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Day 206

…and the meltdown is starting, last night I had a good howl on Charlie’s sholder, I’m really starting to get scared, and insecure. Those books have made me terrified, they make out if you don’t do everything exactly right, your child will be scarred for life. I know that that isn’t the case, but it’s very intimidating.  If you guys have learnt anything about me, it’s that I don’t cope particularly well with change, (which is why my house is newly painted in exactly the same colours as before, and believe me when I say, what a drama it was to choose those colours initially) so I am also getting extremely anxious about the changes which are going to swoop through our lives. I like our life at the moment, Charlie and I are in a great place, we have our little routines and rituals, and just the thought that those things are going to change, fill me with horror. I get that I will probably be fine, and “it’ll all be worth it” (tired of hearing that), but the anticipation fills me with dread. Not that I don’t want to meet Tenacious, but I am scared.

So today I need to figure out bottles and breast pumps. We’re going to use the avent bottles, and assume that one then uses the same pump? Now I have also been told to get an electric pump, no manual stuff, the avent range have an electronic pump, is this the right thing to buy? It’s all a bit overwhelming! Oy!

Today’s poll is another fun one

and as a bonus today, a second one


  charlie wrote @

my shoulder and i are always here for you Birdie !
i agree its very scary , but in a good kinda way and i’m sure Tenacious won’t change the core structure of our lives . Love you !

  CR wrote @

I so did not cope with having a child and I was NOT prepared for everything that happened. It took a while, but everything turned out OK. You sound alot more prepared than most people and you have Charlie – IT WILL BE FINE!!!!

  MJ wrote @

Phew, have I been doing some voting – voted 3 x’s for boys names – like the 1st 3 very much – Noah the most though… and girls – ever since I have known you your girls name was Thandi so I am going with that.!

And anxious shmaxious – change is good.

  RT wrote @

Hey – you will be totally fine. Just have to tell you that the first 3 months is the hardest and from there it just gets easier.

  ANGEL wrote @

Oh my friend, who really knows what they are in for, the good Dr and I still don’t know half the time if we are doing the right thing!! But at the end of the day, a glass of wine is my reward and everyone lives to see the sun rise tomorrow! All good fun! xxx

  L wrote @

Angel, I am a bit with you, me and “large and in charge” are still trying to find our way and it is very scary that we have such an impact on 2 little peoples lives, but in the end, we love them and hopefully somewhere along the line they will turn out okay!!

  charliesbird wrote @

Love the description of your big man!

  Litchi wrote @

Okay, I will not address your anxiety because as it turns out you are normal! Now, bottles and pumps…You do not need to use the same brand of pump and bottle. I used a manual pump with Josh (hard work but I was younger then) and diligently stored litres of milk for when I went back to work and he refused to drink expressed milk, he only drank formula from a bottle. I used a Medela mini electric with Tim (who loved his expressed milk) which was fab for expressing one to 2 feeds a day.

Just a quick note on nurses/lactation consultants…they are all very anti introducing a bottle early, but I do not believe that they give babies enough credit! We listened to the experts and started Josh on a bottle when he was 3 months old, and it took many days, numerous different teat attempts, and buckets of tears before he finally took a bottle just in time for me to get back to work. I started Tim when he was 2 weeks old, and just gave him a bottle every so often (about every other day), and it was no problem at all, and he comfortably switched from breast to bottle as needed. I have friends who have done the same with no hassles.

Oooh the little Avent storage cups (clear with the blue lids) are expensive but worth their weight in gold. I used them to store Tims expressed milk and then for food for outings and I still use them in Josh’s lunch box and for storing bits and pieces. They are air and liquid tight…SUPERB!

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks for that, Litchi! The experts/nazi’s are seriously terrifying me!

  Litchi wrote @

Sorry that should read “they DON”T give babies enough credit”

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