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Running success

…now don’t come here looking for stories of a pb or a medal or an age category placement. Because it isn’t one of those. Instead, this is a tale of what it took for me to get to the start and finish lines yesterday.

So there is a rather famous half marathon in my neck of the woods. In 1987, as SA champs, it delivered a winning (world at that time) record of 60:11. I had the pleasure of witnessing it, as a young teenager. It’s always stuck in my mind because it was such a significant result; and the atmosphere at the finish line had hairs standing up as we willed the runners over that finish line, hoping for the mythical sub 60. (Reminiscent of the now aggressive sub 2 marathon attempts.) I have always surveyed this half marathon with some skepticism, it’s 5 laps of a 4km route, surely it’s going to be ridiculous! Anyway, with a feeling of obligation, I signed up and Saturday saw me registered, getting an early night and awakening on Sunday well rested (believe it or not!)

I got dressed, had a snack and coffee and had a quiet moment before I headed out the front door, doing my warm up down to the start (3km from home – would’ve taken me longer to drive with all the road closures!) and before I knew it, we were lined up and off the starters gun went.

The race was fantastic. Weather conditions were incredible – cool, overcast, with a gentle breeze. The wind picked up as the day progressed, but it was only during the last 2km that I was bothered by it. I spent the race on my own – lost in thought. Watching 2 ships coming into the port – incredible watching the pilot boat and tugs do their job, watching the sun rise through the clouds. The really exciting part was watching the race unfold before your eyes. And I guess that’s the issue on a point to point run – you never know how anyone is going, who is winning – and on this race, especially because I knew so many runners I was able to participate and watch the run. It was awesome. The winning group of men were so speedy, and the women’s race winner, who came from out of town, was in a league of her own. The last lap was almost boring, because by then they had won, and the watching became trying to figure out who was on lap 4 or 5, and where I was going to fit in.

While my time wasn’t amazing, and it’s 8 minutes away from my pb, I loved my run; and ran with a smile on my face for most if it. And I felt good and confident. It was a massive mental victory for me, I haven’t had a run like that in years!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Well done, sounds like it was a good run

  Deblet wrote @

Congrants you look like you had a fabulous run

  Tafkad wrote @

Well done and take your place among the Legends, cos you are; without an inkling of a doubt, a freaking legend!

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