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…to a dream, to that moment I believed in, as I fell asleep at night. Calvin & Hobbes found a better playground in the stars, where they will forever shine. My last hope… Sorry Charlielove and Thandigirl, I gave it my best shot.
Thank you all, my loyal blog peeps, your support has meant so much to me,g forgive some radio silence for a while.

Day 28.4

…and I’m just holding my breath. Testing day looms, and my fragile soul is trying to hold it together.

Day 27.4

…and its finally here, Friday!!! Thank Heavens, not sure how much more of this I can do! I will hopefully finish up at the office timeously before my planned facial and pedi this afternoon – yay! I say treats scheduled is one of the best way to get through times like this – little highlights during the interminable wait. For which there are still no symptoms. Then tonight, my Dawny is cooking us supps as I mentioned, tomorrow we attend a 40th birthday, and sunday a 2nd birthday – which will be great fun for Thandi girl. Hmm…about those presents I’m going to be shopping for!

And on Sunday, this wait ends…

Calvin and Hobbes, I’ve tried hard to ignore you, but you’ve already crept into my dreams and my heart; mom and dad and Thandigirl would love you stick around, so we can show you what a cool place this is… It’ll be fun, I promise!

Day 26.4

…can this 2 week wait just be over already? Flippin’ hell, it’s tough. I really thought that being at work would speed it up, but all it has done is make me more irritable. poor Charlie – not much of a wife at the moment. And on symptom watch – nada…

But in other news, my mom is looking so much better, so much so, that she is even cooking supper on friday evening for Charlie, Thandi and me. In our house friday night always meant macaroni cheese, so that’s on the cards – pure comfort food, yum! She is even managing the odd walk without her crutch or walker, so I am very impressed with her progress, despite that hospital admission last week. Speaking of parents, my friend WS’s dad is not doing well at all, and the poor girl is beside herself. After a recent cancer diagnosis, he had to have emergency surgery for a perforated peptic ulcer on sunday night, and is in ICU, where they are struggling to keep things under control… So spare a thought for her and her family as they cope with this very scary situation.

Day 25.4

WooHoo for Chad this time, what a humble champion! You boykie you! And what a classic dad – did you see that interview with him on the Beeb, classic! I reckon there are going to be lots of boys called Chad and Cameron coming along in the next few months – what do you think Charlie? Is this a Chad or a Cameron? Or shall we just stick to Calvin and Hobbes?

Day 24.4

…and on symptom watch today – nil to report.

So I mentioned yesterday that I got an award!





I have never received a blogging award before, so it was a bit of an  ‘Aw shucks, me? Thanks!’ moment. As I said too, yesterday, it came via Pop over and see what this cool chick has to say about her life in rural SA!

So the award came with some rules, (most of which I will probably ignore), so here goes – 7 random things about myself.

1. My father was the mayor of both my birthcity and my current city, once upon a time.

2. I was born on the eve of Transkei’s independence from South Africa in the Transkei, and have now lived through South Africa’s democracy.

3. I like to sleep on my right side.

4. I wish I had more shoes.

5. I hate that my nearest and dearest family and friends are scattered across the countryside.

6. While I watch medical dramas on TV, they irritate me beyond recognition – grr! Anyone watch ‘A Gifted Man’ last night? Doing external chest compressions once the chest is cracked is next to useless!

7. Cheese is possibly my best food!

Now for the part of the rules I am going to ignore, despite me blogging for ages, most of my regular followers do not blog, and I am not an active commentator on the blogs I do read regularly, so I feel a bit sheepish nominating people for this award. So, sorry Countess, but I am not passing this on – probably terrible blog etiquette, but there you go, and another random fact – I break the rules sometime!

Day 23.4

…WooHoo! Big ups to Cameron van den Berg!!!!! Making us proud last night, let’s hope this is the start of many more medals for Team South Africa.

In other news, I am still incubating, felt awful all day yesterday, not sure what to make of that, but here I am back in the office of gloom today. We had a marvellous Christmas in July dinner on saturday night, we started with a delicious chicken soup, followed by the whole roast dinner (a real treat), and then dessert followed , I made an interesting platter , consisting of Strawberry Dream (like an ice cream), a strawberry coulis, a chocolate truffle torte, a mince pie and a christmas pudding truffle. It received somewhat mixed reviews… hmm… slightly disappointing, considering how much effort went into it, oh well…

The meal ended with cheese and chocolates. The whole night was great fun; MJ had decorated her house and her table beautifully. She had even made christmas crackers, which we had great fun pulling and laughing over the corny jokes she’d found! All round an evening of great success!

And in even more news, I have received an award from, which I will talk about tomorrow, ah, shucks, me, an award, thanks Countess!