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… my year of tremendous highs and horrendous lows. Above all, a year that taught me endurance.

My lows – in a word I could describe this as my year of loss. In January our divine nanny, Thandi’s second mother Noxy left us for a new opportunity, the chance to live full time with both her children, a chance that we couldn’t begrudge her. In February my dear mom died. I miss her everyday with an aching heart. In July our German friends left and what a blow that was to everyone, loosing such dear friends to another continent. Thankfully social media has made the world very small. At the end of August we closed the doors on our little dream project, my little deli, Salut. Hard to close up, but a completely cold financial decision and it has now revealed the true extent of its destruction of almost all my savings.

The highs – 2 marathons, one ultra marathon and a stage trail have been some good runnings highs for me. I’m very proud of what I have achieved running given the rest of my life. Winning the Regional BWA businesswomen achiever award in August was a lovely indictment of my work achievements. Someone has noticed, someone thought I was the most successful professional woman in my city. Good one!Our holiday to Scotland was just fabulous – sights, sounds, food, family, divine.

And through it all, the highs and lows I’ve been blessed with incredible friends and the most special family. Without Thandi and Charlie, this girl wouldn’t have survived this tumultuous year. Thank you both for standing by my side through the proverbial thick and thin; and thanks for agreeing to join me on the adventures that 2018 will no doubt bring.

To my friends in the computer, thanks for being there with a comment or a like; thanks for blogging and letting me have a glimpse of your lives; stay awesome, keep blogging.

Merry Christmas

… to you and your families. I hope you are making some incredible memories.

I’m trying hard to emulate my Dawny this season, when everything had to be just so – from her special biscuits, to Christmas Cake, to a roast dinner. It’s been a tough season, but today I woke up with a song in my heart.

Miss you Mom, lend a hand with Dad if you can.

9 years

I said yes. I still do, every day. Love you, my CharlieBear.

What the elf did next

He’s been busy!

Having a Frozen inspired moment!

 getting stuck into a bag of homemade fudge – cheeky guy! Photo Booth!

We all know an evil genius (not really, I know) needs his minions!

Harry Potter came to town for a quidditch game!

Someone saws us baking and decided to get in on the deal – messy business!After a rainy day, last night someone got stuck into the drawing and colouring in.

(my brothers arrive tomorrow for a couple of days to see if they can help me out with our dad – relief!)


… to get that Christmas spirit going here, guys! Thandi and I had fun this weekend. We baked up a storm – biscuits, fudge, coconut ice, a gingerbread house. (I really appreciate how you can see the difference in her arms here – a permanent reminder of what she has endured this holiday in her splint – that left arm is pale, (look at her hands esp) and skinnier than the other)

We decorated our tree, we embellished the house, it’s been good to sort out, throw out where necessary and clean up. Getting things in order pleases me. The fact that there is a lot of mess first distresses me, but thereafter I am destressed.

(In my decluttering, tonight I tackle the spare room!)

Holiday programming

…the rest of the world and their buddy seem to be going on holiday and here I am, no leave in sight. I am really finding it incredibly hard to get up and going every day, I am broken. But you’ve all heard this story before, so I am not going to rehash it, suffice to say that all the current drama is making my grief around my mom seem pitiful. There are going to be some big monsters to slay in the coming months, I hope I have the strength to fight them.



…I am really relieved that all of the formal Christmas gatherings are now done. I have no commitments left to anyone, except my beautiful family. Book club, supper club, work – I can tick them all off my list. They’ve all been fun, I have enjoyed the events and functions, but I am burnt out and broken; and it’s hard to slap a happy face on and be jolly all the time, when inside I am just wanting to curl up into a little ball, go to sleep and hide away from the rest of the world…

What I am excited about is the adventures of Mungo, our elf on the shelf. He is having a whale of a time! Despite thinking he would only make an appearance this coming weekend, a certain someone developed FOMO, so the elf was beckoned…

He’s back!

getting tangled in some Christmas lights , and bringing a joke.

A high stakes monopoly game was underway!(I love how frazzled Elsa looks in this picture!)

Give an elf a shweshwe apron, and he’s a messy genius in the kitchen! (strawberry milkshake for the win!) (and some graffiti!)

BatElf and BatRosita save the day!

3…2…1… blast off!

6 days done, let’s see what the next 12 bring!