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Race update

… so the first race of the year is done. It was tough – very hot and quite crowded, we had to walk at a few points that I would have been happier running. But it was festive and the vibe was pretty awesome.

So, at the end of the run, I was happy I did it, but I was a little sad that my time hadn’t been faster. But I’d had fun and enjoyed the run with my friend. And then I did what I always do – analyses the results. And that analysis of mine was intense. I discovered an old school friend of mine who has recently taken to running beat me, and I felt a bit bleak. Then I realized that I was the last member of my running club to finish; it felt like everyone else placed; and then I sunk into a pit of self pity and questioned what the hell I thought I was doing.

I reached out to my running friends, and got some very wise words – I hadn’t set out having trained specifically for this run, I hadn’t gone in with a time in mind, so the fact that I just did it was great. Also, kudos to the girl who beat me, what a boost for her, and I’m going to try to use the humiliation, which is mine alone in creation and experience motivate me to train better and improve next run. I have very wise friends.

My finish was worth that smile!


  charlie wrote @

its all about the partaking …….wise friends indeed
love my bird

  Deblet wrote @

Well done. You ran the race and finished that’s fantastic.

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