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Too soon

…I spoke too bloody soon. This morning’s run was horrible. My legs were just tired and my energy was, as Donald would say, very low. Damnit. It didn’t help that it was 24 degrees with a hot berg wind blowing that made me feel so dehydrated. Ugh. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


…up a streak. I can’t really remember having a time like this, maybe because I started running so long ago, and I’ve shuffled along in a state of mild fitness ever since; but I am thoroughly enjoying seeing my body respond to my 5km a day minimum. Which I am proud to say is now 27 runs old, this afternoon’s one will mark 28. I have, at times, felt as though I am really struggling, times when I have been sore and tired, but I am slowly starting to see some positives. This weekend I managed back to back runs of some distance. I ran my favourite Saturday run of 11km, and then yesterday I ran 15km. For both of them I was incredibly nervous, expecting my body to fail me at any point; either in terms of fitness, or in terms of an injury cropping up. Aside form some mild shin splints, which I am managing, I had neither of those things happen to me. No major embarrassment in terms of my fitness (yes, I was slower than the rest of the gang, but better than I have been on a long run in a while) and my body held up. A friend even commented on Saturday that I was stronger than she has seen me in ages; and the last time we ran together was probably about 5 months ago! My form is better, and I am loving this new phase. What a relief! This running every day thing is totally paying off!

About last night

…gosh, that was fun! Christmas in July was just fabulous. Delicious food, great wine and loads of laughter and hysteria! It really was good!

the cute puppy even got involved!

The evening opened with some glühwein, and then we ate, and ate… We ate some great food – a mussel chowder, a full roast dinner – beef, lamb, gammon and chicken, with all the veggies, trifle was next, followed by a cheese board. Dirty Santa was also a blast, with family alliegences being tested, husbands needing to steal gifts back for wives, sisters pitting against each other. Boy, did we laugh! We are definitely going to have to do this again!


Weather psychopathy

…jingoes! We go from one extreme to the other. This weekend we froze, and as you saw, my family went snow hunting, followed by 2 days of extreme heat – on Monday the temperature fluctuated from 3 degrees to 30! It was insane. Of course, what that meant is that a cold front blew in on Tuesday night again, and we are shivering again! Oh well!

So tonight is the 25th of July, and a friend is hosting a Christmas in July dinner tonight. It promises to be a heap of fun, with a roast dinner, some good wine and delicious sweet treats, and a Dirty Santa game! (we’re each putting in a gift, and then we get the chance to steal other peoples, if we fancy theirs more than ours!) I’m looking forward to some fun after a hectic little time at work. I have been incredibly busy, things have just kept going and going, and going!

On that note, I must be off, work waits for no-one!


…and as the entire country shivered this weekend, I was fairly busy with work. 2 babies and a whole lot of work at the rooms, but it was otherwise good.

We all went to bed on Friday night as the cold front hit, it was wet and windy and freezing! So as my alarm went off early for my run, I made the decision that it would have to be a dreadmill run. And, once I had finished at the office, I headed to the gym and got my mileage in . It was quite something staring out of the window, watching the weather move in and out. Rain came and went; wind, clouds racing across the sky… And I ran and sweated in relative comfort.

The rest of the day was quiet, a friend and I sent the afternoon sewing, which was productive. I am now working on some quilts for a one day dream…

Sunday was a beautiful clear crisp day, my family went snow hunting in the mountains, and they did find some. I stayed here, and caught babies!

She takes my breath away.


…sitting in the traffic this morning, I was, once again, astounded by the sense of entitlement that people show while driving. Watching people cut into a left turning lane from the right lane, seeing people impatient at stop signs and pushing into a congested intersection, seeing people scream through a robot on dark orange. And, as I wonder every morning, I wondered what made that particular driver so important that he did not have to stick to the rules. I wondered if he was racing to a sick child in hospital, no, because he turned to the shopping centre. I wondered if he was a policeman racing to an incident, well, no, no police vehicle or uniform. I wondered if he was a paramedic, well no, because he wasn’t in a branded vehicle or in any kind of uniform. And I wondered if his ‘crisis’ of time really justified his behaviour?

People are such idiots.

RIP we have lost another South African icon; someone who had the Mandela-esque capabilities to unite us all, and in a nation currently so fractured and broken, someone whose wisdom will be missed.

Johhny Clegg, you are a legend, as you make that crossing, know that you carry all of our best wishes.

If you don’t know him, have listen to this interview…

Johnny Clegg

And if you don’t know his music…