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4 more sleeps

..until I get to my vacation! Woohoo! A few things to get done before then, some deliveries, a bit of work, some biscuits and some cupcakes, and we are sorted!

IMG_7723Is my ‘water fairy’ not the cutest one you have ever seen? And can you tell she’s saying cheese here? She’s so crazy about dressing up, a bribe with a fairy outfit (on special at AC Kermans) meant a cooperative girl all day! Look at her Marilyn pose, with the wind blowing her skirt up here! IMG_7719 IMG_7720

The weekend was nice, I trained on Friday afternoon, then it was onto supper with TJ and her family. It was really nice, and Thandi had such a blast! Saturday involved a little work, a run, some paper crafting and box packing. Sunday there was another run, a bit more work, lunch with my parents and some more crafting. I can feel the festive season starting to approach – lets hope it’s going to be a blessed one! And here is the start of my festive projects – my Santa Shoeboxes. IMG_7734 IMG_7732 Tinkerbell got Thandi’s nod of approval, so I scrapped away!

Whirlwind days

Is it just me, or is time hurtling past? Before I’ve even washed the work outta my hair at the end of the week, it seems like I am back here again! And every day starts with such good intentions of what I will get done, and the evening comes around, and another day passes with very few things ticked off on the to do list. (I suppose I should have listened more closely when my high school maths teacher who used to proclaim, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions!’)

Last week got crazy busy towards the end, and there just was no time at the office to do anything but work, which I suppose is the aim of being at the office, I still fond it frustrating not to be able to blog, catch up with those that I read and breathe. I delivered quite a few babes, all the deliveries went well, but sadly most of them were in the dead of night, leaving me rather shattered.

Anyway, this weekend I did get some things done, I made a cake and did some scrapbooking. From the book, Prickly Pears and Pomegranates, I made Eve’s Lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon icing. The cake was good, (although slightly underdone and I did have to cut the middle out of it) the curd was a cheat, from a nearby farm stall and the icing was divine! On the whole though it tasted rather yummy, I might try it as a cupcake conversion, hollowing them out, and filling with the curd, then icing the top. And, as I mentioned, I finally got to some scrapbooking, I turned to my magazines for some inspiration, and worked on a page with Thandi in her strawberry hat, and another one in her other collection of hats. Too precious, that child of mine.

Socially, we had dinner with Angel and her husband on friday night – she made a delicious chicken curry and a chickpea and lentil curry, which was lovely, served with rice, rotis and sambals, with a good dose of wine (an Oddbins chardonnay/pinot noir blend and a Meerlust Merlot) It was a great evening, catching up, talking nonsense, laughing and sharing with special friends. Saturday, Charlie and I chilled at home, having a Green Prawn Curry (I was in the mood for some more spice!) which was a first try, and very tasty, seved with lemon and ginger basmati rice. And on Sunday, we headed out to lunch at a local club with my staff, having a very tasty carvery.

And now the day must begin, the hoardes await. Hope you have a fabulous monday!

Baby whisperer?

Any baby whisperers out there? Okay, then, about this whole routine thing, it seems to be a crock! I read the nazi’s book, tried to see how her rotine works, but I am afraid my Thandi girl didn’t do her homework and read the book herself. No way do we feed for 20-25 minutes, its an hour plus sometimes. And sleep happens when she wants it to, not when mom says. And nowhere in the nazi routine do we account for wailing, because, sometimes a girl just has to wail! (mom included!) So right now, it all seems a little chaotic to me, there ain’t no algebra equation here, x activity=y outcome, Thandi is rewriting the theories I had about this whole motherhood thing. And for a type A personality, that is rough. I know, with time it’ll settle down, and I will wonder what all this fuss was about, and Thandi and I will make our own way through this, I just wish she’d read the manual too!

In other news, I finally went to the physio for my rickety pelvis on monday, and she gave me a good work over, and it seems to have improved slightly. I’m seeing her again tomorrow, and we’ll see how we go, I hope to get a bit more mobile soon, its been a tad frustrating , not being able to weight bear on the right. And after my appointment tomorrow, I’m having a coffee date with the book club girls, I think it’ll be fabulous, escape the cabin fever for a bit. There are no weekend plans looming, I think I might try to get to the scrapbooking again. I’ve been reading up a storm, the Kindle is a life saver, the best book-like investment I’ve made, just finished the new Jodi Piccoult (don’t think its hit the shelves here yet), and started on an old Lee Childs that I hadn’t read before. Brilliant, considering I don’t have to leave the house to buy a book, and I’m getting them cheaper than hard copies cost. Thanks MJ for organising it for me!

Day 267

…and here we are, in the final 2 weeks! I can’t believe it is here. I know I’ve been a bit moany in these last few days, but I have really enjoyed being pregnant, and am going to miss those little bumps, kicks and hijinks Tenacious gets up to. I won’t miss the hip/pelvic pain and the difficulty in moving about which has struck me in the last week.

The weekend has been kind to me. Friday afternoon I had 2 friends pop over for tea, I was very sore, but it was so good to see them and catch up, hearing news of the last little while, when I had just had my head down and was biding my time until I finished work. Saturday I had some stuff framed for T’s room, we decided T needed to see how happy we have been with him/her inside my tummy, so one of our photo shoot from monday, and our talented friend Pat had painted a picture for T, so off the framer I went. I can’t wait to see the finished products. Then Charlie and I ran a few chores until my hip said no more, and I spent the rest of the afternoon in blissful scrapbooking escape. In the evening, we had dinner at one of the local Chinese spots with C&A, which was lovely. I had crispy duck, which was a bit uncrispy in fact, the boys both had sweet and sour pork, and C had sushi – looked mighty fine to me! Soon, soon, I’ll be able to try some again! Sunday was another chilled one, a trip to the nursery for some winter annuals for the garden, and a few groceries, and I was back scrapbooking at my desk. A nap, and a visit to a friend who was recently accidentally shot (in the hand – fortunately no major damage) rounded out or day.

And so a new week begins, I have some activities planned, a facial and pedicure, book club, coffee with friends, a birthday… lets hope Tenacious respects this time, although, should he choose to come now, I won’t mind too much.

I have added another page  – look to the next column on the right, Prediction bookie, where I am keeping tabs on the bets, check it out, and make sure I got it right!

Day 264

…and its friday, for me, not such a big deal; for the rest of you, awesomeness! Its been a quiet week, I guess what I needed, but I’m now starting to develop that slightly anxious feeling of ‘I should be doing something else’, and its getting worse. Anyway, I’m sure it will pass eventually.

Yesterday I had tea with JBT, and it was so nice to catch up away from work and all the usual interferences. It felt quite civilised heading to a coffee shop in the middle of the morning. Aside from tea drinking, I’ve been filling my days reading and catching p on my scrapbooking, I had a decline in my enthusiasm of late, and so have had lots to catch up with. Next on the agenda is the maternity shoot pictures, and then I want to do a page of ‘Tenacious Travels’, documenting all the places we’ve been with T in my tummy. In fact, there is a whole story attatched to the idea, so it might become a little scrapbook of its own. And, yes, I know, do it now, becase there won’t be time once T is here.

The weekend is looking fairly quiet here, no plans at this stage, so I guess more of the same for me. Charlie has a few DIY tasks which must be done pre T’s arrival, so I will be the loyal wife, cheering him along, bringing him coffee and snacks as he needs. Have great weekends, the rest of you!

Day 256

…and there are 2 days left at the coal face for me – yippee! I really am looking forward to having some time off, the physicality of the pregnancy is now an issue with work, I can’t get to the bits I want to see easily anymore, the operating table gets further and further away from me, so it has been a bit of a challenge these last few days. And I am just physically tired now too… Time for feet to go up!

So last night, it was off to scrapbooking, for probably the last time before Tenacious arrives, only to discover that the girls had organised a little impromptu stork party for me – so Tenacious got spoilt again! We were given some really wonderful gifts, a shirt from Australia, lots of clothes and products, a book for me, and a ‘quiet’ book for Tenacious, which was handmade by a friend, and is a cloth book of all sorts of little activities for babe, with zips to open and buttons to do and undo, velcro to play with and all sorts of things. What a blessed baby! And again, for me, that overwhelming feeling of how this baby is just bringing people together, and I am being made to feel so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The betting is still open, so post those bets, and see who comes closest!

Day 158

…and this heat seems never ending! Wowee! Our aircon at home can barely cope with the amount of sun that streams through the glass roof, so we broil…. I sit in my airconned office, travel in my airconned car, head to my (sort of) airconned house, and swim when I can. And I’m not even far pregnant! Oy, how is everyone else coping in the heat?

Work has been so busy too, we have an issue at the hospital, and we have reached our bed capacity, and there is now often the ‘no room at the inn’ situation, I keep asking them if they will have space for me, or if I should find somewhere else to deliver, but they reassure me that there’ll be a place for me, hmm… Its so frustrating, all around, our patients are unhappy, we’re annoyed, and yet, the powers that be feel that our area doesn’t need more private beds, so our application for bed licences keeps getting declined.

Other than coping with the heat, and work, I’ve been doing little else. I went to scrapbooking last night and caught p with an old friend there, so good! But the real cherry on the top was that the little shop has new owners, and they were having an open day with lucky prizes, and I won a weekend away! Yippee! Its at one of the local hotels, but it’ll still be nice to be spoilt!