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Reconstruction underway

…ok, so all those tests I did earlier this week were tragically normal. While I am relieved there is nothing seriously wrong with me, I can’t help feeling a bit aggrieved that I have nothing to blame. It means that my tiredness is probably just a lack of sleep and some burnout; and my joint and muscular pain is probably just from a lack of exercise (really!). I’ve tweaked some treatment that I am on, so hoping that I do start to feel better.

The biokineticist is excited to work with me, I think that’s worrying! I know I have some weaknesses; and I haven’t really addressed them the last year or so, so before I get injured, its time to get strong. And since I lack the motivation to go to gym myself, someone needs to instruct me and make me accountable.

Tonight I am going to attempt a 10km race, I hope I have the staying power to finish it. It’s a fun race as it heads down from the club, along the beach and then back up to the club; but it does mean there are lots of hills in the second half! not my favourite!

Next week I will have another Myers Cocktail – a vitamin infusion to kickstart me, I hope! details to follow.


  halberts2014 wrote @

Excellent news on the “tragically normal” tests.
Must remember, we’re old now, ahem, and our body takes a bit of a beating.
Can you find a gym buddy?

  Deblet wrote @

All the best getting yourself sorted

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