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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…okay, so I seriously slacked off in December, I was broken – there’s (once again) lots going on in the background that is going to take me a while to deal with. I was more stressed than I have been in be-ages; and I could not deal with the pressure of getting up early and running. Facing the crisis I was, I could not have one more demand placed on me, even if it was something that had previously been my salvation. So I allowed myself to heal, to sleep, to rest, to be restored, and in so doing I hope I have restored my love of running, because in all honesty I have not loved anything about ti the last few months, I have resented the sleep it took from me, I resented the havoc it has played on my skin and hair, I hated that my family seemed to not get it, and that it seemed to be taking from our family life.

But this year holds new promise. The few runs I have done in the last 2 weeks have reminded me that I love the feeling of blood pumping into my legs, I love the renewed energy endorphins give. And I have roped Charlie into running with me, so we have had family excursions, Thandi on her bike and Charlie and I running in companionship. (We’ve even taken our hooligan dogs along, which was fabulous for them, not so much for our backs and arms) We are tackling a big challenge together in February, Charlie and I. We are running the RBAfrica Wild Coast Challenge; 110km from Mazeppa Bay to Nahoon in 3 days. I want to show him how special this trail running thing is, and even more so trail running on the Wild Coast. So watch this space for our training updates.

Looking at my stats, last year I totalled 1280km, and this year I ran 1362km, so 82km more, basically 2 marathons more. I was certainly much more consistent (except for December) and I incorporated more hill work and speed sessions into my log. This year I intend to be more consistent with my running, and I am going to aim to get 5 runs in a week, to increase my stamina and endurance. I also want to review some medication I am on that I feel may be impacting on muscular function and therefore my performance. I want our family runs to also be consistent, and would love to commit to one run together every week, but I appreciate that once school gets going, things may change.


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  Deblet wrote @

Good luck with your running. Do hope it helps clear your mind and help you gather your thoughts.

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