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…by so many things. I can’t comprehend how this year of mine, this year of the #nodramallama has exploded. The busyness that I’m experiencing usually only hits in about November, and I am very nervous that the rest of the year is going to continue at this pace. I have had some deliberate attempts to slow things down, some have made a difference and others not. I’m beginning to think that breaking an arm again, like I did when I was pregnant with Thandi may be the only chance I get of a meaningful break. Flip!

Anyway, things that are coming up – school concert, ballet rehearsals continue, I am involved in that art exhibition, and I’m feeling some kind of weird pressure because we are not going away or doing anything during the holidays, and am feeling guilty about that! So I looked at the Grahamstown Festival programme, and I just feel totally overwhelmed! I can’t decide on a thing! I’m feeling rather pathetic actually.

I know I really need my exercise endorphins back!

An outing

…of myself. I know I don’t have to share, but thought I would, because I love my readers – I was interviewed by Gareth Cliff this morning on his pod, chatting about Ms Caster Semenya. I am still shaking an hour later, but I did enjoy the experience. I felt a bit like a kid meeting Father Christmas for the first time, I am a long standing fan of Gareth, so I was ever so slightly overwhelmed. Here’s a link to the podcast, if you want to have a listen…

Mass Debate About Masturbation

(omg, excuse the title!)

Wit’s end

…I am close to that point! One of my associates is away and I am finding dealing with his patients extremely trying. My wits are close to ending, my patience has been tried and found wanting, and now I am just desperate for him to be back so he can take over these challenging patients. I am all for complicated work and challenging diagnoses, but when I get called rude because I can’t make an appointment for a patient after hours, when I get phones hung up on me because I am not that associate (and its happened more than once in the last week), when common sense becomes decidedly uncommon, I despair. Oh, let this week end, please!

Radio silence

…I’m sorry I haven’t had much to say, but I’m not sure how many more ‘woe is me’ posts y’all will tolerate.

Work is busy, I am in some sort of denial, and limbo, unable to action a few things that need actioning (what PR speak!), but hey…

Running and pain wise – today is the first day I can say I am feeling some improvement. I am just very annoyed with Discovery, who say my workouts are not strenuous enough to log as a workout, so no points for me! Grrr! The end of a 2 month streak…

Socially, I am working on my daughter’s birthday party – I really really love party planning, maybe I missed my calling. Scratch this medicine lark – party planner extraordinaire should have been me! We are working on a Masterchef theme – so much fun! So far I have made her a little chef’s outfit for a quick photoshoot for her invite and for the little cookbook I am doing – that’s about 70% done. I still need to test a few recipes, but I have pretty much decided on which ones we are cooking. I have planned a taste test for the kids too;  and then it’s trying to trim the guest list to manageable numbers!

In art news – I have finished another painting; the coolest Nguni is done. I have started work on 3 new pieces – an aloe; an orchid and a Transkei landscape.  My studio is hosting an exhibition. Some works will go up on auction – trying to decide if I should sell some of mine…

Weekend winding

…down. please, dear heavens let it wind down! Today started with a bang! After a lovely bookclub last night (more on that later), I had a slightly later night than I’d intended (I’d been upon most of Wednesday night with a delivery!) and when the alarm went off this morning, I was reluctant, but committed. So up I got, kit on, shoes laced and off I went. I ended up having a nice run, I must say, to my suprise. Then, as I got home, took a sip of my tea, my phone rang, a. patient had arrived and was ready to deliver, so off I went, sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable, did the delivery with an apology, and then I had to race home, now catching the school traffic, shower, get dressed, get to my bio for some strapping and then hit the rooms running. Phew, I hope it settles down!

Bookclub was last night at JB’s, it was a good evening out, I was just quite flat after my week and tired after my Wednesday night, but the food was really good(a gorgeous Thai green curry followed by brownies, with pistachio ice cream!), company lovely and the evening left me smiling. Yay!

This weekend is going to be good. I have 2 runs scheduled, the last stretch before the marathon. A friend of Thandi is staying with us while her parents are away, and I have entered all of us into the Ladies Night race in our town tomorrow evening – I know it will be 5km of sprint, walk, whinge, cry, moan, sit down and repeat… but they will love it! And afterwards we’ll take them out for a slap up supper! Fun and games!

It’s a hard knock life

…and none of us get away without the knocks, we just have to get better at dodging them. Did any of you watch that TV series, Wipeout? It was this ridiculous game show, where contestants had to avoid obstacles and try to get the end of the course in the fastest time? There was a wall with little doors in it that the contestant had to move along; and periodically without warning, those little doors would open and a spring loaded punch would explode out, catching the hapless victim in the face/groin/chest/stomach. It feels like at the moment I am managing a situation like that. Random doors keep opening and punches keep catching me, I barely have time to catch my breath before the next one hits. And sherbet I am tired of it. And it feels like forces are conspiring to keep me at the wall face, so that I can’t even kisch out on my bum and breath, checking for broken bones.

But I think to a greater or lesser degree that is all of us, isn’t it? Chatting to an acquaintance this morning, her father, after what should have been a minor routine surgery, can no longer walk properly and was diagnosed with prostate cancer, all this while her mom is lying in hospital with bleeding from her bowels, but needing anticoagulation meds (which will make it worse) which she has to have for the cardiac stents she has in her heart. And then these an attorney friend, a case hasn’t gone the way a client hoped it would, and now they are threatening him with their own legal action. And then there is a young OBGYN who is really overwhelmed by the practice she is running, she is struggling to make decisions and be ‘the boss’, she is finding herself more and more isolated; in a word, she’s lonely…

All these unavoidable punches, but how to stay upright despite them? I’m not sure.


…Freaking hell, it’s been busy! That is the single reason I didn’t get to post yesterday, I did not touch sides! Work was fully booked, I rushed off to an appointment with the biokinetesist; and then had to leave that early to deliver a baby, which made me late for my afternoon in the rooms… Yoh! Anyway…

So, I had a reasonable weekend. Reasonable because I got some chores done, but not great – all my work happened after hours (the phone really felt like it never stopped ringing) and I did not sleep very well. Which meant that my runs were impacted… One day when I am big, maybe I won’t have to do calls and I will actually sleep like a reasonable person. Who am I kidding? After years of squonky sleep patterns I suspect it will never be normal… A girl can dream. (no, wait, you need to sleep to dream, scratch that!)

So on Friday night, a group of us are hosting a Wild Women on the Run fundraiser – the local surf lifesaving club have offered their venue and we are hosting a movie night. Bring a cushion or a blanket and enjoy a flick, eating a gourmet burger or boerie roll, with some sweet treats for dessert. We hope it will be a roaring success! But it does mean that I am busy getting things organised – 4 batches of fudge are made, some biscuits are made that need icing this evening; the girls and I will get together to package and make some cupcakes and just finalise everything. Phew!