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My Work

…like everybody does, I get caught  up in the fact that work demands so much discipline from me, leaving me struggling for the time to do the things I want to do; I forget that work gives me the opportunity to do those things I want to do – without it I wouldn’t be able to afford my home, my hobbies and my holidays! A moan is sometimes quite nice, but it’s counterproductive, really.

What I am focussing on at the moment is the absolute privilege that work affords me, allowing me to be so involved in such an intimate part of my patients’ lives, I get to see them at very vulnerable times in their lives, and I am always so honoured when they choose me to hold their hands on their journey. Be it a journey to a pregnancy, a journey to a baby, or a journey to a solution. It’s important to remember this privilege and honour, and not to be blasé. The footprints we leave in our fellow travellers’ lives  should be light.


  nyamazela wrote @

Yes, Birdie, I agree – counting the blessing of work with thankfulness, and acknowledging the hard work and positive impact you can have on the world is the right attitude. It’s so counter culture and so radical to think like that. Happy working my friend!

  Deblet wrote @

Awesome post. Thanks for all your hard work

  MamaCat wrote @

A reminder to be kind is good.

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