Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

the family that plays together

…gets hot and sweaty together!

Yay for us, this weekend I coaxed my little family out the front door. Charlie and I ran 10km on Saturday (his furtherest voluntary run ever) and 8,5km on Sunday. Thandi accompanied us on her bike, and I was super impressed that she managed to keep up. We managed to teach her quite a lot about gearing up and down, so hoping she starts to get that spontaneously now. She was a little legend; and Charlie was a big legend. Battling cramps calves on Sunday, he pushed through, despite me keeping routes and distances a secret from him. And didn’t moan excessively last night; although did wince every time he had to stand and walk anywhere.

(and therein the joy of becoming by married to a doctor, anti inflammatories and some arnica will sort him out easy easy!)


  charlie wrote @

you the bee’s knees Babe !
Ive got the Giraffe’s calfs ……eish!

  Deblet wrote @

Well done on getting everyone moving.

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