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Unwacky Wednesday

…so today was not a wacky Wednesday, and I am not eating a burger special either (for my international readers – a local burger franchise offers a special on Wednesdays – 2 for the price of one!) It was but an average Wednesday – a run, some groceries and work… The run was really nice, autumn is coming, so its getting quite cool, and the roads are a little quieter in the week, and so I meandered along the roads for 8km. I took my time, got into an audiobook, watched the world go by, greeted a few friends I spotted on the way, it was just what I needed. I’ve got another run planned tomorrow, but I’ll have to hustle, I’ve got to be in the rooms by about 8:30, today I had the morning off.

Work is ok. I am feeling daunted with what is coming. The Covid-19 cases in our city are starting to climb. There is always a lag in the reporting, so I guess I know a bit more than the average person, but this virus is on its way. And it’s not going to be a surge, it isn’t going to be a curve, it’s going to be a tsunami. Rapid, deadly and devastating… 4 supermarkets are already closed, and one clinic. Our prison is a huge hotspot. I am so damn scared for my little city… I hear the president is addressing us later tonight – I don’t even know what I want to hear – I would love a bit more freedom, I’d love there to be less financial and social stress in my community, but what will we do when everyone is sick and our hospitals are exploding?

Oh, friends, be brave…


Another Monday

…wish it were Sunday, that’s my funday, just another manic Monday… Although I suspect my Tuesday may be even more manic… Oh well.

The weekend was good. Quiet, restful, restorative. Just what I needed. I sewed – scrubs for my partners and I, I need to finish up those asap, but have run out of steam today. I baked bread – 6 loaves of sourdough, which we gifted to friends on Saturday afternoon, and I ran. On Saturday night Charlie and I caught a Nik Rabinowitz show. I’m loving what the local comedians are doing to keep their careers ticking over, webinars at a nominal cost. He is very funny, and with a glass of wine, we had a fun evening! Mothers Day was a quiet celebration, it’s always a little bitter sweet now, because it makes me think of Dawny, and then I miss her all over again. But Thandi was sweet and I got spoiled with the gift of time to do what I wanted to do. Which meant I got in a nice 10km run (was good to find friends along the way, and run with them, catching up), a delicious breakfast, some sewing, a spoil of Hainanese Chicken for lunch, and an afternoon nap… Thandi even said she had a great chilled day – she hadn’t remembered a day like that since a post Nippers afternoon, so, success all round.

And today was just a very Mondayish Monday. Lets see what tomorrow brings, with 2 zoom meetings, a sick patient in hospital and an induction… ah well, life is sweet!


…I need to share that I have intense Corona fatigue. I am so tired of the fighting, debating, arguing over who is right, which country is doing it better, the why’s and why not’s, STOP IT! Maybe I’m just being influenced by the slightly conservative upbringing we had here in South Africa as a child, but sometimes it is just better to not overthink things and just do what our government is asking us to do. Wear the damn mask when you leave the house, and if you don’t like the mask, don’t leave the house! Stick to the curfew, don’t put yourself in a position where you can expect trouble. Don’t put more pressure on our strained police force. I know everyone is gatvol (for my non SA readers – have had enough) but, we’ve come so far. I think you all know my favourite saying by this stage – if you’re going through hell, keep going…

The weekend was ok. I got my first road run in on Sunday – 10km. It was lovely, I felt quite euphoric through the first 5km, then my twitchy ankle started getting sore, so I was a little less enthused by the end of the run. And man, those streets were BUSY! I saw over 100 people out there, and while about 70% of people had masks, at least half were not actually wearing them. I wore my buff for the entire run over my mouth and nose, and it was fine. Really. I did nearly stop and cause an incident though, strolling past me were 5 parents pushing 5 kids in prams, no social distancing, and only 1 parent had a mask. Really? Really? Luckily for them I was running up a hill and too out of breath to scold them.

Thandi is doing ok, she is really desperate to go back to school and see her friends and teachers again. While this is tough for all kids, I really do feel particularly sorry for the single kids, who don’t have siblings… Man, my heart breaks for her. I think time for some more video chats with buddies for her… Ballet, Tap and Modern are ongoing, as are her piano lessons. It is quite remarkable what the teachers are able to achieve with video conferences. School is also ramping up a bit, but I do feel for the foundation phase classes. Teaching at this stage is so ‘physical’, and our school is very cognisant of the fact that not everyone has an awesome data connection or can afford data, so they are trying their best to not to do any realtime zoom/team/hangout classes. We have a google drive with the work on that. So school work is fine, some extra murals are ok, but socially it’s very hard.

Work is quite busy, and for that I am currently grateful. Although its hard being here when all I want is to be with my family safely at home…




No snappy title

…I’ve run out of snappy titles. Lockdown has ‘eased’ sort of, and I don’t want to continue with my count up, and ja, just out of titles.

So today I started with a run – finished my Run to the power of 5 challenge – 5km a day for 5 days, and yes, I ran in my garden again – round and round the pool. It was rather dark this morning, and since I needed to get to the office quite early, and had a call from the hospital with a patient in labour, I also didn’t want to be too far from home, so stuck to what I know. Maybe I have developed a sort of Stockholm syndrome, and have quite dependant on and fond of my captor. I doubt I will get out tomorrow either, I have a theatre case quite early tomorrow and by the time that is done, it will be too late, ah well. Captive I stay. I’m not going to rant like I did to friends and family today, but the number of people who were out this morning sans masks and with little to no social distancing, I fear that this privilege will be revoked before we have had a chance to rub our eyes out. (and while I am sympathetic, it is horrible to run covering your nose and mouth, that’s the rules, if you can’t cope or don’t like it, then you can’t run free!)

Work has been a mish mash of random phone calls again. I really cannot wait until Monday rolls around and our practice phone will be switched on for the first time since lockdown began. I cannot explain quite how much I detest the phone; even if my BFF calls me, I have a momentary adrenalin surge and my heart sinks… So the weekend to get through now and then we ‘revert’ to our usual routine.

I must say, that presser last night did not clear up much about the school year ahead. It doesn’t look as though Thandi will be back to school before July, but since that is expected to be surge, I’m doubtful that will go ahead. I really am despairing for this school year, I suspect it will continue into the first few months of next year, and we will just have to alter our academic timetable. I am just very grateful my girl isn’t in her matric year or at varsity. We have time to recover from this, the later years it is much harder. I am also incredibly sad that all the extra murals are on hold, no sport. I guess we will continue with our zoom dance classes and video piano lessons. But I know how important exercise is to me, and I know T needs it desperately too, but, she’s just not motivated without her coaches and teachers to encourage her. This is hard…


…for the silence, sorry for disappearing. I just haven’t had a lot to say, there is a lot to tell, but the stories and tribulations seemed arbitrary. And I just have felt stretched and stressed, so blogging suffered. It’s that time of the year, everyone is starting to get ragged, especially those of us not stopping working. I feel aggrieved every time I see a smug post from someone who is posting a picture of a suitcase, airport or beach.

So news – my car is sold, we no longer need 2; my nurse is emigrating, I have a new one starting 1 January, and she is just as lovely; I almost caved and bought a fake Christmas tree until I saw the price for the really nice ones, jingoes! So I’m still waiting to spot a fresh one on the side of the road.

Our plans are modest this year. I am working Christmas, we have no visitors, so the whole weekend will be a subdued affair, but that’s ok. With Charlie heading off early in the new year, we need some quiet family time. Over the New Year’s weekend, we will travel up to Blanco, a gorgeous little guest farm and we will chill and relax and bond, before we return home to help Charlie prepare. His flight is booked for the 7th of January. (gulp – it’s very soon now)

January is going to be a challenge, but I know that Thandi and I will be just fine. We will find our way. Of course we will, we have each other.



…still can’t remember what it was, and still haven’t had a panicked call from someone asking where I am! So must have gotten away with it.

Another thing I got away with yesterday was my wedding and engagement rings… How is this for a story. So I always wear a thin silver chain around one of my wrists and when I operate I thread my wedding bands and engagement ring onto the chain and keep it in the pocket of my scrubs. So yesterday I remember perching on a chair in the corner of the theatre and going through my little routine, and dropping my jewellery into my pocket. And after a few cases, I needed to review a patient in labour ward, so I headed downstairs to the ward, took my keys out of my pocket to open the door to the ward, and realise that my jewellery is not in my pocket. In a heart dropping moment I look around, there is no hole in the pocket, and I start to panic. But professional I must be, so I check on my patient, he’d back up to theatre, scorer the theatre, moving boxes and trolleys, even the theatre bed. Check where I had sat in the tea room, rummage through my locker, the staff go through the bins of dirty linen and rubbish from our cases – nothing. I send Charlie a message telling him the news, I had lost my rings, and they were nowhere to be found… my heart was in my boots, tears were threatening… I started writing a poster for the theatre offering a reward if anyone found them. Then one of the nurses outside the theatre, tells someone that my rings are missing, then this nurse chirps up, 3 rings, on a silver chain? She tells me that they were handed in to security – she’s coming with me to collect them. Relief flooded through me….

So what transpired was the as I took my keys out of my pocket to access the labour ward, the chain must have gotten caught up in that, and so when I looked in the pocket they weren’t there, and then, I must have missed the tingle as they fell to the floor, to be found by a very honest cleaning services manager who handed them in. Thank heavens for many mercies – it was not a random visitor who picked them up and walked away with them, thank heavens that the nurse knew what had happened, thank heavens I have Charlie’s gran’s antique ring restored to my finger today. It was a traumatic afternoon to say the least, but I am sooooo relieved! Now to figure out another plan to keep my jewellery safe (although considering this is the first time it has ever happened, and we have been married for 11 years…)


..oh my goodness, have we had some nice rain! Jingoes, we have been so very dry, and finally we have had some really nice rain. 2 days and nights of steady soaking stuff, yesterday cleared up a bit and it was very humid initially, but cooled down again and today I think the rain is coming again. I really hope some of it gets to our inland farmers and offers some relief to them.

In other news, my cold is recovering, but I am tired, I think it’s just from the virus in my system, so hopefully after the weekend, I will all be fine again. The weekend is going to be busy – a school PTA/SGB function (that I just have to attend, not organise, thank heavens!), a half marathon, and a friend’s farewell party. (are you guys also seeing lots of migration happening? Our city is shrinking!) Thandi has her mock exams for tap and modern and is attending a swimming workshop, and has a birthday party to get to. We are going to play taxi cabs all weekend!

Tonight we continue working on the decor for the school luncheon, so I leave you with my llamas!

( he needs a yellow pompom, still in production)