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…so this season has probable been one of the quieter ones in terms of visitors

My brothers popped in briefly pre Christmas, no sisters-in-law, and just 2 nieces. It was amazing to see them again, I can’t believe at how much closer I feel to them since Dawny died. I’m not sure if that is because I have taken her role on a bit or if its because we really have just bonded better. It is really nice to know that we all love each other and lots of the rubbish that went on in the past is consigned to exactly that, the past.

Charles’s brother and all his clan including his in-laws are here currently. They aren’t staying with us, but we have seen some of them over the last few days. Charles and T spending more time with them than I have, because of my calls and all those work demands on me.

The Cape Town crew of friends haven’t made it down this year, I’m very sad to be missing my friends. Our international friends will hopefully be here next year, and that will be awesome!

So for the first time in ages, we have had a very quiet house over this season. Tonight we are hosting Charlie’s family, so there will be some chaos, but I think I can manage with one night.

What the elf did next

He’s been busy!

Having a Frozen inspired moment!

 getting stuck into a bag of homemade fudge – cheeky guy! Photo Booth!

We all know an evil genius (not really, I know) needs his minions!

Harry Potter came to town for a quidditch game!

Someone saws us baking and decided to get in on the deal – messy business!After a rainy day, last night someone got stuck into the drawing and colouring in.

(my brothers arrive tomorrow for a couple of days to see if they can help me out with our dad – relief!)


… to get that Christmas spirit going here, guys! Thandi and I had fun this weekend. We baked up a storm – biscuits, fudge, coconut ice, a gingerbread house. (I really appreciate how you can see the difference in her arms here – a permanent reminder of what she has endured this holiday in her splint – that left arm is pale, (look at her hands esp) and skinnier than the other)

We decorated our tree, we embellished the house, it’s been good to sort out, throw out where necessary and clean up. Getting things in order pleases me. The fact that there is a lot of mess first distresses me, but thereafter I am destressed.

(In my decluttering, tonight I tackle the spare room!)


…I am really relieved that all of the formal Christmas gatherings are now done. I have no commitments left to anyone, except my beautiful family. Book club, supper club, work – I can tick them all off my list. They’ve all been fun, I have enjoyed the events and functions, but I am burnt out and broken; and it’s hard to slap a happy face on and be jolly all the time, when inside I am just wanting to curl up into a little ball, go to sleep and hide away from the rest of the world…

What I am excited about is the adventures of Mungo, our elf on the shelf. He is having a whale of a time! Despite thinking he would only make an appearance this coming weekend, a certain someone developed FOMO, so the elf was beckoned…

He’s back!

getting tangled in some Christmas lights , and bringing a joke.

A high stakes monopoly game was underway!(I love how frazzled Elsa looks in this picture!)

Give an elf a shweshwe apron, and he’s a messy genius in the kitchen! (strawberry milkshake for the win!) (and some graffiti!)

BatElf and BatRosita save the day!

3…2…1… blast off!

6 days done, let’s see what the next 12 bring!

Building up

… the busy.

Crickey, this time of the year is certainly starting to see a ramp up in action! School concerts, weekends away, end of year functions, chaos!

Oh well, before I know it, it’ll be January and the drama of the silly season will be over And term 1 of Grade 1 will be commencing.

Last night was the BWA’s end of year function. A Caribbean Beach Party theme on a cold and rainy night in November was a bit of a mismatch, but there you gave it! That’s me in the middle – some silliness! I wasn’t feeling the funniest, but put on a brave face and had some fun anyway!

Today we are off on our annual book club/wine club/stokvel weekend away. Should be fun! An hour from town, in another world!

Next week is Thandi’s biannual school concert. Her class are the fish – they sing of Cyril the Squid, Willy the Whale and Someone the Octopus. We haven’t seen their costumes – I’m sure they are super cute!


…the gift of 2017.

SO Christmas has come and gone, and despite my rather crotchety last post, somehow the magic did get me in the end, and I had the mock wonderful time with my family. Maybe I’ve grown up, maybe I’ve learnt to cope with my expectations a bit better, but it was wonderful; relaxed and special. My girl is completely enthralled by the mysteries of Santa, and we had Mungo, the house elf (yes, we have an elf on the shelf) visit us for the week in the run up to Christmas, which really heightened the anticipation. Mungo was awesome though, he brought her some cool gifts – he magicked her duvet into a Christmas one, brought her special Christmas PJ’s on Christmas eve and some exciting Christmas story books. img_7772 img_7810 img_7730

Then the main event, and she was thoroughly spoilt – rollerblades! (and she is getting them right, with much protective gear!) img_7854dsc_0033dsc_0106dsc_0111dsc_0128 Our day was hot and busy, but great fun!

The aftermath of Christmas had us having a few quiet days, although I was on call, but we managed to relax and just be, which we seldom do. We spent some time at the beach house with the family, which was great, making some special memories. I got to spend some time with my old buddy – we had a gorgeous run through the burbs and across the beach – so divine! img_7891 And work really wasn’t too pestilential!

Anyway, all good things must come to an end. My eldest brother left and then his daughter turned 18, and got her IEB matric results on the same day. Well, there was much celebrating, because she did very well. She is off to UCT next year, I cannot wait to watch her blossom and grow. My younger brother leaves today, his daughter has to wait for the regular matric results on the 5th, 2 more sleeps. She is awaiting a place at a medical school, and I am just so excited for her too! It is wonderful seeing what lovely girls they are, and seeing them be rewarded for the hard work they have put in at school. I am blessed with awesome nieces and a nephew!

New year saw us start the day helping at a school in the lallies, painting classrooms, planting trees and getting things ready for the new year – a great lesson for my child! And then after cleaning up, it was off to a fun pool party at a friend’s place – we swam and tanned and laughed and giggled in the sun, intending to go home early; instead, we very nearly accidentally saw in the new year, making it home at 11pm, so we could get tucked up in bed just in time. Unfortunately we live near the local stadium, and there was a huge party hosted there, which went on until well after sunrise! It didn’t matter, we were in good spirits! img_7922

I am going to try to approach this year with a better attitude than last year – 2017 will be my gift from the universe. I am going to have a spectacular one! And that is my wish for you too, my beautiful friends in the computer!



… I think I can confidently say that I have had enough of the excesses of this years season. Phew! I am tired of all the eating and all the stuff and all the alls! (This is not sounding like me!) I usually embrace it all, but maybe because I have been working and things have ticked along despite this Christmas stuff, and maybe because I hate the fight for fridge space, the real struggle to keep things under control and the endless struggle to keep everyone else happy has just worn me down. Roll on some austerity measures! (god, I sound like a bad finance minister, don’t I?)

Anyway, next year I am vowing to try to keep it simpler, not sure how I do that, except by surrendering to the restaurant gods… Or maybe I’ll sign us up to volunteer somewhere for the day?