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The Chaos

…before you go on leave is astounding; and yes, that is why it gets a capital letter. I am almost through a jam-packed morning, and I actually have backache from all the scans I have done already! This afternoon things calm down, as I prepare for our departure to the Mother City tomorrow morning. I have packing to do, and then we are off!

I am going to line up on Saturday and I believe I can do this ultra marathon. My training has been solid, except for the last month subsequent to the marathon I ran; so I am hoping that everything I have done is going to carry me through. My injuries seem better, I am due for a last tweak with the chiropractor this afternoon, hopefully I will be pain free! I am quite excited to see the Cape again through my runner’s eyes. The 2 Oceans is a gorgeous marathon. Wish me luck!

I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. It will be, albeit too short a time, a great chance to catch up, and hopefully make some plans for the coming year. I really want to try to incorporate some travel with friends this year. I am also looking forward to a bloggy meet up with RM and Deblet! Yay for internet buddies!

I wish you all a great weekend! I will share my experiences here, with you all! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Long Wrap

…it was the Easter weekend, it was a long, quiet one… Gorgeous.

There was a park run – Thandi ran/walked a pb – 53min!


There was an Easter Egg hunt with a letter from the bunny.


There was a magnificent walk on the beach.

IMG_4289 IMG_4285 IMG_4284 IMG_4295 IMG_4272 IMG_4267 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4256

Then it was home to old friends


and a beetroot harvest!



Easter Eve

…so today is the eve of the Easter weekend. And looking over my last few posts, I think almost anyone can tell I need this break. I am tired, frustrated and irritable; and that is not really fair on anyone around me. Anyway, enough of the whinging.

I want to wish all my friends and internet stars who are running the Two Oceans half and ultra this weekend everything of the best. I wish you guys, swift feet that feel like they are running on clouds, strong legs that can go on forever and quiet bowels (and for those of you who run, you know this struggle is real!)! I wish I was there, but actually, my preparation would have been inadequate, and I think it wouldn’t have been much fun. So, run like the wind my friends!

For the rest of us, I hope we all have good weekends, spending some time with loved ones, and eating as many hot cross buns (sans or with raisins, as is your fancy) and marshmallow eggs (have you tried the dark chocolate ones, they’re divine!) as your belly can handle! And let’s remember the  real reason and celebrate this miracle.

Easter greetings

…on this very wet and miserable Easter Saturday evening I wish you all a beautiful Easter – filled with the things that matter – family, friends and peace. Enjoy the feast, if you’re having one, and indulge the sweet tooth!

I had to share these pictures – we had a little excursion down river this afternoon, well, my little speed queen loved it!031 041

We are out at the beach house until Monday crack of dawn, when I must head into work and do 2 last deliveries before we leave. So far the weather has been pretty miserable, but hey, we are having some good down time with my parents, and that is quite special to see their interactions with Thandigirl. She’s such a honey!

Easter review

…wet, wet, wet – and I’m not referring to a 80’s/90’s boy band! It rained and poured, the old man snored…

Up in those mountains, the world turned magical -misty mountains… with a damp, quiet peace prevailing. Inside, the family had fun, Thandi played nicely with her granny, aunties, uncle and cousins – reading stories, playing the guitar, the harmonica and generally being noisy. But she was ever so sweet about it! The rain did mean most of the time we were indoors, but it was good anyway. I was on food duty for the weekend, and really enjoyed that – fish pie followed by lemon polenta cake on Friday night, youvetsi (a Greek lamb dish) and ‘eggs’ (chocolate eggs filled with a cheesecake mix and granadilla coulis)on Saturday, and homemade soup on Sunday, interspersed with meals out. The family seemed to enjoy all those meals, there weren’t many left overs! Yesterday the rain abated, and we were able to have a great stomp on the plot – our corner of heaven…

And now for a few pictures (not taken on our plot, rather the cottage where we spent the weekend)…002 013 014 015 018 022

He is risen

…I wish you all a blessed Easter. In my part of the world, it’s raining, the wind is howling, the mist is up – perfect mountain weather. It means we haven’t gotten up to much aside from eating and drinking wine, but hey, isn’t that what holidays are for? Our soon-to-be land has had a visit and a small stomping about, love it!

Thandi is so enjoying her cousins and getting to know her uncle Cwaigy better, it’s ever so sweet. My in-laws are quite a musical a family, playing guitars and singing; Thandigirl was so desperate to be part of the action, she got stuck in on the harmonica yesterday – too too sweet! Missing my Dawny and Pops, they’re at home, Dawny isn’t doing great, she’s having lots of pain, and poor Pops is a frustrated carer – I wish I could have brought them with to these restorative mountains…

Well, enjoy those chocolate eggs, the pascal lamb and remembering our savior.

Shrove Tuesday

..has arrived, which means Lent is upon us! No, I’m not Catholic, but I appreciate the symbolism of 40 days of sacrifice, culminating in Easter’s extravagance. That said, I’m not sure what I am quitting this year? Brussel Sprouts? Cabbage? I’ll probably quit chocolate (like I usually do, but I might have to make a few exceptions) Anyway, there is still time to decide. Tonight we are off to the pancake evening at church, with my bible study. The tradition behind pancakes on Shrove Tuesday comes from households using up all the ‘nice’ ingredients in their pantry before the fast began, not quite sure why that amounted to pancakes, but hey, I am useless at making them, so I will gladly eat them when someone else has made them! A dusting of cinnamon sugar and a squeeze of lemon, and we’re on our way!