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My HT Ode

… 2 weeks ago I was confirmed to be menopausal, so 9 days ago I slapped on a hormone patch and waited. the first night I saw no real difference, the second was a little better, and by the third night I was so much better and happier! My night sweats are almost completely resolved (except when I drink a bit too much wine) and I can sleep again! If you have never had a night sweat or a hot flush you will never understand what I am talking about, but oh my word, I had no idea how awful it could be until it happened to me! I also had no idea how bad it really was, and how poor my sleep really was until I got the magic muti and am now feeling so much more normal! I’m also feeling a bit happier and a bit more energetic (not that you could tell from the lack of running) at last! Given all the hype and all the drama about hormone therapy and the ‘risks’, I can tell you, I’ll take them, the improvement in my life quality is indescribably good!


  runnermum wrote @

Another thing that I’m playing ostrich on. i do need to get my act together.

  nyamazela wrote @

Well done Birdie. So pleased you’re feeling better. Take those meds like a good patient … I’m trying to be a good patient too as per your advice 😉

  Alexandra wrote @

Glad it’s not just me who sweats after drinking wine. Have to admit I never noticed it until a year ago so maybe it’s also age related 😮

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