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What will Johnny do next?

…a belated anniversary celebration saw Charlie and I travel to the neighboring city to see Johnny Clegg in his ABF public show in South Africa. And, guys, it was amazing. I cheered, I laughed, I cried. He really is a national treasure.

For those of you who have missed it, it was a moving journey through his life, starting with his rebellious start at 14/15 years of age, through the Jaluka/Sevuka years to where he is now, a 64 year old man who is recovering from a malignant diagnosis. He brought out his son, Jesse; his musical partner from the Jaluka days, Sipho and in his encore played Asimbonanga with the video rolling in the background of when Mandela surprised him on stage in France. Inspiring and indulgently nostalgic…

I spent much of the second half of the show mentally composing a letter to him, thanking him for giving me an incredible soundtrack to my life thus far. I may still write it, watch this space.

Charlie, my love, 9 years strong. Let us celebrate whenever we get the chance, and dance like teenagers in the corner of a room somewhere!

Week 3

…of January is done! Can you actually believe it? My child is settling in well at school and in a few short weeks the term will be over! I am seriously struggling with dealing with the passage of time here…

Anyway. In a bit if an update, work continues to be busy. I was not on call last night, but I forgot to switch my phone off, and 2:30 am it rang – groan! Anyway, I have had some terrible sleep this week, I am seriously struggling with a cough; and while I felt a lot better yesterday, when I climbed intoned, it started again – I think I had a bit of a reaction to the chemically smell of our brand new mattress  (yes, we finally treated ourselves to one) and I had coughed and coughed and coughed until I almost threw up, and had struggled to sleep, so call at that hour was very unwelcome!

Like I said, Thandi is having a great time at school. She is a bit sad her buddies aren’t in her class, and she says break time is way too short to play with her friends, “Mom, break is so short, I just had time to eat my sandwich and then I had to go in again!” Charlie and  I are back on the PTA this year – I like to be involved, and it’s looking like it’ll be a good year.

My running update is interesting – so I got hold of a friend who is a sports physician in CT and he has said that some of the medication I am on could definitely have an impact on performance. Mid last year I was diagnosed with hypertension and started on medication, to my absolute horror! I am just so relieved that I haven’t imagined things, that I may not just be fat and unfit… Time will tell what we can do about it though. I have to do some tests and get the answers to him, but I want my cough to be better first.

The weekend awaits! Birthday parties and braais, runs and relaxation are on the cards. Sunday we head off to the neighbouring city to go and watch Johnny Clegg in his final tour – I cannot wait! It’s going to be awesome.


…again. I think I’m sounding like a stuck record. I ran on the weekend with my fellow Wild Women and had to bail at 15km. I felt pathetic. I’d developed a cough which wasn’t bothering too much, except on Saturday it bothered a lot and since then even more… I’m super frustrated with it. But there are a few other odd things going on that I think I need to chat to a sports physician about. I’m really struggling with energy and strength. I know life is stressful yada yada, and yes I’m tired, but this has become debilitating. And given that I have done hill training virtually every week for the last 18 month’s, hills should be a breeze – but they aren’t. So time to start investigating I think. Let’s get to the bottom of this, so I can get back to enjoying and thriving!

saying all of the above, it was a beautiful run!

Making it

…showee! It’s been a busy week.

The first day of ‘big’ school went well, Thandi seems to be settling down really well. We had our Grade One parents meeting last night – I know my child is going to be rather bored, so I am going to have to work hard to keep her humble and stimulated. Homework has been a piece of cake thus far, long may it last. We are busy working on her extramural timetable – it’s going to be a busy year for the young lady. We are still awaiting the swimming assessment at school to see if she will be in the school squad or not, and then we can finalise the programme. Ballet, tap dancing, modern dancing, piano, swimming and ball skills (the sports development programme at the school); and we are considering french lessons. sounds atrocious, doesn’t it? But she loves it all, and is coping with it all; the moment she doesn’t, the plan will change.

Work has been hectic – the medical aids are full and people have funds, so everyone is coming out of the woodwork – routine checks and then problems that patients have lived with until their funds kicked in again. I do feel like the rooms are bursting at the seams. It’s not a bad thing, I am still in financial recovery mode after my deli devoured my all my savings, so busy is good. (I have to keep chanting that mantra in my head – it gets tough to stay positive and motivated though. I am trying so hard to engage each patient I see and make sure they leave happy and satisfied with the solutions I seek out for them.)

At home we have had a hiccup, our housekeeper did not return after New Year – she left before Christmas, returned for 1 day between the holiday weekends and then not again. We did have a squizz in her room after our dogs went crazy at the door, to find a pigsty! Cupboards and drawers overflowing, food on plates in the fridge growing mould, roaches everywhere! Grim – and now a clear understanding why my hose was always untidy! Anyway, she heard we had looked, took offence, sent us some angry sms’s and has failed to appear for a disciplinary hearing… So currently Charlie and I are becoming domestic gods – washing, vacuuming, ironing, cleaning. I realise now how lazy we had become, and keeping things under control is not too hard. However, with the start of school meetings and functions, we are realising we need that person to live in with us again…

So, here’s to the weekend after a week of crazy busyness. Enjoy yours too!

School days

…and she’s off!

Day 1 seems to have gone very well. She is positively effervescent with tales of her day. We are better by regaled with all the news – the day, the new girls and the homework! I am so excited for her.

Thandi, my beautiful girl, may all your first days be as great as this one, my girl. Fly high, be brave and know you can do anything; and that your mama loves you!


For tomorrow she will be a first grader! Be quiet, my mama angst.

Race update

… so the first race of the year is done. It was tough – very hot and quite crowded, we had to walk at a few points that I would have been happier running. But it was festive and the vibe was pretty awesome.

So, at the end of the run, I was happy I did it, but I was a little sad that my time hadn’t been faster. But I’d had fun and enjoyed the run with my friend. And then I did what I always do – analyses the results. And that analysis of mine was intense. I discovered an old school friend of mine who has recently taken to running beat me, and I felt a bit bleak. Then I realized that I was the last member of my running club to finish; it felt like everyone else placed; and then I sunk into a pit of self pity and questioned what the hell I thought I was doing.

I reached out to my running friends, and got some very wise words – I hadn’t set out having trained specifically for this run, I hadn’t gone in with a time in mind, so the fact that I just did it was great. Also, kudos to the girl who beat me, what a boost for her, and I’m going to try to use the humiliation, which is mine alone in creation and experience motivate me to train better and improve next run. I have very wise friends.

My finish was worth that smile!