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Story of my weekend

…is I guess the story of my life. It was busy, the babies were inconvenient. My leg is still sore, so I couldn’t do my training run. It was frustrating and distressing. Anyway, I survived. still hobbling, but I’m standing.

I delivered 6 babies this weekend, one of them a stillborn, which is never easy. my heart aches for these patients. In this case, it was even worse, she ‘belonged’ to my partner, and she arrived late on Friday evening to be admitted, so she was never handed over to me, so I felt a little unprepared. Nevertheless, I got it together, and we got her through what must be an altogether awful experience. All the other babies came with appropriate joy and excitement. (just wish they came at better hours!)

The leg is still sore, it’s a bit better this morning, but every now and again, it gives me an almighty tweak, and I am grounded again. I’m going to try to see if my physio might be able to tweak my trigger points this evening, she’s a mornings only worker, so it’ll be begging for a favour. Maybe if I bribe her with wine? And that’ll be assuming my 2 labouring patients will be delivered. Argh!

The story of my life…


weekend apologies

I feel like I have short changed you this week, my posts have all been a bit cryptic, and brief, so I’m going to try to fill in some gaps for you today.

After a great weekend, (albeit extremely busy) and an awesome time visiting with Adip, the week just picked up with stress and busy-ness. After not doing much night work in the last few weeks, I had a bit of a nightmare with deliveries in the middle of the night, strange how that goes, months with nothing, and  then a crazy week. The rooms have also been extremely busy, with one partner getting back from his holiday on wednesday, and the other starting his yesterday, so for a month, I will have been covering someone… On the plus side, in the office, though, we are now a whole lot closer to finding a new associate, and will hopefully finalise that this week, to have her starting in the new year. Yay for better hours!

At home, our neighbour’s gorgeous daughter developed a pneumonia this week, and becase Thandi and Nox visit there most days, she unfortunately caught the bug (H. Inflenza B, for those interested) and has obviously had an awful time of it, coughing and sneezing, with a runny nose and a temperature. This has meant rough nights for us all, and by yesterday I was shattered, she was still quite niggly (but smiling!); my Charlie was a saint, taking care of her last night, letting me have a better sleep. This morning Thandi girl is much better, and I hope that’s it for a while now.

Charlie has also had a rough time of late, I can’t go into too much detail, but a business partnership has soured, and that means that the nature of the work will change for Charlie, with him picking up all the pieces now, so we’re in for a rough ride with a hard working husband and dad! Bt this we will cope with, and I know Charlie will be just fine!

Anyway, my bloggy friends, I must go, have great weekends all! I hope my call allows me that!

it’s the weekend…

…and I have a sick baby and I am on call… averaging less than 4 hours sleep since friday last week, with about 3 last night, I am shattered, Thandi is miserable and unhappy, Charlie is slightly stressed; enough said…

Weekend Hangover

…and not the kind you’re thinking of. I had a great on call weekend, with all emergencies and phone calls happening during the day, unitl this morning, between midnight and just after 04h00, I delivered 3 of my partner’s patients, and Thandi was very disturbed by the noisy front door opening and closing, so her night deteriorated too… So I’m a ‘hungover’ bird today. Which means there’ll probably be a lot of eating today, in an attempt to stay awake… not good…

The rest of the weekend was good, after a busy-ish friday, I got home, and Charlie and I chilled on the couch, with our gorgeous girl! Pizza’s for supper – yummy! (take out, not home made though, which wold have been better) Saturday I was in the office, and then I got onto my chocolate fillings, after a quiet afternoon, it was onto chocolate making at the neighbours, and look at the results!

Mint towers and strawberry truffle squares, and even if I say so myself, they were spectacular! Loved them, and loved making them. Fortunately our neighbour is one of those people who is slightly obsessive over things like this, so he has a machine which tempers the chocolate (eat your hearts out masterchef contestants!) which made life very easy. Unfortunately a power outage held the production line up, but I’ll definitely give this a bash again!

Sunday was a quiet day, caught up with an old friend over breakfast and had my folks over to lunch. Thandi was at her social best, chatting and smiling, and those giggles are definitely starting now – too cute! On offer for lunch, slow roasted lamb knuckles, served with pea and gorgonzola mash, followed by the upside down pear and walnt gingerbread pudding. All went down well!

And now after my very early start, my day must continue, 8 hours in, and I am rather shattered, just as well there’s a facial this afternoon!

Sluggish Saturday

…After a run of epic sleeps (albeit with early risings) we had an epic fail last night… We got home from an engagement party last night at 21h30, she awoke and needed feeding and cuddling before she felt ready to sleep, then she woke at around 03h00 for more of the same, and then again at 04h45, so its been a long night, and I am feeling decidedly weary this morning. Fortunately the phone didn’t ring in the night, so I have been ok from a work point of view. Anyway, let’s hope tonight is better!

So last night we went to RT’s engagement party, I must say, it’s nice to see her happy, she has had quite the year – I wish you only the best, my friend, romance and roses all the way! MK, look after her properly, see!

Oh well, back to the grindstone for me, have good saturdays, and let’s hope the Boks make us proud tonight!

Made it!

I made it through to monday, successfully surviving my first weekend back on call. Yay! It wasn’t great, but we got through it, and fortunately all the work happened in the mornings, which made things a lot easier. And we did some socialising too – yay! Dinner at L’s on saturday (butternut soup, roast lamb and chicken with all the trimmings and yummy apple pie!) and a very civilised sunday lunch yesterday (butternut soup – clearly a trend here- roast gammon and veggies and pecan nut pie), and last night Don popped around for pizza and the mnet movie, I fell asleep during it (not a comment on the company), I think all the stress and a later night or 2 caught up with me. Anyway, its monday morning, and I am determined to be positive this week! I might even reward myself with a facial this weekend! Tonight Don and I are catching up with an old friend and colleague, I’m doing my fish in phyllo pastry, served with the princess pea salad, Don is bringing the dessert, it’ll be great to catch up on old times. And tomorrow, being a holiday, we’ll have tea with old school chums, and Thandi will hopefully get to meet her little 3rd cousin, whose 1st birthday party she ended up missing yesterday, because mom was stuck at work – poor girl…

The curse of 3

…the 3 that bad things happen in? Let’s just put it this way, you don’t want to be a patient of mine today… Bad news to 2 so far in the last 24 hours, damn you fate!

Day 253

…and I have 5 days left of work, thank heavens! The weekend on call was horrific, I can’t even remember what I did on friday, but I know I was busy, and left the office at about 18h30, after having a good sob, and apologising to my baby for working so hard. Saturday was very busy in the day, and in the early hours of sunday all hell broke loose, with 3 deliveries between 02h00 and 04h00, (one of which was a heartbreaking one) which left me contracting and worried about little Tenacious… Anyway, a quiet morning and a good nap had me feeling a lot better, so all is well this morning.

Mothers Day was a little of a non-event, I had planned to cook a nice lunch for my mom, but with my preceding night, we called it quits, and we popped in to visit my folks in the afternoon, I had made up a ‘Granny survival kit’, with a teddy, some chocolate (sorry, Don, they were sweet nuts) a Willow figurine and a clothes peg (‘a clothes peg?’ I hear you ask, for the smelly nappies’ nose protection). We had a good visit, and Tenacious got another present from Granny, a snuggly babygrow – lucky little thing!

Anyway, 5 days to go, best I get started!

By the way, I have to sing my Charlie’s praises, he has taken it upon himself to drive me in to work whenever I am needed, so there he sits, waiting in the car for me, in the pouring rain in the middle of the night, while I catch babies and do whatever else I need to. And then he holds me tight when I cry about the tragedies I see; turns on the shower, so its warm for me to climb into when I need to wash away the smells of labour ward. He is a husband above all others, I am a lucky, lucky girl, and I adore him!

Day 223

…and thank you to anyone who stood on one leg yesterday, Tenacious is still inside! (not on top!) Although with the number of Braxton-Hicks contractions yesterday, it might have been a close call!

Yawn, I am tired. After celebrating a special little Sammy-Sky’s birthday yesterday, it was off to the hospital to see a patient and deliver her later (23h00) after which I had a very unsettled night, tossing and turning, so I am weary this morning. The office has been a bit busy, with the overflow of patients from the week, and I have had a few other emergencies brewing, so I’m hoping that things will settle down to a calm panic soon, and after a few chores, I will be able to have a nap (without the secret camera which seems to beam to the world the moment I have dropped off, so that they can all phone me with arbitrary queries, like ‘Can I wax my legs if I’m pregnant?’ ) Anyway, a girl can but hope!

Tonight we’re grabbing dinner out at the barking bistro with friends, and tomorrow we’re having a little braai at lunchtime, with some old mates, including the Donzil – Yay:-) Now, if these patients will just cooperate with me, oh, and the irritable uterus!

Day 204

…and the weekend on call drags on… today being a public holiday and all, and I am trying to find fertility drugs for my patient, which of course noone really stocks in our little village – oy…. Anyway, we shall just keep trying.

The weekend has been consistent so far, things keep ticking along, we’ve had 2 babies on friday, the premmie twins on saturday, 2 yesterday, and so far today, we wait… so a running (or shold I say, catching) total of 6!

Our dinner on saturday was good fun, between potatoes, and green food, we maintained our Irish theme. Starter was a tallegio, truffle and potato pizza, which was really nice, mains rack of lamb with a grass green crust of pitachio’s and various herbs (gorgeous and tender, served with dauphinoisse potatoes and pea salad – yum!), and pud a subtle green mint and white chocolate mousse. All very delicious! But I must say, I am loosing my ‘gees’ for entertaining now, by the end of the day, my ankles were swollen, feet were aching and I was shattered, I’d spent most of the day on my feet, between prepping food, setting tables and working, so I think from here on out, until Tenacious has arrived and settled, it’ll be bring and braai’s. Sorry! I spent yesterday recovering, and aside from deliveries, spent all day with my feet up, so I at least feel a whole lot more human today.

Tenacious is growing like a champion, check out my new belly shot!