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…this morning I was listening to a Ted talk, from the Sincerely, X series – about a doctor who feels she made a mistake when she was burnt out – not something huge like a drug error or operating on the wrong limb etc; but something small. And she has beaten herself up about it over many years. I know I feel the same often. One never judges oneself on the things that go well, the life that is saved; because that is what I, as a doctor is supposed to do; but we judge ourselves on the things that go wrong.

The interviewer, (this is a different kind of TED talk) commented that she is astounded to what standard this doctor holds herself; far higher than most other professional people she has met; and it made me wonder why? Because I am the same – my husband always moans that my standards are way to high; that the worst critic is myself, and that I really do expect way too much from myself. And I wonder – is it something in our training? Is it the nature of our work – if we do make mistakes we may cause suffering? Or is it the nature of the person who becomes a doctor?

Some thought provocation….


…to keep saying the same old things. I am busy, I am tired, I am stressed. But it is what it is. Last week exploded into a surgical week, with me rounding out my week with 14 surgeries completed; and some were fairly difficult and complicated. By Sunday morning, 02h00, I had developed a migraine and spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch feeling sorry for myself, that was when I wasn’t at the hospital, being on call and doing a delivery.

Anyway, I won’t bore you too much more today, let me get on with this day, and hopefully I have more interesting news tomorrow!


Making life a little easier

…so in the last few days I had a revelation – I needed to make my life easier. I am even busier than before, something I never thought possible; and my stress levels are climbing; so I made the decision to hire an assistant. It was a liberating decision, one I am so relieved I have made.

So yesterday, my Girl Wonder began. She has already made me an appointment for a sports massage, bought me lunch and tidied through the clutter that was my drawers. She is currently now working on my bookshelf, sorting through 100’s (and I mean 100’s literally) of medical journals. I cannot wait for my things to be streamlined and efficient again. Things have piled up around me, literally, until I was almost drowning in paperwork and rubbish! I did explain to Girl Wonder that I need a clone, a clone who can keep me under control, without having to do any OBGYN work. She smiled and said she was excited. I am so damn relieved! I am so happy. Long live GW!

Scratching itches

… yoh, guys, meeting that big guy, Kingsley certainly has got me some itches that need scratching! The plotting and planning going on in my head!

And then there’s the other side of me who craves just being at home. In peace and quiet to create away to my heart’s content – art, craft, food, my home. Work and it’s inherent demands are currently stealing some of ‘my’ time (and I put that in inverted commas, because once you’re a doctor, it’s never really your time), and I’m feeling neglected. I just can’t get to the things I want to do!

And then, today, I just want to fly away…

I really need a PA…

Common refrains

…I’m busy! Last week’s disappearance wasn’t because I had nothing to say, it was because I was busy! Yes, too busy to carve out 10 minutes to do a quick post. The responsibilities of lead Obstetrician at the hospital, senior partner at the practice, and then, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt are feeling overwhelming right now. Oh well, how does one eat an elephant – one bite at a time. I am trying to put some more structure in my days and be disciplined. It will settle down. This week I do have some nice things lined up – tomorrow we are going to a pop up restaurant at chef lady’s, it’s always awesome! And then on Friday I am having a facial treatment of sorts – not sure it will be the nice relaxing kind, but if it makes me look good – that’s the price of beauty, I guess! So a few highlights coming up.

In other news I have booked my flights to CT for the marathon in September, I am actually looking forward to it all – it’ll be my first real road challenge since I changed my medication, so I am really keen to see how I perform this time, compared to the disaster that was Loch Ness. I am also hoping to get my qualifying for 2 oceans done during that run – and even if I don’t, it will be the fittest I have ever been coming out of a winter, so I’ll be on a good wicket for my training cycle. I also get the chance to help TAFKAD over the finish line of her first marathon – my only concern is that with her training going super duper well, she will leave me in her dust! I also get to see her new house – she moves at the end of August, and I am super excited to see her new spot. It will mark the end of an era, she currently lives behind my old house in CT, we are all moving on and upwards!



…turns me into a grumpasaurus. Grrr! I intended to run this morning, but it was so foul weather wise – hectic wind and cold, that the entire group cancelled. my day is not looking like promising in terms of getting a run in later, so it looks like I will have to try to sneak one in tomorrow morning… or maybe just Thursday… hmmm…

In other news, the new IT system is nice, but it is taking us a while to get sorted out – all our patients have to be reloaded on the system, there is no copy function to transfer all the data from 1 system to the other; so every patient is like a new patient again. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, forcing everyone to update their files, but it takes time, and leaves people frustrated! Patients, staff and us doctors!

Out of comms

…the last week was rather insane – we hustled through the week in 3 working days, because we had to close the practice for 2 days while we changed our computer system and got trained up in the new system. The next few days are going to be chaotic! oh well, take it as a challenge and know that it’ll be better!

My running went well last week, and I ended the week feeling comfortable; obviously still slightly under prepared for the Rhodes run, but ok about it all. Sunday’s run wasn’t my best, I felt tired and flat, so I’m hoping that’s just the effect of a few hard weeks. I have to say this foul weather blowing in is not making me thrilled – I was really hoping they would be talking about the mildest Rhodes Run in years – but now with 3 cold fronts hitting in the course of the week, well… I’m reconsidering my cold gear.

The weekend was rather dreary, I was on call, so really didn’t do much. I did get a new hob to match the new oven I got last year, so I was super chuffed to have it installed and was able to cook up a small storm last night!

Anyway, Monday and a terrifying new IT experience awaits. Have fun, stay warm and safe!