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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

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So last night we celebrated my dad’s 74th birthday! My dad is my hero, so fit and healthy, working flat out, and so last night we had a bit of a celebration, we had dinner out at The Little Restaurant, an old neighborhood favorite, nothing molecular or gastronomic about it, but reliable, and tasty. For starters we shared some deep fried calamari rings and some pate stuffed and crumbed mushrooms, served with a piquant tartar sauce, delicious, although the mushrooms were dangerously hot! For mains, I had a fillet Thermidor, a tender piece of well aged fillet, smothered in a rich seafood and mushroom sauce,it was served with veggies (old restaurant faithfuls – butternut and spinach), a tasty option, but that sauce needs some work. We were all too full for pudding, so we finished our wine (Durbanville Hills Shiraz), had a coffee and retired. Thandi girl slept through the whole thing, even the 15 month old little boy running around, who kept checking her out, Charlie better watch out and get his shotgun ready!

They’re beckoning me in theatre, best I get a move on!


  ems mommy wrote @

I am stumped as to what the little restaurant is…

  ems mommy wrote @

Aaaaa I get in the one in sea street

  charliesbird wrote @

That’s it!

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