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… so I hosted my annual Valentine’s dinner on Saturday night. I do love it all – thinking up a theme, designing a menu and then bringing it all together on the day. This year was no exception!

Introducing the Royal Affair – a meal fit for a king and queen.

On that menu…

  • CanapĂ© – fish and chips, with a pea sorbet
  • Starter – bangers and truffle mash with a yorkshire pud and caramelized onions
  • Palate cleanser – a G&T sorbet
  • Mains – a lamb crown roast, with steamed green veggies and fondant potatoes
  • Dessert – sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream
  • Petit four platter – miniature toffee apples, port and Stilton truffles, elderflower jellies and tiara biscuits.

It seemed to all go down well, and I think my friends may want to come again next year!

2 years

… since I saw your gentle face, 2 years since I bid you well on your journey. I wish it wasn’t so. I wish you were still reading my little lady stories. There’s so much to tell you. I miss you anew every day…

Recovery Tuesday

…I am really buggered this morning. I tried to run this morning, but that was a bit if a fail, it became a run/walk/knyp*. My joints were really still quite sore, and I thought they would loosen up a bit, but they didn’t really.. Let’s hope tomorrow is a bit easier on me. This being aged thing is rough!

So in an effort to recover from things I am going to (try and) take it easy today. Stop that, I can hear your eyes rolling from here! While I have 1 patient in labour, who I fear is going to need a caesarian section – it’s a big baby and she is overdue, so she is not a stressor today; and I have a lunch date planned with an old friend, and then this evening I intend to do some prep work for my annual Valentine’s dinner. And I will go to bed early! To sleep, perchance to dream…

* knyp loosely translated means pinch – my guts were not cooperating this morning

My aching bones

…yoh, ramping up my mileage before this March marathon and my body is complaining! Wow! I am sore and uncomfortable. But, persevere I must, so I will just keep plodding on. The tough part is that I am quite anti-inflammatory intolerant and develop gastritis very easily when I take them – probably a combination of the drugs side effects and the stress of running on my body, so I spent yesterday feeling entirely out of sorts after my 25km run. I was sore, and crampy, quite nauseous and had that churning feeling in my tummy. All I wanted to do was lie down, but we were at a Rotary social, so I had to be bright and breezy and cheerful! (It was a fun social anyway – the hosts have a home on a riverside property about 30 min from home, and the kids spent the day in the river, swimming and jumping and exploring – just the best day in the sun for them! My child has pink cheeks today – testament to a fun time!)

Anyway, I will see my bio today, hopefully the rehab for my weak glutes will ease some of my muscular aches and pains, because tomorrow I must run again. I will hopefully get a chance to sneak into the massage therapist tomorrow and get a good rub down.



…Freaking hell, it’s been busy! That is the single reason I didn’t get to post yesterday, I did not touch sides! Work was fully booked, I rushed off to an appointment with the biokinetesist; and then had to leave that early to deliver a baby, which made me late for my afternoon in the rooms… Yoh! Anyway…

So, I had a reasonable weekend. Reasonable because I got some chores done, but not great – all my work happened after hours (the phone really felt like it never stopped ringing) and I did not sleep very well. Which meant that my runs were impacted… One day when I am big, maybe I won’t have to do calls and I will actually sleep like a reasonable person. Who am I kidding? After years of squonky sleep patterns I suspect it will never be normal… A girl can dream. (no, wait, you need to sleep to dream, scratch that!)

So on Friday night, a group of us are hosting a Wild Women on the Run fundraiser – the local surf lifesaving club have offered their venue and we are hosting a movie night. Bring a cushion or a blanket and enjoy a flick, eating a gourmet burger or boerie roll, with some sweet treats for dessert. We hope it will be a roaring success! But it does mean that I am busy getting things organised – 4 batches of fudge are made, some biscuits are made that need icing this evening; the girls and I will get together to package and make some cupcakes and just finalise everything. Phew!




…no, not out there with rave music! Last night was “bookclub” – although I am not sure that we can call it that anymore. We are more of a stokvel. We all read, but mostly on our kindles now, so we don’t buy books as a group anymore; instead, we save our money for a really nice end of year weekend away with our families.

I was the hostess lat night. I was quite pleased that a theatre case which I suspect may be a complicated one postponed because she had developed ‘flu; so after watching Thandi swim in the local city wide trials*, I got home to cook and prep.

On the menu

  • roasted garlic and goats cheese tart
  • Mushroom and tender stem broccoli pasta, with gremolata
  • brown butter ice cream sandwiches (with florentines)


*Thandi swam well, I missed Tuesday’s trials (where she swam 2nd in her backstroke heat and 4th in her freestyle heat) so I was pleased to make yesterdays. She took 3rd place in the breaststroke heat and won the (only) butterfly heat. that’s my little fish!

Big Brothers

…are big for a reason! This particular one is 13 years older than me, which means he has always been big to me! He’s not the smallest guy in the world at 6foot4; and is an uber athlete. And yesterday he tackled the Ironman 70.3 triathlon here in our home town. And he did it! I am so proud of him, so chuffed at his dedication and his determination. He challenged himself and rose to that challenge – achieving a really incredible finish.

Well done, Big brother! You have a super proud little sisi!