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My aching bones

…yoh, ramping up my mileage before this March marathon and my body is complaining! Wow! I am sore and uncomfortable. But, persevere I must, so I will just keep plodding on. The tough part is that I am quite anti-inflammatory intolerant and develop gastritis very easily when I take them – probably a combination of the drugs side effects and the stress of running on my body, so I spent yesterday feeling entirely out of sorts after my 25km run. I was sore, and crampy, quite nauseous and had that churning feeling in my tummy. All I wanted to do was lie down, but we were at a Rotary social, so I had to be bright and breezy and cheerful! (It was a fun social anyway – the hosts have a home on a riverside property about 30 min from home, and the kids spent the day in the river, swimming and jumping and exploring – just the best day in the sun for them! My child has pink cheeks today – testament to a fun time!)

Anyway, I will see my bio today, hopefully the rehab for my weak glutes will ease some of my muscular aches and pains, because tomorrow I must run again. I will hopefully get a chance to sneak into the massage therapist tomorrow and get a good rub down.



  halberts2014 wrote @

Being a non-runner I have to wonder if running is worth all this pain? Maybe a change of exercise type

  runnermum wrote @

No why would we want to do something that is not painful 😉

  halberts2014 wrote @

LOL, I DO like the sound of your couch exercises.
Look, I understand the “addiction” of exercise, I just never experienced the type of pain you runners go through being a swimmer.
And at my age I tend not to put myself through anything that will cause pain, haha.

  charliesbird wrote @

sometimes even rolling my eyes causes pain, so I’m not sure there is much I will do that doesn’t!

  runnermum wrote @

I hear you loud and clear – also achy all over.
I found this wonderful exercise for glutes on Pinterest yesterday – clam and reverse clam. Best is that you can do it on the couch 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

Those are killer! My bio makes me do them every week!

  Shathiso wrote @

25 km run – you are awesome! Just keep plodding – one foot in front of the other, but that trip for a massage sounds fantastic! Hope you manage to get it done! Well deserved lady!

  Deblet wrote @

Makes me tired just reading all of this. Hope the recovery improves

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