Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…I am really relieved that all of the formal Christmas gatherings are now done. I have no commitments left to anyone, except my beautiful family. Book club, supper club, work – I can tick them all off my list. They’ve all been fun, I have enjoyed the events and functions, but I am burnt out and broken; and it’s hard to slap a happy face on and be jolly all the time, when inside I am just wanting to curl up into a little ball, go to sleep and hide away from the rest of the world…

What I am excited about is the adventures of Mungo, our elf on the shelf. He is having a whale of a time! Despite thinking he would only make an appearance this coming weekend, a certain someone developed FOMO, so the elf was beckoned…

He’s back!

getting tangled in some Christmas lights , and bringing a joke.

A high stakes monopoly game was underway!(I love how frazzled Elsa looks in this picture!)

Give an elf a shweshwe apron, and he’s a messy genius in the kitchen! (strawberry milkshake for the win!) (and some graffiti!)

BatElf and BatRosita save the day!

3…2…1… blast off!

6 days done, let’s see what the next 12 bring!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Sounds like you can wind down a bit now, less pressure.
Liam has his elf but I just don’t have the imagination to do anything with him. Liam keeps asking when he’ll get up to mischief but I’ve been fobbing it off saying that Sam had a very long trip from the North Pole and needs to catch up on some sleep. This mother needs to get her butt into gear. You have inspired me, tonight is the night for Sam to wake up

  MamaCat wrote @

Sorry that you are still feeling so bad. I hope you find your way back out again, soon.
I love the creativity around the elf. It is so cute. We have not done this one, and I don’t think I want to do it to myself. 🙂

  TAFKAD wrote @

awesome elf shenanigans!

  Deblet wrote @

Never done the Elf thing
….. Maybe kids got too big too soon. Looks like so much fun

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