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Golden Girl

…So in my super exciting news I mentioned on Friday, my Thandigirl has been voted (by her classmates, no influence from the teachers) as the house captain of her house for 2020! I have been bursting with pride, my golden girl shines so brightly!

Shine, my Thandigirl, you have the world at your feet and mom and dad in the background loving you in everything that you do!

(For those wondering why a Grade 3 is a house captain, Thandi is at a preparatory school which goes from grade 00 to grade 3, so this year they are the big fishes, next year she moves to the primary, which covers grade 4-7. )

Friday Secrets

…I have a secret, it’s awesome, but I can’t say anything until its official, so watch this space on Monday!

I am still streaking guys, and I will post a pick later today once I have completed my 5km, but today is another big milestone day. I am battling with some pelvic/hip pain again, but I did my stretches yesterday (I’ve been working on them lately, nit just yesterday), so I am hoping things will ease up and I will be running easily again soon! I am going to attempt a long run this weekend, and that will be the determinant as to whether I will be able to run a marathon in 10 weeks time.

And so it is that it is 9 weeks until we land in London. We have made it through another week. And I trust that we will keep our heads above water until then. This week has been better. Getting into the rhythms and rhymes of the school term has been good. We will add in extra murals from the 27th, and then there will be no holding us back! There have been a few tweaks to the programme, but we are going to keep her nice and busy again! I was just saying to Thandi that although it is going to be a tough year without her dad, it’s going to be her best year yet!

Grade 3, Term 1

Could I love this girl anymore than I do?

And then I get this, from the teacher named, she’s laughing her head off!

The honesty of children.

Last HoliDay

…can all the parents join me in an Allelujah that school starts tomorrow! Thank God! It has been a long holiday…

I know I just want the year to start now, so that we can get into some kind of a rhythm and routine, an Thandi can’t wait to see her buddies again! I am quite relieved that I will have my own Dumbledore, MacGonagall, Snape and Hagrid to keep an eye on the girl, trusting they will handle her bruised heart appropriately. We really are blessed with an amazing school, her teachers care, they know all the children well, and are pretty astute at picking up issues. This year Thandi’s grade 2 teacher is moving to up grade 3, and the entire class is moving together with her, which will be really good, in terms of the stability and safety for her. The only downside is that the shuffling of friends is often a good thing, challenging them to make new friends. But, I think this year, more than ever, the stability will suit my change resistant child.

Here’s to hoping that all our children have successful years at school. May 2020 deliver great things for them.

Weekend #1

…ok, so Thandi and I have made it through our first weekend without Charlie. It’s damn hard. I’m hurting, my little girl is hurting and she doesn’t know how to express herself. My brother was here, and he is a terrible tease, and usually she plays along, but this weekend she was super sensitive and didn’t really cope well with the teasing, and then dissolved in a puddle of tears on Saturday night. Poor girl. We will both settle down, I guess.

So it was really nice having my brother here, we did the parkrun together, had some good meals, spent some time with Pops, and also just spent time in companionable silence. Which I needed. This new reality is daunting and now that I am in it, even more so…

The power of now

…just listening to a Ted talk on the Power of Now. I need to stop thinking about how hard the next 10 weeks will be, I need to focus on today, and making today count. I am working to a goal, and I have to assume that everything I am doing will get me to that goal, so now I need to focus on making today count. So head down, stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it!


…I think the only analogy I can currently use to describe what we are going through is to use a surgical one. On Tuesday Thandi and I went into surgery. We had a part of us removed, and it hurts. A lot. And while we are only just starting to wake up and emerge from the anaesthesia, we are still shocked by the lack of a part of us. We have not even begun to adjust to our new normal yet. We still have to figure out how to stand, then walk, and then run without that bit. We still have no idea what is coming our way…

(Charlie arrived in London yesterday morning, sans a suitcase. His travel was uneventful, until someone accidentally took his suitcase off the conveyer belt. The good news is that it has been recovered and was due to have been delivered to his office overnight. All is ok for now.)