Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mixed pleasures

…it was a mixed weekend. A bit of work, a bit of running, a bit of family time, a bit of social time.

Work was reasonable, only 1 baby who weighed an enormous 4.6kg (!) and a few minor problems. I ran another night trail run, didn’t place this time though, and then ran a training run yesterday, which didn’t go as well as planned, flip, my tummy woes are being restrictive at the moment!

On Saturday we celebrated an anniversary with the couple from Stuttgart, their 12th; but how cool is this, it was also both their parents’ 40th wedding anniversaries on the same day! So 92 years of wedded bliss was celebrated over a gorgeous meal. They organised a dinner at a local cooking school, the chef provided the kitchen, the ingredients and the recipes, and then under his guidance we created a gorgeous meal! We started with a salad of roasted sweet potatoes, char grilled red peppers served with a creamed lemon ricotta. Good Lord, that was divine! Mains was a gorgeous and spicy chicken curry, served with perfect basmati rice (and I have to say, that in itself is an amazing achievement!). Dessert, well, that was just ridiculous, a white chocolate and apricot bread and butter pudding.

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