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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

New Starts

…ok, so I spent a lot of the last 2 years ‘just getting through’ things, you know – I’ve just got to get through this week at work; I’ve just got to get through this stage trail run; I’ve just got to get through this or that event – and I have had enough. It is time to start enjoying, embracing and sucking the marrow out of life again. There are a few things coming up, and I am determined not to ‘get through them’, games day at school, Thandi’s birthday party. It does mean I need to get all my ducks in a row, so planning is going to be crucial – no almost all nighters getting ready for things, a little less chilling on the couch (not that I do an awful lot of that), fewer excuses, more discipline. (Just reading that makes me feel tired!) Because then I won’t be exhausted and on the edge, and actually able to enjoy the events with my little lady!

So, my commitment this weekend is to settle down into a sewing project that I need to complete for games day, and finalise all the decisions on Thandi’s party – we are doing a combined party with the Germans, since Thandi and Charlotte are 3 days apart, so at least I share the load! I’m also nercited (nervous/excited combo) to run a 10km run on Saturday – it’s a nostalgic one for me – the first time I ran 10km without stopping 3 years ago. So, let’s make it happen!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Ha, nercited. I love it. Or exervous?

  Surita Botha wrote @

Enjoy your 10km – I’m lining up for another 50km tomorrow.

Enjoy living in the moment.

  Deblet wrote @

Love the idea of actually relaxing g and enjoying life.,I all too often are so focused on being on time,organised,etc that I forget to enjoy myself.
Run lekka this weekend

  MamaCat wrote @

It is amazing how we can get caught and stop living life. Good on you for seeing the way forward.

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