forgetting to fight…

Anyway, I must work, I am exhausted and the weekend on call looms…


…by so many things. I can’t comprehend how this year of mine, this year of the #nodramallama has exploded. The busyness that I’m experiencing usually only hits in about November, and I am very nervous that the rest of the year is going to continue at this pace. I have had some deliberate attempts to slow things down, some have made a difference and others not. I’m beginning to think that breaking an arm again, like I did when I was pregnant with Thandi may be the only chance I get of a meaningful break. Flip!

Anyway, things that are coming up – school concert, ballet rehearsals continue, I am involved in that art exhibition, and I’m feeling some kind of weird pressure because we are not going away or doing anything during the holidays, and am feeling guilty about that! So I looked at the Grahamstown Festival programme, and I just feel totally overwhelmed! I can’t decide on a thing! I’m feeling rather pathetic actually.

I know I really need my exercise endorphins back!

An outing

…of myself. I know I don’t have to share, but thought I would, because I love my readers – I was interviewed by Gareth Cliff this morning on his pod, chatting about Ms Caster Semenya. I am still shaking an hour later, but I did enjoy the experience. I felt a bit like a kid meeting Father Christmas for the first time, I am a long standing fan of Gareth, so I was ever so slightly overwhelmed. Here’s a link to the podcast, if you want to have a listen…

Mass Debate About Masturbation

(omg, excuse the title!)