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What will Johnny do next?

…a belated anniversary celebration saw Charlie and I travel to the neighboring city to see Johnny Clegg in his ABF public show in South Africa. And, guys, it was amazing. I cheered, I laughed, I cried. He really is a national treasure.

For those of you who have missed it, it was a moving journey through his life, starting with his rebellious start at 14/15 years of age, through the Jaluka/Sevuka years to where he is now, a 64 year old man who is recovering from a malignant diagnosis. He brought out his son, Jesse; his musical partner from the Jaluka days, Sipho and in his encore played Asimbonanga with the video rolling in the background of when Mandela surprised him on stage in France. Inspiring and indulgently nostalgic…

I spent much of the second half of the show mentally composing a letter to him, thanking him for giving me an incredible soundtrack to my life thus far. I may still write it, watch this space.

Charlie, my love, 9 years strong. Let us celebrate whenever we get the chance, and dance like teenagers in the corner of a room somewhere!


  MamaCat wrote @

It must have been an experience!

  Deblet wrote @

Happy anniversary what a great way to celebrate with the legend

  charlie wrote @

love like there is no tomorrow , dance like no one is watching.

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