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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…more sleeps to Christmas! EEEEK! That isn’t very long, is it? And I really need to tackle my crafts! Ok, so on my to do list are the handmade gifts to be completed for family and friends, my drinks menu needs to be finalised for the Nightmare before Christmas cocktail party, ingredients sourced etc, and the menu finalised for Christmas lunch, which this year is, I think, going to be a picnic! All of a sudden 57 days doesn’t seem very many!

So, any suggestions for Christmas cocktails? And what are your food favourites for Christmas? I am quite inspired and have been Pinteresting and googling up a storm, so the bug is starting to nibble. If you have seen the latest Taste magazine there are some gorgeous looking cheese ideas – I’m thinking a cheese table! And a dessert table. Every time, the desserts get me! Yum, yum, yum! My sweet tooth is just evil!

And my gift ideas seem to be coming together nicely! I’m just not sure what the little girl who has everything her mother desires is going to get from Santa yet. She did ask for ballet pumps, maybe a jump start on some lessons? I have got a few stocking fillers for her – a personalized pencil bag, some books and small things… And then there is the gift for Charlie! Why are men sooooooo difficult to shop for? And throw in our anniversary 5 days before Christmas! 6 years – I must check what the gift is for that.



  runnermum wrote @

Yummy for the cheese and dessert table – I’ll be happy with just those two tables.

Cosmopolitans looks like a Christmas drink. And you can make virgin versions for the kids.

Goodness – I’m so behind in my Christmas shopping, it’s not even funny.

  Alexandra wrote @

Traditional – Candy/Iron
Modern – Wood

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