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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What a night!

…so in the space of 4 hours we managed to raise R60 000! We were astounded and very pleased. The evening went off very well. Everyone was welcomed, Covid-19 protocols were fulfilled, and everyone was seated. We then kicked off the proceedings with a presentation, but I am going to share the video that we made.

(I wish I knew how to make these kind of things look prettier, apologies for the clunky refer to another site links)

The food was good – we started with home made bread and various dips and toppings, mains was fillet with roasted veggies and garlic potatoes, and dessert was a platter of brownies, strawberries, meringues and fudge. Yum! As the WW, we worked our bums off – I had bruises on the balls of my feet after wearing heels for the first time since pre-Covid!

The rest of the weekend was spent nursing my tender feet, but I did manage to get some runs in. We had the best weather this weekend, so Saturday evening the 3 of us had a little braai, and chilled outside, just shooting the breeze and listening to music, it was divine! Sunday I spent working on a little project for – watch this space! We spent the evening playing games – have I mentioned I hate Scrabble – some people might call me a bad loser! But, it was just awesome having some special family time together.


  Catrina wrote @

Congratulations on a successful fundraiser!
The video is great (btw you sound exactly like I imagined). 😉
Well done.

  MamaCat wrote @

Well done!

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