Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…so after a rocky start to my weekend, I ended up having a wonderful, wonderful time. We didn’t do anything dramatic, but Thandi and I had some good playtime, I cooked an easy meal for some crew off a yacht that Charlie is looking after (he’s a chandler, remember) and got a new hair do.

The start was rocky because work interfered with my plans and a facial had to be cancelled. I was rather grumpy after that, but my mood improved when I got home to my gorgeous girl, and she played the day away with me. I really did fall even deeper in love with that little girl this weekend – it was a blissful time. Charlie organised s some delicious pizza on Friday for supper – yum! (LCHF be damned!) and I woke on Saturday morning with an improved attitude. Off to the hairdresser it was – always a treat. I get to read and people watch for the time I am there, I am such an eavesdropper! And there were 2 brides getting their hair done, with all their entourages… good fun to watch. Anyway, after that, Thandi rewarded us with a fantastic nap, and then it was time to get into the kitchen – mushroom and brie tarts, grilled fillet on a gorgeous beetroot risotto, followed by an apple and gooseberry crumble – yum! The captain and his mate seemed to enjoy it too. Sunday after an early start (04h30) with Thandi, we headed to a christening of dear friends’ baby girl, which was good, and then a quiet day at home, a snooze, lots of playtime, some cooking channel, some reading, and just a happy blissed day. Good for the soul.

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  CR wrote @

Sounds like a perfect week end! xxx

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