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Laughing more

…I’ve been doing some thinking (again, I know); I had 2 experiences this weekend where I had some really good belly laughs; one was while babysitting the most junior ballet dancers on Friday night, with a mom that I don’t really know; and the other was on the beach with a mate on Sunday. And it felt great! My life has been an all consuming tough of late, with not enough belly laughs. I used to be so happy-go-lucky; until someone scowled at me when I greeted them in a passage and asked why I was always smiling. The comment was made some 17 years ago, but has lingered with me. I am slower to smile; slightly more reluctant to make eye contact and greet people (whether I know them or not); and I definitely laugh less. But this weekend, despite Charlie’s raised eye brow, I resolved to laugh more, smile more freely again and just embrace the happiness where I can. It makes for a much brighter me!


My super star!

Argh, man, she is just the best – Thandi has taken this whole performing thing in her stride, coping far better than some of her friends! Yesterday afternoon Charlie presented her with a little posy for her dancing, she was so very pleased with herself; and then it was time to get ready – hair done, male up on and off to the theatre she went, to get all ready in her froggie costume!


Last night we watched the opening performance, which went off very well! My Tinks was a little star! Love her!



..the week. So far, all good. I am pleased to announce that they have relaxed the rules on the absolutely no eating, not ever in the dance costumes debacle, and the children are now allowed to eat ‘clean’ food, that doesn’t mess. So less of the hangry kid thing happening – she’s still exhausted and a bit irrational after a performance, but not starving too. Tonight is opening night, here’s to broken legs!

In other news after 2 runs which really didn’t go very well (one afternoon session, which I generally hate, and one bugged with tummy cramps), I did a tough hill session this morning, and survived it! I am still smiling after the endorphin rush! It was a gorgeous morning, we were running up a tough hill, and at the top, as we turned around, we could see the sun emerging in her full gloriousness over the horizon! Divine! (the wind is pumping now, so I am so glad I did it early!)

The pencils have arrived for the Halloween run handout – yes, I am the grinch of Halloween, anyone would swear I was a dentist – no sweets from my deli! And while I am totally ambivalent about the whole halloween thing, I am using the run as 3 000 marketing opportunities. And maybe I will score a few points with the parents!

Have good Thursdays, my friends!



Ramping up

…the week. So yesterday I spent the day revelling in the sense of accomplishment of the weekend. And then last night, the week to come crashed into me…

Thandi is in another production at the local theatre – this time it’s ballet and the 12 Dancing Princesses. She has a minuscule role for all of about 3 minutes, and has had to attend very long drawn out rehearsals. Yesterday was the case in point – be at the theatre at 3pm, drama, hair, costumes, you can picture the scene; to discover when I arrived to fetch her at 6pm, that she had only graced the stage at 5:30! Seriously! A 5 year old sitting for 2 and a half hours? And she is ‘not allowed to eat in costume!’ 5years old, people! The poor kid. By the time it was home time, she was hungry, crying and moaning, and totally beside herself. And today we do it all again…

I also am supposed to be having my last week of intense training before I head off to my trail run, except, given this ballet, some of my time is being seriously curtailed! No running in the afternoons/evenings. Just something else to press my stress buttons!

And then this weekend is our town’s local Halloween Trick or Treat fun run. The deli is hosting a table, and we have to still design and produce our costumes, finalise our decor, and I am eagerly awaiting the handouts we have ordered – I’m the grinch of halloween and have decided to hand out pencils, not sweeties. Argh!

And all I want to do is sit quietly on the couch reading and working on some embroidery! Woe is me!


Busy Sunday

…what a day! I woke up at 05h00, worried about a patient. After a quick coffee and a game or 7 of candy crush (sorry, Nyama, still haven’t deleted it…), I headed into the hospital and saw said patient. After due consideration, I decided to do a caesar, only to encounter a horrible complication, that had me minutes away from having to do a hysterectomy ¬†on her… Fortunately, all seems to be ending well, after lots of interventions, a transfusion and a night in ICU, it looks like she is on the road to recovery, phew!

But, after that case, I headed off to fetch a friend, and we then embarked on the first compulsory Wild Women training run. BC and I ran a warm up 5km before we joined the rest of the girls for a 15km trail. It was divine! I love running with these girls, it’s so life giving to me! And BC knew what she was doing when she suggested we run the 5km before – I had a lovely confidence boost, which I desperately needed before I head off to the Dryland Traverse next week.

By the time I got home, having checked on my patient (she was doing well then), Thandi was off to another dancing rehearsal, so I had a long luxurious shower, and then settled down with a cup of tea and some embroidery…

By 15h30, I couldn’t imagine I could have done so much! Yay!

Now, if I could just find some time to relax with Charlie…

Happy Tears

… I tend to cry at everything, if I’m happy, if I’m sad, if I’m tired and especially when I am frustrated, I cry! Today I have happy tears. I can’t tell you more yet, but if you’ve read my blog for long enough, you’ll figure out what would give me happy tears. (No, I’m definitely not pregnant). Thanks to everyone for the quiet prayers.


Mind wanderings .3

…in a world of complete and utter craziness, I am so glad for what I consider to be the normalcy of my life…