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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Oh boy

…waking up on a Friday morning with a migraine, on a morning that one has to stay fasted for blood tests; and on a friday that is going to be super hectic is not the best start. But I have had my bloods done, had some drugs and am starting to feel a bit better. Work will be busy, it is a friday after all, and then the weekend awaits. Last night I had a lovely art class, then came home to work on one of dessert elements for Saturday night’s dinner (can you tell, I’ve been watching Masterchef?) I am really getting excited about putting this dinner together! I just am feeling the time pressure, because I have literally had something on every single night this week, and I haven’t really had time to sneak out of the office to look for the little things that will add to the ambience. I see a late night in my immediate future. I can’t wait to share my menu and pictures with you guys, tune in on Monday for the next episode in BirdyChef!


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  Deblet wrote @

Good luck with all the cooking and creating, sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Can’t wait for the pictures and have a blast

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