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Of fractures and screws

…and just like that, my weekend which showed so much promise for a low stress, relaxed time turned into a nightmare!

Saturday dawned beautiful and crisp and a group of us set off to explore a local trail – we really explored a lot, some parts we explored 3 times on the trail (no, we were never lost, we were on the trail at all times!) – and really just enjoyed being out in the beauty and quiet of the trail.

Then, after a coffee, it was a promised trip to the local skate park for Thandi and a friend, they are still rank amateurs and spent time getting familiar with all the different options, and slowly growing in confidence. Then it was off for a little family lunch out. Some time during the afternoon, while I was off in lalaland, a squeal roused me and I came downstairs to find a hot, red faced little girl who had fallen off her skateboard while practicing with dad in the driveway…


I present the fractured left ankle – this is the AP view, the lateral looks worse.

What this meant was that Thandi needed to get her ankle fixed. Dr Niekie said we could go home on Saturday night after our Covid tests and come in on Sunday morning for a trip to theatre later in the day. Poor kid. None of us had a very good Saturday night, and Sunday the wheels nearly fell off. Waiting for a private room to be ready for her, once in the ward, waiting for some pain meds and then waiting for theatre my little girl ran out of bravery, and just broke down and sobbed – wishing for a time turner so that she could jump off the skateboard onto the grass instead of falling off of it, wishing that things would just get a move on, so it could be done and just wishing to be normal again. My angel, broke her momma’s heart to see her like that. Anyway, eventually, it was our turn in theatre and a satisfactory repair was performed – Dr Niekie said it went better nah. he anticipated, so I was really relieved about that. Once she woke up, we headed home and once she had relaxed a little, it was all about practicing with her crutches, so she would be ready for school this morning.

Dear readers, before you accuse me of being a cruel and heartless parent, she insisted on going to school, I offered her every chance to stay at home, but she was determined. Her teacher and headmistress met her at the gate, (parents are not allowed in because Covid), and saw her safety into school. Of course, the grade 3 classrooms are on the first floor (everyone else is at ground level), so she had to negotiate stairs, but she made it upstairs and I got this photo from the teacher!

Brave girl.

And so, as the sunset on this weekend, I was more than happy to see the back of it, not to adjust to our new normal…

Heal up quick, my beautiful girl and soon we will zoom around the skate park again!



Weekend looming

…so, next up – an unexpected not on call weekend! Yay! I am quite relieved to be off, I have a helluva week next week – I am fully booked Monday through to Wednesday for the first time since lockdown began, largely because I won’t be in on Thursday and Friday; and I have to confess to not being very work fit anymore. It has been quite pleasant to get home early afternoon most days and have a little nap! I am not an afternoon person! Give me mornings and evenings, but I can sleep through afternoons quite easily!

Thursday is a public holiday – Heritage day – and our president has asked us to be quiet at home, but to do the Jerusalema dance challenge? I will be running on the Wild Coast rather with my fellow Wild Women – although I am feeling as though, as 45, with 4 WW events under the belt, rather tame… We may end up dancing, but let us see if I am wild enough!

So this weekend – as per usual, there will be a little running, there will be some socialising, there will be some sewing! It will be good!

 I leave you with this morning’s sunrise…


…so the weekend was reasonable – work was very quiet, for which I was grateful, I really was exhausted going into the weekend. I did not have any late night work, which meant I got some decent sleep, finally! I did have early mornings though, to get my training runs in, one was absolutely awful and the other enjoyable – more on those later. We did a little socialising on both Friday and Saturday nights – why does it feel like I should still keep these evenings out secret? But it was really nice to spend some time around the dinner table with friends, catching up, laughing and relaxing.

So, the running – on Thursday last week I went to one of the local sports massage people in town for a leg rub. My legs were fatigued and I had a sore spot on my left calf, and I thought that a rub down would help. This lady is known for her vice grip hands, but I made sure that I felt ok with everything that she did and that she wasn’t hurting me. And I got home, felt fine, and thought all would be ok. Friday dawned with steady rain the whole day (so good for the earth,  to so much for me) and I elected in the afternoon to get a run in on the elliptical, which I guess, protects the calves a bit, I wasn’t aware of any drama. Roll on Saturday morning, I was up nice and early, and decided to wear the calf sleeves I have previously used with great success. Rolling them on, I was aware of a few bruises….hmmm…. Well, within 100 meters of starting my run, my calves felt tight, uncomfortable and I just wasn’t able to use them, I walked, and ran downhills, and stretched and nothing. Eventually I called my run short and with my tail between my legs walked back to the car. I spent the rest of the day puzzling over what had gone wrong, and eventually decided that just maybe the calf sleeves were a problem. I decided immediately that I would run again the next day and see how that went sans sleeves. Well, starting out slowly I had none of the tightness that had plagued me, I could actually use my calves and although I ran the hills extremely slowly (read walked most of them), I finished the run with some strength remaining, and with a smile on my face. I am actually looking forward to my run planned for this afternoon!

So, in 2 weeks time it is our belated and dramatically reduced Wild Women on the Run excursion. I am now feeling ready and confident to tackle the event! can’t wait to catch up with old friends!


…while things have been way better in terms of my self control and commitment to myself, I still experience moments of sabotage. Argh! The weekend was good, until I could not find the magnetic plate I use for my embroidery patterns, I searched high and low, and suspect it has been packed away by my domestic goddess in a safe place that will reveal itself to me in about 3 years time… So I did not get any sewing done. Oh well, but I did run and I ate carefully, with self control and got a haircut! It was good enough!

Reading a post yesterday from Catrina about her watch and its uses triggered a thought, for a while now I have occasionally slept with my watch on to observe my sleep patterns – although I am not quite sure how they actually track things, but it tells you how much is deep vs light vs REM sleep. As I suspected, deep sleep is something I seriously lack in my life… It was a good validation of the fact that I often don’t feel rested after a night, I feel like I have heard every single noise and sound.

And now, some pretty spring blossoms

and my reward cappuccino



Weekend loading

… I can’t wait to get out of the office today! Load shedding has played havoc with some of my after hours crafting projects – last night I needed to sort out a picture in a frame for a friend of T’s. It’s her birthday and the kids are the #doublechintwins! So I have some awesome photos of them, but I couldn’t work on the ’embellishments’ for them last night in the dark, so I need to get it all finalised before the party this evening!

I also really get this worn out feeling after a weekend on call, so this weekend off is always long awaited, and somehow this one feels especially so, even though I didn’t have much work after hours this last week. I am tired; probably thanks to the early morning running again – this is the first week I have gotten up at 4:20 every morning to run at 5! And I’m a slow learner sometimes, it takes me a while to remember that I should try to get to bed a bit earlier. Hopefully this weekend I get the chance for the odd afternoon nap and am fully rejuvenated by next week!

What’s on the cards this weekend – some running, a hairdresser date and some crafting! I have ordered a beautiful modern wedding (cross stitch) sampler (my nephew is getting married next year) which has arrived, and I want to start on it soon, its so pretty, I am excited to sew!


…has sprung! Woohoo! Those who know me IRL will know why this is such a significant day! I am finally back in season! This will signal the start of a turn up in all matters, not just climate, and we are now galloping towards summer!

I am galloping towards an improved body – flip! The eating has been totally out of control, and as of Saturday we are focussed and back under control. The running streak started 16 days ago. I am ploughing through my admin. The time has come to reclaim my life from this covid pause that has been forced on all of us. I like Spring – it’s a chance for a new start, a chance to take a deep breath and embrace the emerging new world.


…my sacroiliac joint is complaining to me after a hill session this morning, damnit! I have been settling back down into my routine of running again (I am 10 days into another 5km/day streak) and I am desperate to not be derailed! I really need the discipline that streaking gives me. Anyway. I have stretched and stuck a transact patch onto it, so I’m hoping that helps and I will give my friendly Chiro a call and see if he can manipulate me back into shape.



…trails! So this weekend I got to explore some trails with friends. But, you know, we all have those friends, Come along, it’ll be about 14/15 km – 5 to the trail, the trail is about 4.5km, then back to the cars, another 5. I should have smelt a rat when the rest of the crew arrived with camelbaks, and I didn’t. 7km and we made it to the trail…

 A teeny bit of water was around, we need some rain! Come on Spring!

 The Coral trees are in full bloom – so lovely!

The trail was beautiful, but the hills were a bit brutal! They are thinking of it as a new potential park run – its going to be a very tough one, I must say! The views were beautiful though, and just being out on the trails is just the best feeling! I did start to have some sense of humour failure when we ran up a monstrous hill (for the second time) to just finish the trail, and then turn straight around and run back down the hill to start to head home again. But still, it was nice. The return journey was brutal for me. No water, no nutrition, and another 7km to get back to the cars, and it was getting hot! Anyway, I made it back, sort of, and just rehydrated and rehydrated for the rest of the day. I was also seriously needing some nutrition – I had to sit down in the shower because my muscles were protesting and I felt completely drained. It took a while, but I perked up by the evening. I do hate that shaky feeling though.

The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet, nothing too exciting to report. Here’s to a good week!



Happy Birthday!

…to my Charlie!My favorist with my other favorist! Love you madly!

(an easy day at work meant I got to have lunch with these 2 beauts, and then we have just had a quiet little evening together with Mac cheese and chocolate cake!)


In recovery

The weekend started with me looking a little like this strelitzia – battered, bashed, and dying.


It ended better!

We escaped to the wild coast for the weekend, I desperately needed some time away, and I was able to just unwind and enjoy some uncomplicated downtime.

I ran, I slept, I ate well, I breathed and for 5 minutes just let the weeks complications rest without my thoughts stirring them up. It was restorative.

Here is to getting through another week!