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… its getting by looking got earlier and earlier, so catching the upcoming sun isn’t always easy, but take a look at this morning…

Worth the damn plank on the beach.


… the rhythms of life. For a long long time, my sea has been stormy, and trying to get a rhythm going has been difficult. I don’t want to jinx things, but it is feeling less stormy (despite broken bones). I’m not sure if it’s because work goes through a traditional slowing down now (medical aids are kaput, no one has money to care for themselves) or because I am just in a better place. 

I’ve had a good 10 days of running, balancing my work and the things that fill my tank – reading, painting, sewing. We’ve also almost gone into hibernation, we’ve been socializing far less, just being ourselves at home. 

It feels good. 


….with Charlie! So yesterday I extended the invite to Charlie to join me at gym, anticipating a possible excuse, but he accepted!

I finished my theatre cases, messaged him, to make make sure he was on his way and then went off to get changed into my gym kit. Only to discover that I had left my pants at home ! Oopsy! So I had to divert past Sportsmans to buy another pair of pants, flip! That turned into an expensive session! Anyway. Pants bought, I hit that gym with Charlie. Gusto was there, counting the crunches and planks and press ups and lunges and all the other forms of torture he could think of. It was a good one though, I worked up a good sweat, and a had a few giggles and guffaws at Charlie’s expense – sorry Love, but you were very funny! And the hour passed by so quickly! It was definitely super to train with my husbuddy! Long may this continue..


…in 2017

This is the year I will address my body and it’s issues. I have hyper mobile joints, and for a long time, my body coped with the running. Now in the last year I have lurched from one win to another. This will be the year I sort it out. I know where my deficiencies lie, I know what I have to do, but I am lazy, and prioritise myself low down on my list; so this year I will take control of my time and my body and get it back in tune. I have already started my running page for 2017, and I am adding in a rehab page too, so I can be accountable to the blog. I also have to get my diet back under control, because without a doubt the extra weight is not helping the body. I am trying already, but my word, I never knew brownies could talk so loudly! Can you hear them, begging and pleading with me to eat them?

2017 is the year of resolving!

Olympic musing…

…so, as the dust settles on the Olympics, I’ve stored up a few opinions, use them, don’t use them…

I have to begin by mentioning the Caster debacle. Kudos to this young, strong woman who ran the socks off those other competitors, claiming a well deserved gold. She is a gracious champion who has weathered a storm far more vicious than any of her competitors and emerged with dignity and GOLD! In terms of the medical stuff, i wish everyone would stop having an opinion. All we know is that she has elevated testosterone levels. We do not have any further diagnosis for her – not intersex, not internal testes, not hermaphroditism, not PCOS, nothing. Stop speculating people! The poor woman, she has been through so much, and this unnecessary discussion around her is driving me crazy. She is obviously a woman, she runs amazingly well, she won gold. End of story.

The the SASCOC debacle. As always, in South Africa, the politicians and administrators win, whilst our athletes loose.They elect not to take our hockey teams, teams that were both medal contenders; they fail to qualify or enter a men’s relay team and several; other track events; the ‘designer’ outfits left a lot to be desired – hot, constricting, unsuitable for the conditions in Rio (Caster looked like she was wearing a burka in comparison to her competitors); the lack of funds for those athletes – I mean really – expecting parents, friends and family to crowdsource funding – while they dined on the athletes’ dimes. It is time for a benevolent emperor to take over and put the right people in SASCOC, so that we become the powerhouse we are meant to be. For every Wayde, every Caster, every Luvo we see, how many others aren’t languishing hopelessly in our rural areas, never being seen, never being given the right opportunities. There is an awesome article on the the Daily Maverick today about funding – makes one think about things…

Anyway – I love the Olympics, much to my Charlie’s horror. I watch as much as I can, becoming an expert judge of and commentator on the most random of sports, I embrace this 2-3 weeks of sports. And now it’s all over, and I wait, roll on 2020!

Faking it

…’til I make it. I’m tired, but I am determined to keep this smile on my face, and let the good mood filter into my being. I’m not sure why I feel tired, although I do have quite a bit of stress going on at the moment and I maybe went to bed a bit later than I should have yesterday, but when there is work to be done, emails to be answered, tv to be watched ( is anyone else loving Madame Secretary and State of Affairs as much as I am?), games to be played, books to be read to be reviewed, needs must and sleep is sacrificed!

So in the food and exercise routine, 10km run yesterday morning and then a good day’s eating, followed by a dinner of Courgetti Bolognaise, (using my new (quite tricky) spiraliser, but which did make quite long, almost slurpable courgette noodles). Yum! This evening I will run the local 5km time trial, weather dependant, and it does look a bit ominous sadly.

Where in the world

…is my motivation? Every morning I set my alarm for 04h30, and then when it goes off and it’s dark and cold and miserable (drizzling this morning), I roll over and go back to sleep. The real problem is that I am not getting to my run later in the day either. Oy! I am not doing well here, am I? Half marathon in 11 days, trail run in 12… I have managed to curtail the eating since yesterday – I know that that isn’t a huge achievement, but it has to start somewhere.

Ok, let’s be accountable to you all – time trail this evening, 10km tomorrow morning!